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Program some health into your life

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Program some health into your life

  1. 1. Program some health into your life CodeMash 2016
 Stan Jónsson @sjonsson
  2. 2. whoami Nerd who accidentally got interested in health & fitness Software architect with family 
 of 5 and little free time Found ways to fit health into 
 busy schedule Want to share what worked for 
 me in hopes of helping others
  3. 3. Health at work
  4. 4. The sedentary Programmer Why is sitting bad? A lot of science links sitting to 
 decreased life expectancy Increased risk of heart disease Correlated with cancer
  5. 5. The sedentary Programmer Simple solution! Take a 5 min break every hour 
 and move around Side benefit: increases your 
 creativity, attention span, 
 and ability to remember 
 new concepts In total you need 60 min of movement
 per day (20 min at brisk pace) Tips • Never use elevator • Use restroom on another floor! • Park at far end of parking lot • Have phone/tracker buzz you if not moved for 1 hour Tweak daily routine
  6. 6. Nutrition Basics
  7. 7. Macronutrients Carbohydrates Fats Protein
  8. 8. Protein Crucial in building, maintaining 
 and repairing body tissue Satiating & high thermic effect! Opt for lean meat, seafood, 
 low-fat dairy products, eggs, 
 beans, nuts & seeds, soy foods Avoid meat and dairy products high in fat 
 (Not right kind of fat & too high in calories)
  9. 9. Fats Essential! Protects. Brain is fat! Opt for: Unsaturated 
 (poly- & monounsaturated) 
 Olive oil, avocado, fatty fish, 
 seeds & nuts Avoid: Saturated & trans fats
 Excessive animal fat & 
 processed food high in fat Watch the calories! Fats have more 
 than twice the 
 calories per gram 
 than protein and 
  10. 10. Carbs Main energy source 
 of the body
 Opt for: Complex carbs Avoid: Simple carbs
 (white stuff)
  11. 11. The dangerous carb Why sugar is bad for you
  12. 12. What is sugar Simple carb - fast burning High in energy (calories) Zero nutritional value 
 (no vitamins, minerals or fatty acids)
  13. 13. We are stuck in this loop while (true) { • We eat sugar • Body quickly turns sugar into glucose • Glucose enters blood stream - bloods sugar rises • Gives us energy - we feel happy • Pancreas secretes insulin to drive glucose into muscles & tissues • Blood sugar drops - energy dissipates and we feel lethargic & irritable • We start craving sugar } • Excess sugar gets converted to fat • Increased Type 2 Diabetes risk
  14. 14. Oscillating Day Simple carbs Complex carbs Blood sugar Time Complex carbs + protein + healthy fat Tip Craving sugar?
 • Try drinking a glass 
 of water & wait 10 min 
 80% of the time, body is just asking for water
  15. 15. How to lose weight
  16. 16. One law 
 to rule them all
  17. 17. “To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume each day” Law of Energy Balance
  18. 18. Law of Energy Balance Level = Weight Maintenance Scale tilts right = Weight lossScale tilts left = Weight gain
  19. 19. Guaranteed way to lose weight: Tips • Pre-create common meals • Use measure- friendly serving utensils Use a calorie tracker to ensure a calorie deficit
  20. 20. Diet tips • You can train yourself to eat (almost) anything if you give it a month • Eat slowly - smaller portions • Avoid drinking calories - they count a lot, but don’t fill you up • Don’t be too aggressive in your calorie deficit - slow and steady wins the race • Read labels! Know what you are buying • Don’t buy unhealthy food.  If it is not around when hunger strikes, you can’t eat it • Slip-ups are going to happen! One bad day is fine. Get back on track! Don’t use it as excuse to give up on your diet plan

  21. 21. Diet tips - Reading Labels Regular Cheerios has 2g sugars and 6g protein
  22. 22. Exercise
  23. 23. Cardio • Heart health • Burn calories - advance your weight loss
  24. 24. Consider Cycling • Easy to get started • Low impact on joints • Bike for leisure 
 Explore neighborhood • Bond with family • Run short errands • Bike to work
  25. 25. Weight Training • Maintain muscle while losing fat • Helps you lose weight Time saving tips • Do 1 set instead of 4 • Skip stretching • Minimal warm-up (use with caution) • Exercise at home Money saving tips • Planet Fitness $10 a month • Dumbbells in basement
  26. 26. Weight Training • Target major muscle groups 
 2-3 times a week Tips • Must progressively increase weight • Mix it up to keep from plateauing • Lots of routines 
 on YouTube • In and out of gym in 1 hour • Or 15 min a day at home
  27. 27. Sticking with the program
  28. 28. Track, track, track • Keeps you honest • Shows you progress • Prevents slipping Use fat mass, not weight 
 to measure progress Tip
  29. 29. Social Element Misery loves company • Workout with friends • Connect online “UP members with 3 or more friends on their team, move 10 extra miles a month”
  30. 30. Gamification Whatever it takes to keep you interested / motivated! Virtual Trophy Case! 6:31/mi 9:16/mi • • 6:34/mi • Guess when the zombies where about to catch me?!
  31. 31. References 
 Stan Jónsson @sjonsson Tip Buy the audio books & listen during your commute! 
 Stan Jónsson @sjonsson
  32. 32. Questions? 
 Stan Jónsson @sjonsson