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Using Evernote to support Farm and Ranch Operations
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Using Evernote to support Farm and Ranch Operations


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This presentation provides an overview of Evernote, and gives ideas for using it to support Farm and Ranch operations.

This presentation provides an overview of Evernote, and gives ideas for using it to support Farm and Ranch operations.

Published in: Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Using to Help Manage Your Farm & Ranch Operation
      Stan Skrabut
    • 2. Running a successful ranch requires keeping track of a lot of information.
    • 3. As a rancher or farmer, you need to be able to capture information from anywhere.
    • 4. You need a program that is simple to use and works from the devices you have.
    • 5. You want to simplify the collection and organization of notes, ideas, and future plans
    • 6. Let me show you a great tool for collecting and organizing your thoughts and information.
    • 7. Evernote is a great tool for collecting and organizing your thoughts.
    • 8. Here are some essential things to do to get the most from Evernote.
      Create account
      Include on computers
      Add Web clipper
      Link to Twitter
      Add email account
    • 9. Create your Evernote account.
    • 10. Install the Evernote application to all your computers and mobile devices.
    • 11. Update your Web browsers with the Evernote Web Clipper.
    • 12. Tie your Evernote account to your Twitter account to collect Tweets.
    • 13. Add your Evernote e-mail account to all your e-mail programs so you can forward messages to Evernote.
    • 14. With Evernote you can capture everything.
    • 15. At the basic level, you can click on New Note and type in or paste in text.
    • 16. You can drag images or text files into Evernote.
    • 17. You can capture audio notes, great for an idea on the road.
    • 18. With the Web clipper, you can capture all or part of a Web page.
    • 19. You can e-mail messages from any device that can send an email.
    • 20. You can send Tweets directly to Evernote by following @myEN
    • 21. Once you have files loaded in Evernote, you can organize and search in many different ways.
    • 22. All of your notes can be placed into “notebooks.”
    • 23. Additionally, you can tag each note with multiple tags so you can aid in finding notes.
    • 24. Evernote will search keywords, notes, tags, and even text written in images.
    • 25. Notebooks can be shared with others.
    • 26. Here are some great ideas for using Evernote.
    • 27. Extend the capability of your Redbook by capturing notes, ideas, and photos.
    • 28. Capture all the Web sites, notes, pictures, contacts from a workshop.
    • 29. Keep notes on each animal from weights and birthdays to health issues
    • 30. Keep notes on your field operations, moving cows, irrigation, maintenance, etc.
    • 31. Evernote is also a great tool to track information about equipment.
    • 32. Clipping ideas from books, articles, etc.
    • 33. Store receipts for products, services, and other tax related needs.
    • 34. You could collect pictures of future cattle purchases.
    • 35. Store the clothing and jewelry sizes from your significant other.
    • 36. Store images for your home inventory.
    • 37. Capture images or Web pages of discounts.
    • 38. Store keys for various software applications.
    • 39. Capture whiteboard notes from a meeting or keep notes for a meeting.
    • 40. Basically, capture everything; if you put it on a list for future reference then Evernote is your tool.
    • 41. What are some of your ideas for using Evernote?
    • 42. You can learn more at
      Stan Skrabut
      Learning Guide: (Evernote)