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Twitter Amf101
Twitter Amf101
Twitter Amf101
Twitter Amf101
Twitter Amf101
Twitter Amf101
Twitter Amf101
Twitter Amf101
Twitter Amf101
Twitter Amf101
Twitter Amf101
Twitter Amf101
Twitter Amf101
Twitter Amf101
Twitter Amf101
Twitter Amf101
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Twitter Amf101


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An introduction for Twitter, used to teach musicians in Austin how to get started with the medium. This class was put on by Mark Collier as part of the Austin Music Foundation small group session …

An introduction for Twitter, used to teach musicians in Austin how to get started with the medium. This class was put on by Mark Collier as part of the Austin Music Foundation small group session series. Please support the Austion Music Foundation!

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  • 1. Austin Music Foundation
    • Background on AMF: Non-profit helping Austin Music kick ass x years and running
    • 2. Austin Music Foundation (AMF) strengthens and connects the local music community with innovative programs that empower musicians and fuel Austin's creative economy.
    • 3. AMF provides programs to help local artists navigate opportunities in the music industry and services to unite the local music community through:
    • 4. EDUCATION specifically tailored to today's music business climate;
    • 5. OUTREACH efforts to determine artists' concerns combined with public awareness initiatives to inform the wider audience about music-related issues;
    • 6. and UNIFICATION of local artists and music businesses to foster a sustainable music community.
    • 7. Fuel the music!
    • 8. Follow us in twitter: @austinmusic
    • 9.
  • 10. Instructor: Mark Collier
    • Austin Addict: 20 years and counting
    • 11. Life long geek
    • 12. Music Lover
    • 13. 5 years at Yahoo! Music as Sr. Director of Business Dev.
    • 14. Buzzword compliant: Social Media Twitterverse navigating web 2.0 deal making blah blah.
    • 15. Follow me on twitter: @sparkycollier
  • 16. 1000 True Fans “ A creator, such as an artist, musician, photographer, craftsperson, performer, animator, designer, videomaker, or author - in other words, anyone producing works of art - needs to acquire only 1,000 True Fans to make a living.”
  • 17. 1000 True Fans
    • To raise your sales out of the flatline of the long tail you need to connect with your True Fans directly . Another way to state this is, you need to convert a thousand Lesser Fans into a thousand True Fans.
  • 18. Twitter: WTF
    • A simple (yet versatile) communications tool to answer the question: what are you doing?
    • 19. Very short messages: 140 characters max
    • 20. Optimized for mobile phones (update by txt)
    • 21. Fastest growing community on the web: 30+M
    • 22. Democratic: Any voice can be heard. Speak!
    • 23. Jargon Learning curve: WTF = “What the F...”
    The most direct way to connect with your fans
  • 24. Goals (suggested)
    • Find your biggest fans and give them more
    • 25. Empower your fans: superfans will spread the word on your behalf. This is key.
    • 26. Listen and understand your fans, who are they? What do they want? What do they value?
    • 27. Learn by experimenting and measuring
    • 28. Be a better artist, grow your fanbase, and increase show traffic & sales
  • 29. Key Concepts
    • Public (like any web page) so anyone can read.
    • 30. Not strictily 1:1 communication OR 1:many (broadcast) – talking & listening skills required
    • 31. “Following” = subscribing to person's updates
      • Your “followers” get your updates
      • 32. Tweets of people you follow show up in your feed
    • Asymetric relationships
      • I follow Shaq, but he doesn't follow me – that's OK.
      • 33. When someone follows you, you don't have to follow back and vice versa.
  • 34. Choosing a username
    • Your username will be your identiy on twitter
    • 35. Shorter is better
    • 36. Memorable
    • 37. Identifiable with yourself or band
    I'm the real Sparkycollier
  • 38. Replying, Retweeting, Direct Message
    • @ sign – to address someone on twitter
      • @austinmusic: thanks for organizing a great twitter event with @sparkycollier
      • 39. If you're going to reply to someone, try to include some context as your followers may not have seen the other tweet
      • 40. No one wants to hear just one side of a conversation
    • Retweet: to pass along an interesting tweet to your followers, repost it with “RT” in front or “via (@sparkycollier)” at the end.
      • RT @atxrocker @austinmusic: thanks for organizing a great twitter event with @sparkycollier
      • 41. Don't abuse this, as it's really annoying
    • Direct Message with “D” in front:
      • D sparkycollier thanks for the twitter tips
      • 42. Can only “D” someone that is following you (prevent SPAM)
  • 43. #HashTags
    • To track topics that many people are talking about, people create a “hash tag” which is a common phrase behind the “#” sign
      • #AMFTwitter
      • 44. If everyone in this class posts tweets with the hash tag #AMFTwitter it will be easy to find all tweets relevant to this class anytime, even if you're not following the poster , by searching for #AMFtwitter:
    • Don't abuse it – just creates noise without context
  • 45. Jargon Guide
    • Tweet: A twitter message
    • 46. Ftw: for the win: “Rudy's BBQ ribs ftw!”
    • 47. RT: “Retweeting” (see retweet slide)
    • 48. (via @sparkycollier) – another way to retweet
    • 49. # – “hash tag” to tag a post so others can find
    • 50. OH: overheard – convey something you heard
    • 51. “DMFail” - when you try to direct message someone and accidentally send to all followers
  • 52. Twitter via Mobile Phone
    • Register your phone # with twitter and update your status by texting to 40404
    • 53. Remember to keep updates brief (140 characters)
    • 54. If you have an iPhone or Blackberry, use a twitter application such as Tweetie for Iphone or Twitterberry for Blackberry (there are many)
    • 55. Post photos to give followers more access
      • Concert Photos: yours or one you're attending
      • 56. Backstage: Show them what's up, live!
      • 57. Creative Process: In the studio, writing a song, band practice, auditions for new drummer...
    • Empower your fans and LISTEN
      • Pick a hash tag and have your fans post photos or thoughts live from the show: #blackwhiteyears or #bwstubbs (for show at stubbs)
      • 58. Ask for song requests during the gig, have manager monitor twitter
  • 59. How to kick ass and suck less according to @sparkycollier Do's
    • Be Original
    • 60. Be Yourself
    • 61. Be Authentic
    • 62. Help others – talk about other bands you love!
    • 63. Share your passion! If you're a Stratocaster nut, shout it out
    • 64. If you like vinyl, post a pic of your newest find
    • 65. Ask questions: what song should we play?
    • Promote yourself or products all the time
    • 66. Be selling more than 10% of the time
    • 67. Post too much... or too little!
    • 68. Broadcast but never listen
    • 69. Have a lot of one sided conversations without context: “@sparkycollier yes that sounds good”
    • 70. #hashtageverything
    • 71. Be a douchebag
  • 72. Advanced Tools: Software
    • Eventually you'll outgrow the web interface
    • 73. Recommended software: Seesmic Desktop
    • Others like: Tweetdeck
    • Key Features:
      • Create Groups (“Bands”, “Managers”, “Nerds”).
      • 74. Monitor key terms – like your band name
  • 75. Advanced Tools: Tracking
    • You will often share URLs with your fans, like a link to your youtube video, itunes store, an upcoming show at Freddies (bad example).
    • 76. URLs are too long for twitter, so shorten them
    • 77. Popular on twitter: – easy to use, metrics
    • 78. More powerful: – tracks unique clicks across every channel – facebook, twitter, email
  • 79. Other Resources
    • : Social Media Guide
    • 80.
    • 81.
    • 82.
    • 83. @Austinist
    • 84. @statesman
    • 85. Statesmen twitter guide:
    • 86.
    • 87. And