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5 social accountability (english)


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5 social accountability (english)

  1. 1. Social AccountabilityMechanism
  2. 2. SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY MODELCommunity Score Card : Environmental and CSR Aspects Assessment on JOB Pertamina-Petrochina East Java (PPEJ) in Bojonegoro Maryati Abdullah Program Manager Extractive Industries Governance Reform-PATTIRO
  3. 3. Background & ObjectiveGood mining practices obligate thecompany to apply environmental andsocial standard in its activitiesSociety and stakeholders neighboringthe mine are the most environmentallyand socially impacted parties from theoil & gas mining activities.Assessment from the stakeholders isimportant to provide input in improvingthe environmental and social aspects ofoil and gas mining in Bojonegoro
  4. 4. Community ScorecardScorecard, as one of the social accountabilitytools - in this matter it is selected as one of themethods to describe stakeholder assessment nthe environmental and social aspect of the oil &gas mining activities of the companyScorecard is implemented by engaging therespondent from the villagers near the mine(sambiroto, campurejo, ngampel), localgovernment and the company itself.Scorecard is conducted in the 2 months term(December 2011-January 2012)
  5. 5. Aspects scoredEnvironmental Aspect: SOP for HSE Prevention & managing the air pollution and green house emission Prevention & managing the sound and water pollution Prevention & toxic and hazardous waste management Prevention & disease management due to mining activities Emergency contingency plan standard Post-mining rehabilitation Access and public information transparencySocial Aspect (society development program) : Planning and program scope aspects Program implementation aspect (executor, area scope) Budget allocation Progress report and implementation report Access and public information transparency
  6. 6. Assessment/Evaluation Standard• GRI• ISO 26000
  7. 7. ScoringScoring (in general): Current standard/regulation/SOP Standard/regulation/SOP implementation Socialization and public information transparency and Engagement/multi-parties dialogueScore : 0 to 5 5 : Very good 4 : Good 3 : Adequate 2 : Poor 1 : Very Poor 0 : Bad
  8. 8. Scoring result :Community, Local Government, Company (1) Scoring Scoring aspect Commun Local Compa ity Gov ny (ave) (average) (ave) ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECT There is SOP for work security, health security and environment (HSE) (is there any SOP, socialization and 2 5 5 complaint handling)) Prevention and management for air pollution and reduction of greenhouse gas emission (There is standard/SOP, flare stack distance, leakage 2.75 4.25 4.75 management, the existence of leak detectors : gas detector gas, siren, worker, wind sock, evacuation path and evacuation area) Noise and Air Pollution management (There is SOP, socialization and division to handle 1.33 3 4 complaint) Prevention and management of water pollution (SOP, waste water disposal, liquid waste injection, 3 4 5 socialization and division to handle complaint) Prevention and Management for Toxic and Hazardous Waste 3.67 5 5 (special container for hazardous waste, implementation and division to handle public complaint)
  9. 9. Scoring result :Community, Local Government, Company (2) Disease prevention and management due to mining (program, time of implementation, scope area, socialization and public 2.17 4.5 5 complaint division) Emergency contingency plan standard : H2S presentation, oil leak and spill, fire, and other emergency potential 2.7 4.44 5 (SOP, emergency team, early warning system, complete emergency kit, socialization, multi-parties engagement and public complaint division) Abandonment and Site Restoration 1 3 4 (budget allocation, socialization and information access) Access and Public Information Transparency related to environmental aspect 2 4.67 5 (Document, information availability, access of information from the following documents: HSE standard, AMDAL & RKL/RPL, as well as Contingency Plan) SOCIAL ASPECT (Community Development Program) Community Development Program planning 1.67 5 5 (planning, socialization, and multi-parties dialog) Scope of Community development program (program scope : development of economy, education, health, 4.33 5 5 community empowerment, environmental facility support, religious aid, and infrastructure)
  10. 10. Scoring result :Community, Local Government, Company (3)Implementation of the community development program 3 4.5 5(Engaging the society as executor, having the procedure forproposal and its socialization, program area scope)Progress report and community development programimplementation 1.67 3 3(The existence of progress and execution report, socializationand reporting to the local government)Fund allocation for the community development program 2.33 2 5(there are specific budget allocation for socialization andinformation of allocation per area)Access and Public Information transparency related to thecommunity development program 1.67 3.67 5(Availability of document/information, accessible document:comdev planning, progress report and activity execution report,budget allocation per village)
  11. 11. Community Recommendation • Company should do more intense socialization and simulation as well as engage more community members so they are better prepared in emergency evacuation. • Placement of equipment and emergency signs should not only be placed in the drilling area, but also in settlement area, at least the closest village to the drilling location. • Several early warning systems should be repaired (e.g. wind sock). The amount should be added, e.g. face masks should be distributed before emergencies. • Community empowerment program should be improved, since now the priority for it declines, and the program in fact really benefited the community. • Local worker should be given more opportunity, recruitment should be more transparent so that the community will not be harmed by the job broker’s trick. • Community engagement in socialization of the mining activities and CSR-Comdev program execution should involve wider grass-root community so it will not lean on the village’s elite.
  12. 12. Recommendation• Local Government• The company should be more compliant to the procedure related with mining activities implementation (e.g. related with location permit, should comply to Environmental Impact Assessment - AMDAL, community should be asked for their opinions)• Company should be more transparent, e.g. to the natural resources division that will check the safety aspect, etc, so that the local government could help explaining it to the community• Company should have conduct periodic coordination (e.g. for environmental aspect with environment service, and for CSR-Comdev with Regional Development Planning Agency/Bappeda)• Company• The community should confirm first, if there is matter to be clarified, don’t act on their own• Local government should be more active to help explaining the community what the company had done• Information should be balanced, community should not only see the weaknesses of the company, but also seek for strength and positive things from the company
  13. 13. Multi-parties Forum Agreement• 1. JOB PPEJ will conduct evaluation to the CSR/Comdev implementation committee related to the public complaint on the company program. The result will be reported to the society (company has audit mechanism from National Audit Body, and BPMIGAS). There will be follow up (multi- parties dialog) to talk about CSR-Comdev mechanism.
  14. 14. • 2. Socialization (public campaign) and simulation of environmental impact handling through PKDB (time of each drill, improvement of PKDB work mechanism, noting the representation of society in Ring- I, socialization of PKDB team names, society needs to to be updated and notified on the evaluation result).
  15. 15. • Recommendation and commitment resulted from this forum will not be published to the media/external parties. This will be forwarded to the Regent first and will also issue recommendation letter
  16. 16. Lesson learned• Lesson learned in conducting approach to thecompany so the company “want” to be assessed• Lesson learned in conducting approach to the societysurrounding the mine and the local government sothey “want” to be assessed• Lesson learned in building commitment to thescorecard results• Replication Plan/Suggestion in other area