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SharePoint Saturday Philly - To the Cloud
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SharePoint Saturday Philly - To the Cloud


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Scott Hoag & Dan Usher
  • 2. Thanks To Our Sponsors!
  • 3. SharePoint User Group @tristateSP
  • 4. SharePoint Network
  • 5. who am I?
  • 6. who’s that other guy? Dan Usher usher
  • 7. about you
  • 8. rules of the road
  • 9. Why would you go to The Cloud™? IT Agility Focus Economics
  • 10. What are my cloud™ options?
  • 11. Anything I should know?
  • 12. virtual machine vs vm roles in Azure
  • 13. Azure virtual machine sizes
  • 14. AWS virtual machine sizes
  • 15. Azure Cloud Services, Roles and Instances
  • 16. Azure Cloud Services with Virtual Machines
  • 17. Azure Protocols and Endpoints balanced
  • 18. Overview: Existing Connectivity in Azure  VIP
  • 19. Cloud Connectivity Options
  • 20. Virtual Network Features
  • 21. SharePoint in Windows Azure Windows Azure Virtual Network Local DNS DC DNS 10.8.8.x Use Accounts On Persistent VM Role Premises SharePoint DC DNS FrontEnd Server Account SQL Persistent VM Role Persistent VM Role SQL Mirroring SharePoint FrontEnd Search and Indes SQL Persistent VM Role Persistent Desk Persistent VM Role Persistent VM Role Internet Domain Joined to On- Premises Network
  • 22. SharePoint in AWS EC2
  • 23. Azure Supported VPN Device List• IKE v1• AES 128, 256• SHA1, SHA2
  • 24. AWS Supported VPN Device List• IKE v1, IPSec in Tunnels Mode • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2• AES 128 • Yamaha RTX1200• SHA1• Diffie-Hellman Perfect Forward Secrecy in “Group 2 mode”
  • 25. SharePoint Workloads SharePoint for Internet Sites (FIS) Developer, Test and Staging Environments Hybrid Applications Disaster Recovery
  • 26. SharePoint Support on Windows Azure Product Support FAST Support
  • 27. Hybrid Solutions PaaS SaaS IaaS
  • 28. Migration Types Forklift Migration Bring entire application and all dependencies Hybrid Migration Bring portion of application to the cloud while some resources stay on-premises IaaS to PaaS Migration Migrating application to web or worker roles with dependencies that work better on a VM
  • 29. SharePoint Farm Configuration LB WFE AppSvr SQL AD/DC/DNS AD/DC/DNS Cloud Svc 80 VPN Tunnel Cloud Svc 2012 Virtual Network Azure OnPrem
  • 30. scripting it out DeployingSQLServerForSharePoint DeploySharePointVMs
  • 31. AWS PowerShell Commandlets
  • 32. AWS PowerShell Commandlets in Action
  • 33. @usher