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Teach your kids to code


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Talk given at Alliance Data lunch event on December 15, 2016

Published in: Education
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Teach your kids to code

  1. 1. Teach Your Kids to Code Alliance Data, 12/15/2016 Stan Jónsson
  2. 2. Some of What I’ve Tried Hour of code (Web app) Alice (PC/Mac application) Scratch (Web app) Ozobot (Mini robots + iPad app) LearnToMod (Web app for Minecraft modding) Hopscotch (iPad) (my kids found this one confusing)
  3. 3. Hour of Code A good place to start Kids can pick templates from characters they know A lot of different web and tablet apps
  4. 4. Go to
  5. 5. Alice 3D programming environment Makes it easy to create an animation for telling a story Drag and drop
  6. 6. The code
  7. 7. Scratch Visual block coding Can pick games others have created as templates and make your own modifications Also ScratchJr on iPad for even younger kids (my 6 year old loves it)
  8. 8. Ozobot Programmable robots Simple instructions via colored markers and special color combinations More complex logic via block code Kids can “dress up” their ozobot
  9. 9. See video at
  10. 10. Web site for 
 Minecraft Block coding Kids get to play around with mods they make Easy to deploy changes into their Minecraft world Collect coding badges as you complete challenges
  11. 11. Tips Make it fun Pick a subject they are interested in Let them control the pace Positive feedback
  12. 12. Resources Good talk from CodeMash 2016 teach-kids-to-code.pdf