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Twitstweets 110504121504-phpapp02

  1. 1. DO UT STAN In a World ofTwits & Tweets
  2. 2. sh aw Br ad ce” e u L aw e r “D sh awPet r ad @ B
  3. 3. Networking via Twitter
  4. 4. What am I Doing?
  5. 5. Having Conversations
  6. 6. Sometimes with no one
  7. 7. Sometimes with everyone
  8. 8. “People do business... with those they like, know and trust.”
  9. 9. “... Social media is... a networking event without... getting cornered by the ‘creepy guy with scotch.’ ”
  10. 10. “...Its about connection and conversation."- Scott Stratten, President of Un-Marketing
  11. 11. Getting Started
  12. 12. Following
  13. 13. Look for people talking about things you’re interested in.Look for Twitter names at the end of presentations.Follow Relevant People
  14. 14. dPage Stan darA Follow Relevant People
  15. 15. to Fo llow lic kH ereC Follow Relevant People
  16. 16. u fo llow le that yo eedPe op you rf wu p in sho Follow Relevant People
  17. 17. Hashtags
  18. 18. Hashtags start with a pound symbol(#) followed by a word or series of words without spaces. #Hashtags
  19. 19. Hashtags start with a pound symbol(#) followed by a word or series of words lwithout spaces. They ook like this #Hashtags
  20. 20. Hashtags enable conversation around trending topics.Use #Hashtags to find Relevant topics of conversation. #Hashtags
  21. 21. r twe et of you easpar tJust typ #Hashtags
  22. 22. o sh ow ags als# H ast top ics Trend i ng #Hashtags
  23. 23. @Username
  24. 24. A message directed at a specificuser, but everyone else can still see it and join the conversation.What’s @ All About?
  25. 25. What’s @ All About?
  26. 26. RT @Username
  27. 27. Once you’re following people, you can Retweet what they say.Retweet What Others Say
  28. 28. Retweeting is the equivalent of a quotation with a citation.Retweet What Others Say
  29. 29. Retweet What Others Say
  30. 30. Just press “Retweet” under a tweet in your feed or use the Litany The Litany: RT @UserNameRetweet What Others Say
  31. 31. It shows Respect for the people you follow and their opinions.Retweet What Others Say
  32. 32. Combine @ and RT for Best Results
  33. 33. Link Shortening
  34. 34. Shortlink Services
  35. 35. You’re limited to 140 characters. Shorten links to save space.Shortlink Services
  36. 36. g Links HereType in Lon Shortlink Services
  37. 37. Lon g L in ksShortlink Services
  38. 38. dVer s ionSh or teneShortlink Services
  39. 39. It’s all about Relevance
  40. 40. Stay on Relevant with PROPPS
  41. 41. Be Poigniant
  42. 42. Be sharp and “on point” with news and events.
  43. 43. Be Respectful
  44. 44. Of other’s views, opinions and ideas
  45. 45. Be Opinionated
  46. 46. Say what’s on your mind and be authentic.
  47. 47. (While still beingrespectful, of course.)
  48. 48. Be Positive
  49. 49. Even when criticizing,come up with a solution and share it.
  50. 50. Be Professional
  51. 51. Be knowledgable and don’t spam your followers with uselessinformation and tweets.
  52. 52. Be Smart
  53. 53. Everything you say on the internet can be used against you.
  54. 54. As my grandmasays, “When in doubt, DON’T!”
  55. 55. So... Have Conversations Know and Use the Twitter Tools Stay Relevant Follow PROPPS
  56. 56. So...The next time you’re at a conference, look in theprogram for a #Hashtag
  57. 57. So... Start a Conversation about one of the talks using @s and RTs
  58. 58. So... Introduce your physical self to the people youwere talking to on Twitter
  59. 59. So... Have a face to face conversation based off topics and interests
  60. 60. And Don’t be a Fail Whale
  61. 61. DO UT STAN In a World ofTwits & Tweets
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  63. 63. Also... All photos for this project were taken from Flickr.I do not have, nor do I claim to have any rights to use these photos beyond those given by their creative commons license. Accordingly: