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BTL,Onground activation, Offline advertising, Promotion, On ground promotions, Advertising

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BTL,Onground activation, Offline advertising, Promotion, On ground promotions, Advertising

  1. 1.  Project Name: Promotions Type : Brand Promotion and recall through in-store and retail outlet activities Reach : Metros & Mini Metros TA : Resellers and Active Retail Outlet Owners
  2. 2.  Build Awareness - Effectively reach resellers and retailers, to build brand and brand loyalty through various TA specific activities Create Interest – Creating brand loyalty to ensure that the retailers promote and sell your brand over other products Provide Information - To provide information regarding the brand to the retailers so that they are able to not only sell your brand products better but also able to assist their customers in the purchasing process Stimulate Demand - The right promotion can drive Retailers sell and the end user purchase Reinforce the Brand - Use promotion to help build a strong relationship that can lead to the reseller/retailer in becoming a loyal customer
  3. 3. Festival Outdoor – Tier 2 Specific & Tier 3 Activation Specific Retail Retail Promotions –Propaganda & Tier 1, Tier 2 Activation BTL & Tier 3 specific Tools
  4. 4.  Rationale – A Retailer or reseller is an accepted product specialist and end users are inclined towards the products promoted or suggested by them while decision making in context to their requirements. Engaging , rewarding and creating an experiential learning establishes brand loyalty thus it further enhances sales. Idea - The idea is to organize a reseller oriented activity such as your brand smart reseller. The contest would entail spot interactive puzzle / crossword games coercive of the your brand product line. This would not only enable interactive learning but also involvement and fun to engage the dealers. Every complete puzzle/ crossword would warrant a spot gift/ prize. The idea is to have the Puzzle / Crossword piece as a part of the product booklet to enable the dealers to keep the product line handy to encourage sales. Result - This enables the brand to generate hype, interactive channel training and distribution of product catalogue to the right channels
  5. 5.  Rationale – Engaging the end user at the dealer location in a target market enables the end user to know about the availability of the product in the activated location. It also establishes brand registration and a POS. Idea - The idea is to organize a reseller oriented activity such as your brand Spin it to win it A spin wheel with the product line on it, placed at the reseller’s location ensuring visibility to the shoppers and hype created by Emcee and promoters by distribution of goodies to the participants will ensure a fantastic brand registration. Since, most of the audience in the target market will be serious shoppers, this will also enable product know-how. Result - This enables the brand to generate hype, interactive product knowledge and a good opportunity to establish the product line / brand proposition as the emcee is equipped with mikes and speakers in front of the large participating audience.
  6. 6.  Rationale – A propaganda done within the outlet to spread information and ensuring information as well as brand recall and more importantly adding buzz and excitement to their monotonous daily work schedule. Idea – Have promoters set up a your brand backdrop along with information booklets and quiz forms for their retailers. Hand over the booklet with the forms along with instructions about participation and winning criteria. Announce a winner in-house and that winner is felicitated on the spot with your brand goodies such a t-shirts, caps, pens, cup , note pad and pen, keychain etc and a framed photograph against the your brand backdrop. This winner would also move on to participate in a regional level competition. Result – The hype created by the in-house activity along with the quiz will ensure brand and information recall. Plus the on spot felicitation in the presence of their colleagues will also ensure brand loyalty. The promise of a bigger prize will also keep their interest alive. The best out come from the above activity would be highlighting the presence of your brand as a big brand in the market.
  7. 7.  Rationale – A mascot promotion is the probably the best way to attract audience and then engage them. Idea – Have a mascot deployed in the target zone that visits the reseller shops to distribute goodies and brochure to ensure brand recognition. The above mentioned strategy could be clubbed by the other aforesaid strategies also. Result – Efficiently draws the target audience, enables to communicate with the audience.
  8. 8.  Rationale – A uniquely designed entrance arch at the dealer location is always the best point of purchase material. Idea – A uniquely designed entrance arch coercive of certain product or an ‘out of the box’ design that highlights the brand almost always enables brand registration and positioning. An engaging activity with the help of emcee interaction with the customer directly along with distribution of goodies only ensures superior brand loyalty. Result – Efficiently registers in to the mind of the prospective buyers.
  9. 9.  Rationale – Canter activity possesses great mobility and is a fabulous base to have a bigger proposition through engagement, visibility and audio reach. Idea – A canter designed to cover a demo-zone of the product line installed near dealer outlets not only provides the dealers to deal confidently but also enables the end customers to touch and feel the product before they buy the product. Canter activity has always been a great strategy to promote decision making to pursue the propagated product(s). The aforesaid activity when clubbed with emcee engagement programs for the dealers and customers becomes a great proposition. The emcee continuously announces the names of the reseller in the activated market, where the product is available. It establishes great brand loyalty from the dealers as they are given recognition in the market through continuous announcements. Also, it educates the end customer about the product availability and knowledge. Result – Superior brand registration , product availability, know how and greater brand positioning.
  10. 10. • Rationale - In today’s market the competition is cut throat and specifically retailers hardly have time to celebrate any festive occasion as it is the time for sales. Hence we bring to them activities for each festive occasion to add a little joy and sparkle to their work place• Idea – On HOLI the retailers would have your brand representatives go over to their outlets and generate excitement by handing over packets of gulal and a sweet to the employees of the retail outlet as well as their customers present in the store and make a floral / color rangoli at their doorstep / glass door . This would also include displaying your brand Holi tent cards, danglers, calendars and posters with information about festival schemes if any.• Result – Since the activity is festival specific and includes not only the retailer but his end clients too, this activity would build the retailers customer loyalty as well along with creating brand presence for your brand.•
  11. 11. • Rationale – An organized procession will always attract audience and is the best way to register in the minds of the Target audience.• Idea – An organized procession with Nashik Dhol, holi colors and branding as human placards / banners, branding on dhol etc. distributing sweets, gulal, pichkaris and pagdi to the dealers and prospective end customers will provide super brand recognition and loyalty.• Result – Since the activity is festival specific and includes not only the retailer but his end clients too, this activity would build the retailers customer loyalty as well along with creating brand presence for your brand, this activity can induce a great response and is an excellent experiential strategy to register.•
  12. 12.  Rationale – A propaganda and value proposition at a retail computer store selling varied products reinforces the brand and compels the buyer to select the brand for the various benefits and value attached to it. Idea – To have retail merchandize in form of danglers, posters, tent cards, standees, branded gates / entrance archs, sign boards and neon signs to highlight the brand and conduct brand value specific activities at the store with the help of promoters and giving away benefits makes the brand stand out of the competition and thus, boosting sales. Result – The branding collaterals acts as a constant brand reminder for the buyer. Promotion techniques through interactive activities, distributing branded goodies and benefit vouchers and coupons adds value to the perspective buyer’s decision making process of selecting the brand
  13. 13.  Rationale – An uniquely done outdoor hoarding always serves the purpose, it educates the probable buyer about the brands, tells them where they can be accessed from and reinstates the brand visibility off course. Idea – We at Synergy have the ability to ensure your outdoor hoarding not look like “just another visibility junk”. We pump in the “WOW” factor through the experienced in house creative team, we select the viable location and recommend it to you. Result – Educates both, the ignorant and the informed buyer. Channels – Bus stops, Out door panels, banners and placards
  14. 14.  Rationale – An out door solution on a local public transport system is a great way to inform the audience about the presence, product and value. Idea – We at Synergy, work closely with the public transport outdoor mechanism for several brands to provide you competitive pricing and effective visibility. Result – Brand recall on mobility is the ultimate run for the money!
  15. 15.  Rationale – Wall painting is a great way to activate the brand with a low cost involvement in Tier – 2 & Tier – 3 Cities in the country. Idea – Wall painting the afore said part of the country enables maximum visibility and acts as an equivalent to a hoarding at a relatively lower cost. Result – Educates both, the ignorant and the informed buyer.
  16. 16. Mumbai Office:Sales & Marketing:123, V Mall,Above Royal Enfield,W.E Highway, Kandivili - EastMumbai – 400 101Telephone : 022 – 40660777Fax : 022 – 6645 9329Email : info@synergymarcom.inWebsite :

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