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Launch Presentation Eng

  1. 1. Sustainable Livelihoods Project-II Intoduction Opening ceremony Sustainable Livelihoods Project-II Ulaanbaatar Director A.Khashtsetseg 2008-05-15
  2. 2. Sustainable Livelihoods Project Objective and Phases Projects main objective is to enhance livelihood  security and sustainable in communities throughout Mongolia. Components: 1. Pastoral Risk Management 2. Community Initiative 3.Micro Financial Development Fund 4.Capacity Building and Project Management Project will be implemented in 21 aimags, 329 soum and nine duureg.
  3. 3. Project description Components: Pastoral Risk Management 1. 2. Community Initiatives 3. Micro Financial Development Fund 4. Capacity Building and Project Management Project will be implemented in 21 aimags, 329 soum and nine duureg.
  4. 4. Pastoral Risk Management /PRM/ Objective: Developing and carrying out an integrated strategy of risk management for pastoral livestock production in the Project Area, with emphasis on risk preparedness. Targeted group: Herder households /It requires a well-coordinated support from national and local governments, business enterprises and civil society institutions to help develop their capacity to prepare for and respond to current and future risk factors.
  5. 5. Sub-components: Risk forecasting and response planning  Livestock Early Warning System /SLPI-Mercy Corps- Tuv aimag/ Aimag and inter-aimag hay and fodder storage facility Pastureland management, possesion and use  Pasture mapping and pastureland management planning PRM fund Investment to aimag level Land office
  6. 6. Demonstrating good practice in pastoral  livelihood improvement Pastureland management demonstration area Support the development of innovative, risk averting and income diversifying activities through the provision of starter grants Starter grant for applied, adaptive, research into feed production, processing and distributing. Strengthening the institutional framework  for PRM NCCPM Pastureland management division
  7. 7. Communities Initiative ( CI) Objective; To empower local citizens to strengthen their capacity to achieve sustainable livelihoods by establishing effective, inclusive and transparent community-driven mechanisms nationwide to facilitate community-based prioritization, selection, co-financing, and execution of communities’ highest priority investments in public facilities in rural areas.
  8. 8. Sub-components: Community Initiative Fund;  Community Empowerment and Capacity  building Innovation for Improved Social Services 
  9. 9. CI component activities 1. To provide funding for the Education identification, preparation and Health implementation of community Infrastructure investments Environmental protection and other social services 2. To provide funding for capacity Community mobilization building and empowerment of Training and workshops communities under the CIF Provision of PIM, manual, posters and pamphlets Support community participation 3. To provide funding for improve Information dissemination and the delivery of social services advocacy to HHs to vulnerable groups Public and private sector facility improvement or support projects
  10. 10. Operating principles of SLP-II Bag/khoroo citizens Soum/district, aimag/ meeting Ulaanbaatar SLPC/GO AIMAG/UB Develop project proposals Endorse project Community participation Procurement for Local contribution project including citizens contribution SOUM/DISTRICT Participatory Disseminate project monitoring and infromation Finance project evaluation Decentralization Procurement for project Approve project International development project Government policy and programs and programs BAG/KHOROO Initiate proposals Coherence Develop proposals Activities of Aimag/Ulaanbaatar government and non development policy government organizations Transparence Soum/district Community initiatives development project
  11. 11. Micro-financial Development Fund (MDF) Objective: Expand the outreach of financially and institutionally sustainable micro-finance services to the poor and vulnerable in rural Mongolia.
  12. 12. Sub- Components: 1. Micro finance Development Fund Wholesale loan  Term Loan  2. Non-financial products Consumer financial education  Financial sector innovations grant  Capacity building services  Research  Technical assistance to Micro-finance  Institutions
  13. 13. Project management and capacity building Objective: The Project management will include a robust monitoring and evaluation system to ensure compliance with all fiduciary and safeguard policies of the World Bank and GOM and dynamic training program for all the staff to maximize their potential
  14. 14. Project Management and Structure Steering Committee for the Sustainable Livelihoods Project Sustainable Livelihoods Projects Office Aimag/Ulaanbaatar Sustainable Livelihoods Project Councellor Pastoral Risk Community Initiatives Management Working Working Group Group Aimag/Ulaanbaatar Sustainable Livelihoods Project Units Aimag/Ulaanbaatar SLP Coordinator Soum/Duureg SLP Councellor Aimag/Ulaanbaatar SLP Accountant Aimag/Ulaanbaatar SLP Driver Soum/Duureg SLP coordinator
  15. 15. Monitoring and evaluation SLP-II MIS allows to ease and the data collection and Management maintain timely analysis of feedback from the Information beneficiaries by participatory M and E procedures. System (MIS) SLP-II MIS incorporates finance information free flow so that it allows monitor project implementation process along with the financial review. Aimags and SLPO connected over internet or dail-up connection.
  16. 16. Project impact indicators PRM а. Percentage of herders and other stakeholders taking actions to mitigate pastoral risk reaches 80% b. Herders and other stakeholders’ perception of improvement in pasture- land condition attributable to project interventions increases to 80%
  17. 17. CI c.60 percent of Beneficiaries (i.e. citizens) satisfied with the mechanisms and outcomes of CIF Sub- projects. MDF d.25 percent increase in the number of Sub- borrowers at soum level and below measured from the baseline assessment conducted at start of project implementation. e.25 percent increase in annual income of Sub- borrowers at soum level and below measured from the baseline assessment conducted at start of project implementation.
  18. 18. Project Finance IDA 21,6 SDR EC 10,0 EUR PHRD 3,9 USD GoM 2,3 USD Local Contribution 1,1 USD Total amount 55,3 USD /2008.05/
  19. 19. Thank you.