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Evaluation words[1]

  1. 1. SLIDE 1 The two movie posters which I looked at all contain a billing box, tag line and name of the film. Unlike the other two movie posters, I have not decided to put any of the names of my actors on the posters. The reason why I have not done this is because I didn’t think that it needed to be placed on the poster, especially as they are not well known. As I have no well known people, the actors would not be able to help promote and establish my movie as the actors will be able to do in “The Flock” or “Stir of Echoes”
  2. 2. “ Cursed” is another poster which I looked at, like the other two posters and my own it contains a tag line. The tagline for this poster is similar to mine as they are both positioned at the top and written in a white. The other similarity which this poster has with mine is the black lines coming across disrupting the image. Although these lines are positioned in the foreground, I have done something similar but placed it behind the main image. The reason why I have decided to place it behind the main image is because it would take too much attention off the main image and look inappropriate at the front. For the movie poster of “Cursed” I think that it works well in the front of the image. The poster for “Cursed” does not have a billing box, which differs from the other posters I have looked at. I like the billing box which was shown on the other posters, so I did not decided to not have a billing box on mine. CLICK
  3. 3. I have used a font called “Steel tongs” for the billing box, the reason why this font was used is because it is the font used on all publications that has a billing box, this can be seen in the poster of “The flock”. I have used a grunge font called “due date” for the name of my film. The reason why I am going to use a grunge font is because the genre of the teaser is a horror/thriller and this font is appropriate for that genre. The font used for the poster “The flock” and “Cursed” are also grunge fonts. The reason why I looked at these posters is because they relisted to the genre of teaser, by using a similar for this genre I am following the conventions of the horror/thriller genre.
  4. 4. SLIDE 2 On this slide, there is a copy of the website which I created and “Nightmare on Elm Street” which I looked at. As you can see both of the websites have the name of the film, the date of release although this has been done in a different format. The reason why I have chosen to present it in this way is because it stands out more and is similar to the style of date which I have seen on film posters in general at the cinema. Both websites have a navigational menu that will take a person to a different page. Unlike the Nightmare on Elm street website, I have not decided to embed my teaser on the same page as I wanted to create a different page, that had more of a story and was specially designed for the teaser.
  5. 5. When I looked at the poster for Nightmare on Elm street I saw that the poster image was not the complete same although it was very similar. I have stuck to the convention by using the same image on my poster and website. By doing this I am also establishing branding. As you can see it is the same person in a similar pose on the poster as on the website, and the pose which they are in is also similar, this means despite the images not being the same, there is still branding and a establish identity.
  6. 6. SLIDE 3 The reason why I have decided to create another page where my teaser is embedded is because I wanted to have more information on the film to make it more appealing. For this reason I included images two images which are scenes in the film and a synopsis. Although the website page for Grace does not have a different page for the teaser, it was the reason why I decided to create another page. I liked the fact the writing and DVD covers where on the same page as the teaser. As the first page has the main image as the one on the poster, I wasn’t sure how I could include everything without making it seem to cluttered.
  7. 7. On the website for “Nightmare on Elm Street”, there were no buttons related to other websites. In order to follow the conventions for a website buttons does not have to be used, but a increase use of media, means that promoting the upcoming film will be more successful as many people use these other websites. If people enjoy what they have seen, they could post it on their face book page, and this can result in a wider audience being aware of the existence of this film.
  8. 8. SLIDE 4 Branding is shown through the colours used, the background colour is the same for the poster and the website, the use of the same colours creates a relationship between the products. The same image, colour and similar show branding. The tag line is also written in the same font and is located in a similar position on the movie poster and website. The same main image is used for the website and the poster showing the connection between the poster and website. branding between the poster and website and the tag line is the same. The billing box is also the same and is shown on all the pages.
  9. 9. SLIDE 5 What is positive about creating a closed questionnaire is based on the fact it is easy to compile quanatative data and create graphs showing what the same choose based on the questions. The main problem which can be shown in my results is from the data collected. As my sample size was small, the results which I obtained reflected this. As shown in the font graph, the same number of people voted for my “Due Date” font and “ Psycho therapy”. If I was to do a questionnaire in the future I would target more people, so that my results are more representative of the target audience. From the results which were obtained I made the decision on which font I preferred and think suited the movie, but used the music that received the most votes, as it was more clear which music my sample preferred.
  10. 10. It was useful to receive feedback from the year 12s for several reasons. The first reason was due to their age, they would be around a similar age as the target audience for the film the teaser was created for. The overall classification for the teaser was 18, and the reason for this is because if it was being released we were not sure whether the knives would be seen as promoting violence, meaning the BFI would not agree with the film being a 15. The other reason why receiving feedback from the year 12s was useful is based on the fact I do not know them. The reason why this is good is because the feedback which they give is likely to be more honest then people I may have chosen as they are friends or people within my classroom as they know me. This means that the feedback is likely to be more reliable and comes from people that have not been involved in the different steps to create this teaser, or are familiar with the story for the teaser.
  11. 11. Here I have included some on the feedback which was given by the year 12s. I found that many people commented on the font that was used, my main belief for this is because it is not a conventional font that has been seen in teasers or trailers. Although they believed that I should use a different font, I did not act upon this feedback as I though the font made my teaser different from other teasers and really reflected the genre. The editing in general can be seen as simplistic to some people because there are no fast cuts or slow motions, the editing which I did such as fade to black is more subtle. The main reason why fast cuts or slow shots would not work for the teaser is because of the music which was used. The music is very explicit for each beat, and for the teaser shots to match the music well I could not make scenes faster. The music itself was not critical but the volume of it was, this is not something which I can edit and make any changes to.
  12. 12. SLIDE 6 The use of music was praised, and I think this is because it suited the teaser, this was also the track chosen by a different sample of people who was involved with the questionnaire. This is an example to show how important the target audience is. Although they were not the same people, it appears that there is a connection between people of this age. It could be based on their knowledge of different film genres. The use of props were commented, the props which was used are iconic for this genre, existing films such as “Spiderman” use a mask, cloaks and the colour black are also common for the antagonist of a horror/thriller film. By having feedback on the use of props and costume, it reflects that we have followed the audience expectation of the genre.
  13. 13. SLIDE 7 I used blogger to keep a record of all the work which I have done, it was useful to keep a blog because any work which was uploaded will be saved onto the blog, which meant if I lost any of work I would have a copy of it. Even though the files for Adobe is saved in a different format, the composition will be seen so it wouldn’t be too difficult to redo. I used slideshare and scribd to upload any work I did on word or PowerPoint. This allowed me present presentations and word documents in a different format. By doing this it is clearer to read the for. For example instead of having to go down the page for slide from a power point, a person is able to click on the current slide and it will take them to the next one. The reason why I needed to use both of these is because slide share allowed me to upload presentations but scribd did not.
  14. 14. SLIDE 8 In order to create the teaser I used apple motion, All clips which have been imported from the camera. The Time line of scenes which will be in the teaser. In this image they are shown in order. The blue squares at the top are the image of the clips and the green is there for the sound, the sound is from the music which is imported into apple motion and the sound from the original footage.
  15. 15. SLIDE 9 Vimeo was used to upload the actual teaser that would be embedded onto the website. What was useful about using video was based on the fact, the colour, size and by-line could be changed. For example the St. Marylebone Media studies could be hidden so that it does not appear on my website. I was also able to change the blue to a different colour which fit the colour scheme and continuity of my product as reflected in the poster and website.
  16. 16. SLIDE 10 I used Adobe Photoshop to create my poster and website as well as the background for this evaluation. The tool bar has the different features which can be used when creating a image. For my poster I used the magic lasso tool, this was done to cut the image of the person in the mask out of the background which the photo was taken in. In order to create the composition I needed to create different layers, and the box for this can be seen under the image.
  17. 17. I used dreamweaver to create my website, the top part shows the code which was created for the website and underneath is a preview of how the actual website will look. Any changes in the code will automatically change the website. This was good because making the video fit the size of the square and position nicely into the allocated area was difficult.
  18. 18. SLIDE 11 I used MicroSoft Excel to create graphs based on the quantitative data collected through my questionnaire. I wrote the question and them inputted the information, I then highlighted the information and clicked on the image of the graph, after this I choose the graph I wanted and it was created. Using Microsoft Excel, was a easy way to create graphs that could be used on my blog and evaluation.
  19. 19. SLIDE 12 I used Microsoft Powepoint to create this presentation. I have given an example of how a normal PowerPoint slide looks like and my one. As you can see I have changed the colour of the slide and added the name of the film the teaser was created for. It has allowed me to present to you the different steps which I have taken to create my final product which was a teaser, poster and website page. Power point has allowed me to insert print screens, go through my presentation without any complications as the slides are all kept together. It has also made it easier for me to transport the entire presentation from one place to another through email or saving on a memory stick