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Kanban Case Study
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Kanban Case Study


Published on

Kanban case study presented at agileLUNCHBOX on September 26, 2012. Presentation outline can be seen at

Kanban case study presented at agileLUNCHBOX on September 26, 2012. Presentation outline can be seen at

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Kanban Case Study By  Steinn  Arnar  Jónsson   Presented  at  agileLUNCHBOX   September  26,  2012  Business Value…Achieved
  • 2. whoami •  Senior  Consultant  at  Quick  SoluGons  Business Value…Achieved
  • 3. The Case Study •  Hugsmiðjan     – Maker  of  Eplica  CMS   – 500+  CMS  installaGons   – 27  employees   – Located  in  Reykjavík,  Iceland  Business Value…Achieved
  • 4. Hugsmiðjan cont. •  VerGcals     – ProducGon:     •  Graphic  Design   •  Front-­‐end  development  (HTML/JavaScript/CSS)   •  Back-­‐end  development  (Java)   •  Setup   •  QA   – Support:     •  Sales,  Customer  Support,  PM,  Management   •  My  role   – Development  Manager  /  Team  Lead  Business Value…Achieved
  • 5. How is Hugsmiðjan Unusual? •  Projects  are  small   – Ranging  from  a  couple  of  days  to  2-­‐3  months   •  Typical  for  50+  projects  to  be  going  on  (open)   at  the  same  Gme   – Something  we  were  hoping  to  reduce  with  Kanban   •  Employees  are  highly  specialized  Business Value…Achieved
  • 6. What is Kanban? •  Limited  pull  system   – Limit  work  in  progress   – Tasks  are  pulled  along  the  producGon  line  (work   flow)  Business Value…Achieved
  • 7. Why limit WIP?•  The  more  tasks  we  start,  the  longer  it  takes  for  each  task   to  be  completed   VS.•  We  want  to  avoid  boele  necks   –  10  features  that  have  been  coded  but  not  tested     =>  inventory  =>  costs  us  $   –  5  features  that  have  been  coded,  tested  and  deployed  =>   BusinesspotenGal  $  in  the  bank   Value…Achieved
  • 8. Kanban Core Practices Visualize   Limit  Work  in   Manage  Flow   Make  Policies   Improve   Workflow   Progress   Explicit   CollaboraGvely,   Evolve   Experimentally   (using  models   and  the   scienGfic   method)   Business Value…AchievedDavid Anderson,
  • 9. Vizualize  &  Manage  Flow   Limit  WIP   Henrik Kniberg, Make  Policies  Explicit  Business Value…Achieved
  • 10. Day in KanbanlandBusiness Value…AchievedHenrik Kniberg,
  • 11. Day in KanbanlandBusiness Value…AchievedHenrik Kniberg,
  • 12. Day in KanbanlandBusiness Value…AchievedHenrik Kniberg,
  • 13. Day in KanbanlandBusiness Value…AchievedHenrik Kniberg,
  • 14. Why Kanban?Challenges we were hoping to address: •  Too  many  projects  going  on   •  Management  lacked  oversight  of  projects   •  Hard  to  answer  quesGons  about  when  things   will  get  done   •  Projects  were  running  over  budget   •  Not  working  together  as  a  team  Business Value…Achieved
  • 15. December 2009cont. People Cross-functional Team Hugsmiðjan – Five Grapic   Web   Back-­‐end  Next   Analysis   Setup   QA   Done   Design   Dev   Dev   •  VerGcals     – ProducGon:     •  Graphic  Design   •  Front-­‐end  development  (HTML/JavaScript/CSS)   •  Back-­‐end  development  (Java)   •  QA   – Support:     •  Sales,  Customer  Support,  PM,  Management   •  My  role   – Development  Manager  /  Team  Lead   Business Value…Achieved
  • 16. September 2010 – One Board, Entire Company Back-­‐end   Analysis   Design   Web  Dev   Setup   QA/Demo   Done   Dev  Project  A  Project  B  Project  C  Project  D  New    Standard  Web  Sites   Other     Tasks   Business Value…Achieved
  • 17. Ticket TemplatesImprovement  to   Internal  improvement  an  exisGng  web            Bug  fix  New  web  site  
  • 18. Daily Mantra •  Is  the  board  up-­‐to-­‐date  and  in  sync  with  JIRA?   •  Are  you  respecGng  WIP  limits?   •  Are  you  showing  blockers  and  working  to   remove  them?   •  Do  you  know  which  Gcket  you  should  be   working  on  and  what  is  next?  Business Value…Achieved
  • 19. October 2010 – Minor EnhancementsAdded  queue  at  the  boeom   Business Value…Achieved
  • 20. March 2011 – Major Change Separate Analysis Table & Two Implementation Tables Analysis   ImplementaGon  Leads   Analysis   Contr.   Wirefr.   Ready  to  Impl   Next   In  Progress   QA   Done   Web  Dev   Back  Dev   Service   Sys  Adm   Tickets        Setup                   Kickoff   Web  Dev   Back.  Dev   Setup/QA   Delivered   Tickets   w.  Flow  
  • 21. Retrospectives            Improvements   Not   In  pro-­‐ Goal  Key  to  success:   Started   gress   achieved  •  Concrete     goals  •  Assign     owners   Business Value…Achieved
  • 22. Back-end Dev Team Doing Scrum Not  Started   In  Progress   QA   Ready  to  Demo  
  • 23. Not  Started   In  Progress   QA   Ready  to  Demo  
  • 24. Kanban & Scrum IntegrationKickoff   Next   Web  Dev   Back.  Dev   QA   In  Sprint   Sprint  User  Stories  
  • 25. June 2012 – Implementation Tables Combined Again Sales Moved to Another Table Graphic  Design   ImplementaGon   Running  Ready  for   In   Ready  for   Next   Web  Dev   Back.  Dev   QA   Svc  Desk   Done   in  prod  Design   Design   Impl.   In  Sprint   Sys  Admin   WaiGng   on  cust.  
  • 26. Metrics Lead  Time   Cicle  Time   Size   Days  (average)   Size   Days  (average)   Small   7.4   Small   6.4   Medium   17.0   Medium   12.5   Large   25.2   Large   15.0   Throughput  last  4  weeks   Start   Small   Medium   Large   TOTAL   3/22/2011   7   7   0   14   3/15/2011   9   4   5   18   3/8/2011   3   2   1   6   3/1/2011   6   5   1   12  Business Value…Achieved
  • 27. Statistical Process Control Chart David P. Joyce, Want  to  track  for...   Lead  Time   Cicle  Time   Throughput   Feature  Requests   New  Web  Site   Bugs   Internal  Improvements  Business Value…Achieved
  • 28. Service  Desk,  115  Dckets,  April  2011   Errors  vs.  Value   53%  Errors   47%  Value  Business Value…Achieved
  • 29. Benefits Experienced •  VisualizaGon  of  workflow   – General  employee  awareness  of  ongoing  projects   – A  platorm  for  us  to  iteraGvely  improve  our  workflow   •  Beeer  understanding  of  project  statuses   •  Beeer  handling  of  roadblocks  and  escalaGon  of   issues     •  Experienced  to  some  extent:   – ReducGon  of  WIP   – CooperaGon  on  individual  Gckets   Business Value…Achieved
  • 30. Challenges •  Geung  people  to  follow  the  process   •  Geung  people  to  respect  WIP  limits   •  Geung  people  to  team  up  on  Gckets   •  Handling  excepGons  to  flow   •  ExtracGng  and  using  metrics  Business Value…Achieved
  • 31. Questions? Business Value…Achieved
  • 32. Summary •  Covered  basics  of  Kanban   •  Showed  that  it  is  an  ever  evolving  process,   with  focus  on  conGnuous  improvement   •  Useful  tool  for  management   – But  not  a  magic  bullet  Business Value…Achieved
  • 33. Further Reading & Contact Info @sjonsson  Business Value…Achieved