Target Canada Twitter Party Details


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If you would like to participate in the Target Canada twitter party co-hosted by ShesConnected, please review this presentation

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Target Canada Twitter Party Details

  1. 1. Why participate in the Target Canada Twitter Party?• Twitter Parties are just so much fun – really (we promise)• A great way to connect with Target Canada• Tweet with fellow Target Canada fans• Learn things you might not have known about Target Canada• Chance to win Target Canada gift cards so that you will be ready to shop once your local store opens
  2. 2. Twitter Party Details Feb-24-2013 @9:00pm #TargetCAHosts @Target_CA @ShesConnectedModerators Prizing @ChristineKorda @BloggerWomen @ShoppingWomanHelp/RSVP Team @CooCooforCookin @DigitalMomma @ManagingUrMoney @MonetizingMomma @VegetarianMom
  3. 3. Visit the Twitter Party Page /targettwitterparty 4
  4. 4. Read the Rules & Regulations at theBottom of the page
  5. 5. RSVP Enter your title handle (example ShesConnected) Enter your twitter url (example 6
  6. 6. Follow us on TwitterClick this button to Click this button to follow follow @Target_CA on @ShesConnected on twitter twitter 7
  7. 7. Engage with us on twitterEngage with us prior to the Twitter Engage with us prior to the Twitter Party @Target_CA Party @ShesConnected 8
  8. 8. Add the date to your Calendar so thatyou don’t forget! Be sure to add it to your calendar so that you don’t forget to attend 9
  9. 9. Promote the Twitter Party You can also right click your mouse on You can copy and this image and save it paste this code on on your computer your blog or social site 10
  10. 10. New to Twitter Parties – join us for astep by step• Join us on twitter at 8:45pm (15 minutes before the start of the party) so we can help you get prepared for the twitter party Watch us live as we walk you through the setup
  11. 11. TweetGrid Platform for TwitterPartiesWe recommend that you use using athird-party social media dashboard.TweetGrid allows users to viewcontent in three sections: all content,host content, and the user’s personalcontent.Without TweetGrid, you will havedifficulty following the stream of thetwitter party.Click this link to take you to TweetGrid Click this link to open up a custom TweetGrid setup
  12. 12. TweetGrid-Login to authorize Twitterto work with TweetGrid Click the “Login” link. You must then authorize this TweetGrid program to use your twitter account. (otherwise you will be not able to tweet)
  13. 13. TweetGrid-Login to authorize Twitterto work with TweetGrid Click this “Authorize app” button
  14. 14. – Add your twittername (without the @) Add you twitter name (without the “@” symbol and then click the search buttonThis stream displays all Watch this middle feedtweets that contain the for questions from the twitter party hashtag hosts. #TargetCA.
  15. 15. TweetGrid: How to engage withtweets Left Arrow is replay Right arrow is to retweet Star to favourite Bubble – send DM (direct message) The envelope feature does not function at this tie
  16. 16. Thank you!