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The 10 essential services required by musicians

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Artist Essentials

  1. 1. ARTIST ESSENTIALS a digital marketing guide from Million & The Artist Network 1.  The official website 2.  Official shop 3.  Fan Forum / Community 4.  Facebook 5.  YouTube 6.  Twitter 7.  Soundcloud 8.  Mailchimp 9. 10. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  2. 2. Artist EssentialsThis presentation is based upon alecture I give to music students entitled‘Artist Essentials”. In it I give my 10essential tools & services for a musicianto focus on. Further information at: & A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  3. 3. The official website remains the most essentialdigital marketing tool for a musician Musicians should think of their official Example: Coldplay have nurtured their online community with a constant flow of website as the hub at the centre of a wheel. news and exclusives surrounding their The spokes represent the social network and new albums. Mumford & Sons use their website to focus attention on the band community, such as Facebook, Twitter, member’s interests in photography, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram etc. These sites cooking and books. Arcade Fire use their website to push fans towards new should regularly link back to the official site releases, social media, filmed projects and encourage fans to visit often to buy and their online store. products and sign up for the mailing list. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  4. 4. The official artist store, connected to the artistsite, is vital for developing direct to fan sales When an artist links to iTunes or Amazon for a Example: TopSpin is a leading ecommerce service for musicians. They sale it’s really a lost opportunity, not only to offer detailed case studies of artists who sell direct and enjoy higher profit margins sell direct to fans and build valuable data but more crucially, to acquire fan data. This about their fan-base. Artists include Paul is typically in the form of an email address McCartney, Arcade Fire and Beastie Boys. By selling direct these artists which can be used to build a valuable gradually accumulate a large database of relationship with the audience. fan information and contact details. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  5. 5. Grow a community around your artist site - notleave it to Facebook or MySpace It’s easy to fall in to the trap of thinking your Example: Lady Gaga created a fan zone called ‘Little Monsters’, which was built efforts to build a community of fans can be exclusively to manage and develop her done on Facebook or Myspace. However, fan community. this limits your ability to build meaningful relationships with your audience and also puts the control of your community in the hands of third party organisation. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  6. 6. Facebook’s 1 billion people network is an idealway to reach millions of potential fans Facebook’s immense reach in to every Example: Labrinth uses his Facebook to constantly post updates. However, he corner of the globe provides a super also uses the Tabs to provide interactive opportunity to connect with millions of fans. competitions, access to merchandise, Use your Facebook profile to update your tour info and pre-order information. audience about new music and video, using embedded Soundcloud and YouTube widgets. Use the tabs to provide more information and keep posting content fans will want to share. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  7. 7. YouTube is a vital music channel for bothdiscovering, sharing and playlisting YouTube is one of the most important digital Example: Alex Day holds the UK record for the highest chart position by an marketing tools available to musicians. Fans unsigned artist. He has based his career use YouTube to discover and share music around regular updates on his YouTube using embeddable widgets. Musicians can channel. Psy, an artist from South Korea, use it to post promotional videos, footage enjoyed a huge global hit with Gangnam Style based significantly on the from the studio, live performances and popularity of its YouTube video. spoken messages to the camera. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  8. 8. Soundcloud - the ‘YouTube’ of audio - is usedby fanatics to discover new music Soundcloud provides a wide range of Example: Diplo posts his new remixes on Soundcloud alongside tracks & mixes by versatile tools to record and distribute music. friends and artists on his label. Disquiet, Fans can hear music, leave comments, an avant-garde artist from San Francisco, share tracks via widgets and create playlists. posts his audio projects and claims, For a low fee artists can add extra features ‘Soundcloud groups are the record labels of right now’. including the extremely useful ability to see which blogs have posted the music. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  9. 9. Twitter can be used as an instantcommunication tool to both fans and the media Twitter posts are immediate, direct and Example: Amanda Palmer is a regular Tweeter who made over $11,000 in 12 global. Your followers will see what you have hours by selling Tee Shirts direct to her written seconds after you posted it. Your fans fanbase. want to know what you, and no-body else but you, has to say. Which means empowerment is at your fingertips. Now, the news is all under your control. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  10. 10. Email continues to be a cost effective way todirectly contact your most valuable fans Email direct to fans remains a critical digital Example: Mailchimp is a leading provider of email software and offer the first 500 marketing tool for musicians. The fans who subscribers for free. This is a great way sign up to receive your marketing messages for musicians to start their mailing lists. are likely to be your most ardent, and Topspin claim over 40% of sales come perhaps critical, fans. When they sign-up direct from offers on a mailing list sent from artist to fans. they expect to receive news & offers from you, so ensure you provide them with both on a regular basis. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  11. 11. IFTTT (If This Then That) is a great time savingtool to update multiple websites is a great site for updating multiple Example: You can set up IFTTT to post an update to Twitter and Facebook everytime sites. It works on the basis of ‘If this, then you update your blog. Updating multiple that’, e.g. If Wordpress has a new post, then sites is often time consuming and difficult update Facebook with the headline. You for artists (or their assistants) to manage. can set up a lot of trigger events which save you valuable time updating all your profiles. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  12. 12. Develop a way to sell tickets direct, eitherthrough your official store or third party site Performing live is a vital part of being a musician. Selling tickets direct can make you a slightly higher profit margin. However, it’s the email and data captured that is most Example: Mumford & Sons phenomenal success was built, in part, on the decision valuable to you over the long term. Selling early in their career to sell tickets direct tickets direct enables you to capture the using Music Glue. This enabled them to details of your most valuable fans and build build a database of fans, which they a direct relationship with them. could use to sell music and more tickets and so on…. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  13. 13. Credentials: •  Invited to present concepts of ‘Digital Marketing’ at MIDEM 7 years running •  Lectures on ‘The Music Industry’ at The Institute, Europe’s finest school of modern music. •  Presented Digital Marketing at conferences around the world •  Was voted by The Observer as one of the 500 people who will change the future of the UK •  Chair of music charity, Community Music, one of the UK’s longest established music training coursesAbout the author Neil Cartwright is a veteran of Digital Marketing, having built his first website in Million Media Website 1995. He joined Sony Music as their first dedicated digital marketing manager in 1997 and pioneered in areas such as social Artist Academy media, online PR, digital distribution & Direct to Fan sales. He now runs his own agency, Million, and artist academy. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  14. 14. Artist EssentialsThis presentation is based upon alecture I give to music students entitled‘Artist Essentials”. In it I give my 10essential tools & services for a musicianto focus on. Further information at: & A digital marketing guide from Million!!