Multi Roadshow with technology integration


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Multi Roadshow with technology integration

  1. 1. Presented To:
  2. 2.  Objective On Ground  Target Zones  Zone Wise Allocation  Team  Execution Database  Analysis & Designation  Generation Tracking & Monitor  Vehicle  Movement Log  Phone Calls
  3. 3.  3 city, tier II & III coverage Creating multiple touch points and covering strategic locations during the exercise. Establish brand proposition with the Target Audience through effective communication and pull back strategies Enabling point of sale whilst communicating with the audience and efficiently managing every order generated Documenting the communication and creating effective references for evaluation. Involving cutting edge technology to eliminate the challenges of the yesteryears. Track, manage and guide with the help of easy to use technology.
  4. 4.  On Ground
  5. 5.  Target Zones:  Maharashtra  Gujarat  Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh
  6. 6. Average Run / Day Total DistanceVehicle Allocation Zone Coverage Days (KMs) Coverage (KMs) Pune - Nashik - Jalgaon - Kolhapur - 1 Maharashtra - I 80 4800 60 Solapur - Goa etc. 1 Maharashtra - II Aurangabad - Nagpur - Akola etc. 80 4800 60 Ahmedabad - Baroda - Surat - Bhavnagar - 1 Gujarat 80 4800 60 Rajkot etc. Vidisha - Itarsi - Hoshangabad -Indore - 1 MP & CG 80 4800 60 Ratlam - Mansor - Satna - Raipur etc.
  7. 7.  Each canter would consist of the below mentioned team-members:  An Expert Driver: An individual with experience of heavy vehicle driving for minimum of 5 years, who is well versed with the roads of the allocated zone.  Execution Manager: An individual with prior experience of executing POW activity, having knowledge about Microsoft Office and expert at route mapping and time management.  Audience Assistant : An individual that will plug in a lot of running roles from assisting the EM, supervising displayed product, assisting audiences and executing replenishments if any.  Program Manager: A dedicated individual that will execute the strategy allocated to them, all the aforesaid individuals will report to PM , this individual will be responsible for collating database, following up to monitor correct execution of the strategy, lead the strategy and report to the client.
  8. 8.  On determining the start and end points of each allocated zone, every single vehicle would be designated with multiple activation points in different cities / villages. On reaching the activation points, the EM will either activate on the basis of the defined program or take program brief from designated channel representative in that zone or both. On conducting the program, the generated database would be collected, collated and reported
  9. 9. Database
  10. 10.  The unscrubbed database offered by Videocon will be analyzed and a viable route- map would be shared to close on running pattern, number of touch-points to be covered and average time spent on each touch point. On the basis of defined touch points, each designated channel partner will be intimated by the PM to ensure coordination.
  11. 11.  Every activity at the defined touch points will be documented with the help of photographs and hard copy of customer intend forms. Hard copies will be collated in a spreadsheet and the photos will be uploaded and sent to the PM on daily basis at the end of the day for a daily penetration report. However, all “Spot-Pay” leads generated will also be reported through an online form on a real-time basis directly on your outlook and mail app installed on your phone via CRM server. This will enable you to stay on top of the activity status on a real-time basis. The online real-time payment data will be sent with the information of the buyer, amount collected, intended buying time frame and the channel representative information to ensure accurate tracking and efficient information sharing.
  12. 12. General Form (Hard Copy): Videocon Summer OfferCustomers NameCustomers Telephone NumberCustomers Mobile NumberCustomers AddressInterested in Product (Yes / No)If Yes, product detailsWilling to buy in time frame (Immediately /30 / 60 / 90 Days)Customers SignatureDealers NameDealers Business NameDealers Phone numberDealers AddressCityStatePin CodeSignature of the dealer
  13. 13. Videocon Summer Offer - Payment Form Customer Information Customers NameSpot Payment Form (Hard Copy) Customers Telephone Number Customers Mobile Number Customers Address Customer Intend Interested Product Details Willing to buy in time frame (Immediately /30 / 60 / 90 Days) Initial Booking Amount Initial Booking Scheme Payment Method (Cash / CC) Credit / Debit Card Details (If applicable) Credit / Debit Card # Expiration Details (MM/YY) CVV (3 Digits on the back of the card) Customer Authorization Customers Signature I intend to buy a product from videocon and authorize a payment Channel Information (Official Use) Dealers Name Dealers Business Name Dealers Phone number Dealers Address City State Pin Code Signature of the dealer
  14. 14. Online Form :
  15. 15.  Tracking & Monitor
  16. 16.  Calling a “Defined number” will respond back with the coordinates of its location thru an SMS message. Track on PDA / Cell phone Track on GPRS Monitor Software Auto location report Speed alert: Track speed of the vehicle & alert in case of excess of the pre-defined speed Movement alert: Alert in case of movement from a stalled location Power alert: Alert when device is being switched off Geo-Fence: alert in case of breaching the predefined district Reporting of data through sms when the vehicle goes out of GPS zone, thus letting you never get disconnected from the vehicle’s activity
  17. 17.  A real-time data of start and stalling of vehicle will be reported to your email via CRM server For e.g. When the vehicle starts from an X location, an automated message will pop up on your outlook and cellphone. Similarly, a message will be conveyed when stalled.
  18. 18. Online Form
  19. 19.  All calls conducted by the PMs to the dealers / resellers for coordination, information and confirmation will be recorded. All collected data will be scrubbed by an expert tele-calling team to provide you with only refined, eligible and interested customers Calls can be live barged with the help of client software installed at your end to ensure quality and efficiency. All voice files will be reported at the end of the day for your reference.
  20. 20. Call Recording & Real time Call monitoring System
  21. 21. Mumbai Office:Sales & Marketing:123, V Mall,Above Royal Enfield,W.E Highway, Kandivili - EastMumbai – 400 101Telephone : 022 – 40660777Fax : 022 – 6645 9329Email : info@synergymarcom.inWebsite :