Radio city 91.1 FM Super Singer 2013


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Radio city 91.1 FM Super Singer 2013

  1. 1. Radio City’s Super Singer Pan India presence 5th Season of India’s only Talent hunt show on FM, FM Bole Toh Radio City 91.1 FM Delhi Jaipur Lucknow Ahmedabad Baroda Surat Jalgaon Nagpur Pune Akola Nanded Mumbai Ahmednagar Hyderabad Sholapur Vizag Sangli Bangalore Chennai Coimbatore
  2. 2. RCSS 2013 Objective To enhance brand visibility and strengthen recall amongst age group of 18-34 M/F To conduct city’s biggest search for the most promising singing talent To ensure maximum brand rub-off with the TG for the associating brands
  3. 3. 14 ground Concerts 20 city ground Activation City Super Singer Hunt 1 Super Singer winners in City WINNER GRATIFICATION Cash Prize 1 Lakh Main Market & 50,000 Small Market + Performance on final Event + get a chance to come on Radio Media usage to amplify the property TV, Radio, On Ground, Digital, Print and Outdoor
  4. 4. RCSS 2013 Stages Awareness phase creating intrigue about the upcoming RCSS 2013 Call for Entries, Registration drive @various touchpoints Shortlisting rounds Finale in each city with Celeb Quotient
  5. 5. RWA 1575 Colleges 5240 Online 8376 Banner Boys IVRS/ OBD 14965 26921 Canter/Mall Office/Station Vehicle 27777
  6. 6. Campaign Mechanics Teaser Phase On ground Call for entry Shortlisting of entries Super Singer LIVE selection of finalists and winner Finalists put for Public Voting Promotions for the Final Event Grand Event Winner Gratification Post event hype
  7. 7. RCSS 2013- On Air Schedule Teasers Call for Entry Shortlisting round 1 SS LIVE & voting Finale Post Event Hype 4 days 14 days 5 days 5 days 1 day (Sun) 2 days The promo announces SS and informs listeners regarding auditions/entri es Mechanism: • Drop CD at retail outlet/ RC office • Aday Audition @Mall/On Ground • IVRS Promo, RJ mentions to build excitement about SS going LIVE with top 5 SS next week onwards Top 5 SS go LIVE on RC Performance: Top 5 SS, LY SS Winner & Participants RCSS winner will feature in all shows for two days Jury: Music expert, a listener and a local Celebrity Exposure: • Promos – 20 times a day * 2 days • Winner bytes to feature twice in Show X 1 day • Winner bytes to feature once in show X 2 days RJ mentions to build up the excitement Exposure: Promos – 20 times a day * 4 days Simultaneous Shortlistings • 5 SS to be short listed Exposure: Promos – 20 times a day * 12 days Top 10 SS Training by, Short interview bytes of Music Experts across shows Exposure: Promos – 20 times a day * 7 days Surprise Celeb Call ins- Music expert advice SS Listener Meet with their fav. SS @RC studio Exposure: • Capsules: 1 X Top 5 SS in rotation= 20 times/day * 8 days • Vote appeals • RJ soliciting vote for his/her favorite SS Winner takes away the coveted title of RCSS and gets Cash prize of Rs. 1 Lakh Exposure: • 20 promos per day • 4 OBs from event venue
  8. 8.  Strategy: To tap on to diverse socio-demography in order to have a neutral stance for providing opportunity and consciously penetrating in to all income strata of the society to provide associated brands optimum exposure.  Touch Points:  Colleges : To seek registrations and auditions from the younger generation of talent. The music is evolving and the newer audience is opening to newer or the latest genre of music e.g. dub-steb, hip hop, trance, house etc. influencing mainstream mass music. Opportunity to the aforementioned audience embarks stronger brand relativity and loyalty nonetheless, superior registrations as they are actively present in the talent space being young. Tata Docomo, Nokia, Infinity, Aakash and Catch centric audience.  Street Signals: This is where the highest amount of HNI active radio listeners are found. Propaganda at traffic signals not only enables brand registration but also by providing opportunity to the seekers, it helps in building a stronger brand loyalty. Nokia, Bharti and Infinity centric audience that has buying capacity.  Railway Stations: The place where a “common man” is found, this touch point had tremendous potential as it is statistically observed that 70% of people winning reality shows are from the strata of society that we call “Middle-Class”. Also, an excellent market for the sponsors – Tata docomo, Aakash, Bharti Cement and Nokia budget phone audiences.
  9. 9.  Date Strategy: 02-09-2013 Colleges SK Somiya KJ Somiya 06-09-2013 Parag JR College S P S Jant College 07-09-2013 09-09-2013 Smt Ramkalidevi Mmk College Sanmansingh Jr. Rizvi College College Of Awami Commerce St. Andrew’s Nes College, Bandra (w). Navjeevan Vidyamandir 10-09-2013 Adk College Sailee Nalanda College 11-09-2013 12-09-2013 Kala Vidyalaya Malad Sndt K. G. Mittal St. Anne’s College Gokhale College Date 10-09-2013 11-09-2013 12-09-2013 13-09-2013 Area Kandivali Traffic Signal Dadar Signal Santacruz Kalina Signal Andheri Chakala Signal Kandivali Dadar Bandra Andheri Borivali Bandra Andheri Dadar Railway Station
  10. 10.  Snapshot – College Promotions
  11. 11.  Snapshot – Roads
  12. 12.  Snapshot – Railway Station
  13. 13. Auditions Strategy Statistics Snapshot
  14. 14.  Strategy: To tap on to the propaganda conducted through rigorous promotions at the mentioned touch points by channelizing the audience to:    A. Malls B. Colleges C. IVRS
  15. 15.  Overdrive:  Mall:  Lounge setup at mall to make participants comfortable and relaxed before auditions  Anchor provided as a value add to conduct smoother auditions and represent the brand to answer questions from general audience and participants  Colleges:  Auditions conducted “Inside” colleges with prior permission to enable higher registrations thus auditions  College permissions provided as a value addition.  Hostess provided at the cost of promoters to enable higher registration and audition numbers of female contenders
  16. 16.  Snapshot - Mall
  17. 17.  Snapshot - Colleges
  18. 18. Rehearsals Strategy Snapshot
  19. 19.  Strategy  To have the finalists and the band get acquainted to each other to perform in sync  To have a good band that can play on to any song the participant would sing  To provide a band that has the capability to produce more realistic sounds to match programmed Bollywood music and not sound like conventional orchestra.
  20. 20.  Snapshot:
  21. 21. Finale Strategy Statistics Over Drive Snapshot
  22. 22.  Strategy:  To culminate the progression of the event to a grand finale, entice the audience to build a stronger brand relativity.  Provide a platform to the finalist to compete  Felicitate associated sponsors and brands
  23. 23.  Overdrive:   Nightly stage that compliments the light effects Excellent audio technology and technical crew to eliminate sound related issues and the irregular dispersion of sound, considering the structure of the mall
  24. 24.  Snapshot: Stage
  25. 25.  Snapshot : Venue Construction Pre-Event At-Event
  26. 26.  Snapshot : Celeb Moments
  27. 27.  Snapshots : Emcee Interaction
  28. 28.  Snapshots : Participants
  29. 29.  Snapshot : Audience
  30. 30.  Snapshot - Winner
  31. 31. Print Ad® DNA Mum
  32. 32. Paper Ad: Hindu - 13t Sept 2013
  33. 33. Paper Ad: Hindu - 16th Sept 2013
  34. 34. Print ads- Mail Today Delhi
  35. 35. PR Coverage Delhi
  36. 36. PR Coverage Delhi
  37. 37. PR Coverage Delhi
  38. 38. Technology Strategy Snapshot
  39. 39.  Strategy:  To overcome the challenge of physical dependency of data dumping which could involve errors, omissions and loss of data, a cutting edge cloud technology was implemented.  “Real time” access to data was provided relying on high-speed data telephony (Airtel / Tata) and state of art data servers (  In order to eradicate the gap of data access and online data dump, a sturdy notification system was implemented that would provide key contestant information as in when it was received.  An industry leading – Professional sound mixing and recording software was procured to enable maximum noise cancellation and higher accuracy of recording.  All auditioned contenders were provided HP/ Shure microphones for best quality sound recording.
  40. 40.  Snapshot : Professional digital voice recorder Goldwave
  41. 41.  Snapshot : Recording gears
  42. 42.  Snapshot : How did the real time data storage and access work?
  43. 43.  Snapshot: Data Interface