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CrownPeak Website Globalization Videocast
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CrownPeak Website Globalization Videocast

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Enterprises can achieve a fast and more effective global web presence through multi-lingual content delivered with a cloud Web Content Management (WCM) platform. ...

Enterprises can achieve a fast and more effective global web presence through multi-lingual content delivered with a cloud Web Content Management (WCM) platform.

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  • Hello. This is Luc Berlin, Director of Marketing and Communications at CrownPeak. Today I am going to discuss website globalization and how reaching global markets can create local success for your organization.
  • CrownPeak was the first company to offer a cloud web content management solution, starting in 2002. We are the leading web content management company with over 3,500 web sites in production and over 10,000 end users.
  • Today, there are approximately 1.8 Billion Internet users throughout the world accessing the web from their native countries. (CLICK)Over the last 10 years, market opportunity continues to grow in the globalization space. According to Common Sense Advisory, the globalization market is estimated to be over 65 Billion dollars.Therefore, growing enterprises need to pay keen attention to countries they want to reach through language translation.
  • How is this accounted for? Let’s take a look at some facts. (CLICK)Over 78% of Internet users are speakers of a language other than English and over 100 million people access the Internet in a non-English language.While the globalization gap narrows and the Internet becomes more widely accessible, consumers are making purchase decisions based on their means of communication. In fact, over 72% of consumers are more likely to purchase with information in their own language. A strategic question organizations should ask themselves is, “How quickly can we capitalize on these global opportunities?”(CLICK) Sometimes the challenges overwhelm organizations with the best intentions - to the point of killing website globalization projects altogether. Deciding on a globalization strategy can feel complex. Translation quality of multi-lingual content can be hit or miss and there are obvious cost considerations. Ensuring brand consistency and deployment agility is even more critical once a solution is implemented. All of these factors speak to the need for a web content management solution that can address these issues.
  • Looking at a legacy web content management system, the publishing environment is extremely cumbersome. With so many complexities launching a website to production, its no wonder the IT team has to create a multi-week release process to deploy a multi-lingual website.
  • Fortunately,CrownPeak has developed a technology solutionthat streamlines the process of website globalization. Our cloud architecture eliminates many of the complexities found in legacy content management systems, thus enabling companies to deploy global websites in weeks, not months.
  • Globalizing your website can be achieved in different ways. You can offer a multi-lingual site by language (CLICK) or a multi-national site by country (CLICK) or both. Which option you choose largely depends on your technical requirements and business goals. Regardless, (CLICK) your web content management solution should support your globalization strategy.By the way, global reach doesn’t always mean expanding beyond borders, it could very well mean seizing opportunities within your current geography — the growing Spanish speaking population in the US is a perfect example.
  • Let’s take a look at some common globalization use cases. In the first case (CLICK), your in-house translation team as a part of your corporate marketing group, follows individual and parallel translation workflows that are pre-configured for website translation. In the second case (CLICK), a centralized team at your company’s headquarters sends source content to be translated by a 3rd party translation agency. This content is sent back and forth and a workflow is established via an API back to the web content management system. Finally, in the decentralized case (CLICK), local country teams get notified through automated workflow and drive their own independent publishing cycles to translate sites by country.Which option you choose depends on a number of factors such as how your site is structured, how often it changes, and your internal team's bandwidth.Deciding how to launch and maintain a global website can be a challenging task. Your WCM should alleviate the pain and enable you to be agile.
  • CrownPeak’s WCM platform includes an innovative Translation Model Framework which can support all globalization business processes.We get your content translated and deployed fast. Our workflows support any translation agency API and publishing model – Internal (CLICK), External (CLICK) & Decentralized (CLICK). Regardless of your choice, CrownPeak manages all the content relationships needed to build out a complex global web presence, from corporate sites to brand sites to micro sites across any number of countries and languages. With CrownPeak, you benefit from one of the most robust and flexible web globalization solutions on the market.
  • So how will CrownPeak improve your globalization efforts and overall marketing goals?First, SPEED. (CLICK) CrownPeak WCM enables changes to the live environment without a release process – build a template and rollout country or language websites fast. Compare that to any other product on the market where a multi-week release process is required. Second, EASE. (CLICK) Non-technical users are able to change business processes or contribute to content creation immediately. No learning curve is required.Third, INTEGRATION. (CLICK) From day one, enjoy integration with dozens of content and marketing applications including social media, mobile, and translation service providers. Fourth, ARCHITECTURE. (CLICK) CrownPeak cloud architecture allows you to achieve unprecedented scalability and flexibility.And, finally, SUPPORT. (CLICK) CrownPeak’s support team is available around the clock to provide you with peace of mind.
  • Here are just a few of our happy customers using CrownPeak WCM to support their globalization strategies. Customers like Skype expanded their multi-lingual operations to 55 countries in 4 months resulting in millions of dollars in revenue.And MetLife, the insurance giant, uses CrownPeak WCM to manage its international website to service over 90 million customers worldwide.
  • So in the end, whether you want to break into new markets or improve your existing operations, CrownPeak opens the door of global opportunities to your business while ensuring your local success.(CLICK) Our cloud architecture enables your global content to be distributed with speed and ease. (CLICK) Your content can be optimized and redeployed anytime and to any global site. (CLICK) You won’t have to worry about performance and availability based on the physical location of your operations. (CLICK) Finally, your sites will be reliable and secure anywhere in the world.CrownPeak cloud WCM provides you with the framework to build the global web presence of your choosing. How’s that for something different?
  • Thank You. For more information, please visit our website at www.crownpeak.com.


  • 2. CROWNPEAK Ensuring Your Web Content Success• Category leader in Cloud WCM: Founded 2001• Over 3,500 major web sites. Over 10,000 end-users• Focused on public web sites for marketing and eBusiness• Offices in Los Angeles and London• Software run and supported globally Rated Positive Ensuring your web content success 2
  • 3. GLOBAL MARKETS Your Web Presence IsCritical 汉语$1.1 Trillion GDP Deutsch $2.8 Trillion GDP 日本語276 Million Online Users 61 Million Online Users $4.3 Trillion GDP 94 Million Online UsersPortuguês English Español$.6 Trillion GDP58 Million Online Users $3.1 Trillion GDP 124 Million Online Users $14 Trillion GDP 464 Million Online Users $1 Trillion GDP 한국어 59 Million Online UsersFrançais Italiano$2.2 Trillion GDP $1.4 Trillion GDP $.6 Trillion GDP 34 Million Online Users68 Million Online Users 34 Million Online Users Ensuring your web content success 3
  • 4. OPPORTUNITIES CHALLENGES• Over 78% of Internet users are speakers of • Globalization Complexity a language other than English • Translation Quality• Over 100 million people access the • Cost Considerations Internet in a non-English language • Brand Consistency• Over 72% of consumers prefer to purchase with information in their own language • Deployment Agility Ensuring your web content success 4
  • 5. IMPACT ON WEB CONTENT MANAGEMENT Legacy Approach Ensuring your web content success 5
  • 7. GLOBALIZATION OPTIONS Web Content ManagementMulti-Lingual Site: Offered by Language Multi-National Site: Offered by CountryDanskDeutschEnglishEspanolFrancaisItalianoNederlands Your WCM solution should support your globalization strategy Ensuring your web content success 7
  • 8. multilingual site: GLOBALIZATION USE CASES Common Business ProcessesINTERNAL EXTERNAL DECENTRALIZED• Centralized Team At HQ • Centralized Team At HQ • Decentralized Team• In-House Translation • Outsourced Translation • Automatic Workflow Service Agency Notifications• Parallel Pre-Configured • Workflow With External • Independent Publishing Workflows Translation Agency via Cycle For Autonomous API Country-Based Micro- sites• System Compatible To Double Byte • System Compatibility • Standardized Template To Protect Branding Ensuring your web content success 8
  • 9. CROWNPEAK Globalization Solutions For Every Business ProcessINTERNAL EXTERNAL DECENTRALIZEDMKTG L10n MKTG Ensuring your web content success 9
  • 10. 80% faster to deploy, new sites in minutesSPEEDEASE No learning curveINTEGRATION Mobile, social & translation connectorsARCHITECTURE Scalability and flexibility 24/7/365 support and award-winningSUPPORT services Ensuring your web content success 10
  • 12. GLOBAL MARKETS, LOCAL SUCCESS The CrownPeak Difference RENDERING | DEPLOYMENT | NOC MONITORING | DYNAMIC DELIVERY Distribute content around the  Never worry about location impacting globe with speed and ease performance or availability Optimize and redeploy content  Rest easy with predictable reliability anytime and anywhere and security Ensuring your web content success 12
  • 13. THANK YOUFor more information, visit www.crownpeak.com.To contact us, email info@crownpeak.comor call +1.800.887.1944. Ensuring your web content success 13