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Spotify social media strategy


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Published in: Marketing
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Spotify social media strategy

  1. 1. SPOTIFY Social Media Strategy Jazz Kao (510)396-9421
  2. 2. Jazz Kao
  3. 3. Who is Spotify ? Advisor Confident DJ Greedy Music Curator Music Museum Make your own Playlist Popular Social Specific Trendy
  4. 4. Why is Spotify on social ? Behind the scence Community Services Connect with Artists and Fans Feedback Involvement Music Data Personify Show their personality Stay relevant Visual art Videos (concerts)-Visual
  5. 5. Why does Spotify get out of it ? Advocacy Accuracy Broadened Taste Exclusive Increase Paid Membership Informed Users Loyalty New Trends Relevance& Taste Makers Unique Position
  6. 6. What content can we create from the conversation about Spotify?
  7. 7. Amazing Ideas
  8. 8. Being a “real” friend of knowing music. Posting like a real person; a real person who doesn’t only share the information aobut music but also their life. Telling people the stories which can attract people’s attention , not just ask people to check the playlist of artists.
  9. 9. Being a Dr. Music. Spotify is like a music museum. It knows music. Sharing the funny facts about music to people. Make people want to show off or share to their friends.
  10. 10. Being an agent who can lead people to see what happened behind scenes. Many artists use spotify to launch their music works. Spotify is like a cool person who knows a lot artists around the world. If we have a friend as Spotify, we must want to ask Spotify what are the artists doing behind the scenes. Even, we ask Spotify to take us to meet the artists.
  11. 11. Being the bridge which connect the brand and the users Social media is the easist place if users want to complain the brand. To reply and help the complainants to solve the problems is important. If the brand just ignore the complainants, it will make other uses feel really bad.
  12. 12. Do not just post same thing in different social medias.
  13. 13. Different social medias have different users. Their taste are differnt, either. Different social medias have different ways to catch users’ eyes. We got good ideas to communicate with the people using socia media, however, we need to make it more specific for different social medias.
  14. 14. What Spotify did
  15. 15. Is the text too long? Is the logo visible? Have we chosen the right format for the post? Is the call to action in the right place? Is this interesting in any way, to anyone? For real? Are we asking too much of the person consuming the content? Check it again.
  16. 16. What I did
  17. 17. What Spotify did
  18. 18. Is it to the point? Is the hashtag unique and memorable? Is the image attached high quality? Does the voice sound authentic? Will it resonate with the Twitter audience? Check it again.
  19. 19. Listening is the most important thing of replying on twitter. To listen what did the people who tag Spotify say and find the interesting things to reply from their posting. Make people think the twitter account of Spotify is a real person. For the people who are talking the #Throwback- Thursday, I am going to check what songs are in the playlist first, and find the funny song title to reply them, also with the link to the song. @Chey520 We are so proud of #You- FoundMe #ThrowbackThursday spoti. fy/1KF3mn @doobs2131 You got it! #IKnowYou- WantMe spoti.fy/1GK28hm What I did
  20. 20. What Spotify did
  21. 21. Is my image artsy and indie enough for the Instagram crowd? Have I included enough descrip- tive hashtags? Are my stories appealing to the young generation? Check it again.
  22. 22. What I did