Digital marketing strategy for mortgage company


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Digital marketing strategy for mortgage company

  1. 1. Lead generation & Marketing Objectives
  2. 2.  Social Media Strategy Email Campaigns
  3. 3. Social Media Strategy
  4. 4.  Search engine optimization:  8 out of 10 individuals start shopping for mortgages online, they are conditioned to the fact that mortgage is now an online business.  Searching before buying is become the “Obvious tendency” for a buyer. Hence, a strong internet presence is not a luxury but a necessity.  It is important to show that you run a business that does more than just selling. Hence, a strong online community presence showing expert insights, posts etc positions your business. Higher the amount of content, the more chances are you will be present in front of a borrower. Because it is 100% certain that he will search you before he chooses you for his business.
  5. 5.  A live channel  They say - “Out of sight is out of mind”. The more you are present in front of a customer, the more the chances of buying. Imagine having a social media channel enables you be always present and present every time with a new proposition.  With internet being a household commodity these days, every one is connected to social media like “” 24X7, through their computer, phone, tablets etc. The audience is available and waiting.  A dedicated social media page serves as your own TV channel that you could use to show advertisements in form of pictures, video, audio etc. Conduct engagement activities like webinar to help borrowers, chat live with borrowers. Etc.  This channel serves as an infinite database of interested borrowers. Wherein, generating a new member is like crossing most of the hurdle in the buying process as the target borrower could access testimonials, find relatives that have already used your service, read through good experiences of your existing borrowers.  Eliminates the budgets towards one way communicative paid advertising, flyer distribution etc. Serves as a dynamic tool to converse with your borrowers, engage them with relevant content, answer questions , generate leads and sell.  Create more leads, be more present, talk to your borrowers even more than before yet every thing at ¼ of the cost of conventional advertising.
  6. 6. • Turns the internet into a 2 way street• Creates community on-line• Cost effective way to reach new borrowers and stay in touch with current borrowers• Greater interaction with your potential borrowers• Opens up the internet to everyone• Social bookmarking - allows others to share your product/brand
  7. 7. Advertisement & Marketing Industry expertise High pedigree of resource Sutherland Technology & Infrastructure mortgage SALES Customized products for buyers Conventional referralsSocial media is that platform which now enables Sutherland mortgage services tohave a formidable marketing strategy to back up your strong sales force.Enabling you to generate more leads, earn more referrals, engage audience andclose more sales with out spending high revenues on advert campaigns.
  8. 8. Social media is just a fancy term for online word of mouth: You know how you conventionally got referrals from friends and customers? Facebook is how these formerly invisible connections get manifested online. Therefore, you want to leverage the power you have in the real world – testimonials, endorsements from influential people, the goodwill you have in your neighborhood – and place that on your website, Facebook page, print brochures, Craigslist listings, and so forth.
  9. 9. Inventory the trust assets: Every single time you close a loan or help a borrower achieve something and are able to win trust of your borrower. In turn, if you engage them online on the testimony of your service, it broadcasts out to multiple people in your borower’s social media network, which leads to “Trust building”. It enables a referral network. Even if you’re camera shy and dont have the testimonials, awards, community involvement, or other items to demonstrate credibility, a real picture of you sitting with a happy borrower is going to perform a lot better than that stock photography stuff which features a bunch of smiling people shaking hands in front of that house.
  10. 10. Get the people who love you to share it: Do a search on your city name plus “refinance” or whatever your money keywords are. Note that reviews are more and more important in search results. Don’t you trust them, too, when you’re deciding what to buy or who to select for professional services? And if you haven’t noticed, social media results are showing up in regular search, while regular search is showing up in Facebook – yes, Bing powers Facebook search. For every single satisfied borrower that likes your page stays engaged with your future programs and enables the group of people they are associated with about your good services which only enables a stronger referral network. For every single prospective borrower that you are able to connect with can enhance their decision making to go with your brand by assurance, periodic product info and schemes available being set out through your social media channel.
  11. 11. Start tying your stuff together: Do you have your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blog, and other properties connected to each other? For example, are you using Google’s new +1 functionality, which spreads your recommendation among the search results from friends? Note that these blue +1 boxes even show up in ads, so that will help increase your ad effectiveness. The more profiles you tie together (within reason), the stronger signal you’re sending about your brand to search engines. Prominent loan officers from the organization can maintain a good social network profile, where the emphasis stays on how useful the person has been in contributing to an individual / online community / online community user - Only helps in building stronger trust assets and even stronger referral network.
  12. 12.  It will enable you to interact with your existing and prospective borrowers using multiple touch points. It’s no longer the intro pitch on the fone that will represent you but a live channel that will work for you for your customers to know about you, what you offer, who have you helped and how many people “Trust” you. Social media enables visual representation of product / service / brand through video, audio, images etc. versus phone where the idea can only be conveyed and imagined. Becomes your own dedicated cost effective channel to broadcast information to target audience using experiential methodologies, a much stronger, better and bigger proposition than paid ads and communication. Enables you to create an infinite database of prospective borrowers though active networking where the audience is already present and appreciating every information that helps them. Serves as a portal to address customer grievances, promote advertisement strategies, network with real people and build a key referral network. It will position you in the competition as your competitors like quicken loans have about 10,000 page likes – which means they might be personally communicating with your borrowers too without even you knowing.
  13. 13.  It’s said that you can’t judge a book by looking at its cover, but that’s exactly what happens on the web. As an online business you’ve got a single page of search results to make the right impression; and the fact that just 10% of searchers venture on to the second page can be used to your advantage. Image is everything and you’ve got to get it right. However, with ten search results displayed on the first page there’s plenty of space for unflattering or outdated content to harm your brand. And while it’s difficult to get rid of ‘bad news’; you can bury it with ‘good news’. Over the years the Synergy MarCom has developed a portfolio of online reputation management techniques which are both ethical and effective. We have learned that there’s much more to brand defence than pushing positive posts and press releases, and we’ve had considerable success in having libellous and defamatory copy taken down.
  14. 14. Brand Management: To build a user / follower, discussion community around Linkedin, facebook, etc (Renowned mortgage communities online) Generate Page followers. Dissemination of press releases, articles & directory listing.Search Engine: Search engine – On page optimization & off page optimization. Page RankingKeyword promotion: Article / Press release distributionUser Engagement Content Posting in form of images, videos, audio and powerpoint presentation. Polling and Contests Blogging, Micro blogging and blogger relationship. Social Media Ads Web & Social Media PR
  15. 15. Daily Online Reputation Management: Turning every negative feedback as an opportunity by addressing grievances, empathizing with the user and assuring the right course of action. Nonetheless, creating emphasis on positive feedbacks. Online monitoring and administration of the relevant forums and social networks created for audience interaction and engagement. Brand communication and insights through online PR Sites. Relevant Blogging, blogger relations and project the portal as subject matter expert providing detailed information on the various services keeping it both keyword specific content and photographic form. Analytics with course correction recommendations on all above mentioned activities
  16. 16. Weekly: Creating video channels eg. Youtube, Yahoo, Vimeo etc. paying a special emphasis on Youtube, create and share relevant Videos from Prominent mortgage websites and Influencers every week . Creating audio channels e.g. soundcloud and sharing recorded podcasts / informative data. Create channels like slideshare, scribd etc and post useful mortgage related content to build a follower base. Campaign traffic reports on target platform page for intensified interaction.
  17. 17. General Goals: Create a professional network on facebook, other available social & professional networks, connect with homeowners and prospective buyers establish offerings Set up an online space for select loan officers to blog - a network of influential industry specific bloggers, opinion makers in a conversation based communication embedding the opinion, usage and benefits. Participate in other related groups like mortgage communities, forums, boards etc with an objective of achieving 10,000 plus group members or followers in 1 year. Setting up RSS feed, building followers and promoting the blog on the above platforms Conduct web-banner campaigns on relevant channel websites to redirect traffic to the subject website. Fortnightly Poll / survey / contest increasing the engagement and interact with TG eliciting instant feedback.
  18. 18.  Social media has created the potential to reach new and existing consumers like never before. In fact, most mortgage professionals agree that social media helps their business by:  Building referrals via social networking (online word of mouth marketing)  Finding new borrowers and referral sources  Stay better connected with existing referral sources and borrowers  Staying in front of competitors  Demonstrating your expertise in a competitive field
  19. 19.  How can you find the time & resource to post on Facebook, Tweet or blog with your current schedule? By combining our unique combination of mortgage industry knowledge and digital marketing expertise, Synergy offers a social media solution designed to build an online presence, build your reputation and drivers to stay ahead of competition.
  20. 20. Email Campaigns
  21. 21.  You have an extensive database of borrowers that is being generated for years. It is certain that the biggest road block in reviving your old lead application is “I didn’t sign up for any thing now, it was quite some time back.” Emails or personalized letters are the best way to communicate with leads that were generated before / closed once before or closing was unsuccessful. Email marketing along with social media integration only makes it “win-win” for you. It enables you to reach out to maximum target borrowers which in turn maximizes your chance of a sale.
  22. 22.  All of us are far too familiar with email newsletters that waste our time, pitches that annoy us, and downright spam. Those don’t work. What works is a value exchange — your valuable information for your prospect’s valued time. Your subscribers need to know they can trust you, that you’re not a soulless self-promoting spam-bot. Good email content deepens your relationship with your audience through effective subject line writing (getting your messages opened), your distinctive voice (getting those messages read), and delivering quality, niche specific content your prospect needs and shares with others (inspiring referrals and word-of-mouth). With the help of an experienced copy team, we will provide you with 360 degree email content development and marketing.
  23. 23.  Run dedicated campaigns with customized messaging for scenarios. Existing High FICO borrowers borrowers Earlier Purchase - Interrupted Now closings Refinance
  24. 24. Content Creation SocialArticles/Blog Video/Photos Micro Blogging NetworkingOrganic SearchPay per click Website/EmailMarketing
  25. 25. Mumbai Office:Sales & Marketing:123, V Mall,Above Royal Enfield,W.E Highway, Kandivili - EastMumbai – 400 101Telephone : 022 – 40660777Fax : 022 – 6645 9329Email : info@synergymarcom.inWebsite :