Planning what and when to tweet


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How to schedule and source content for Twitter for digital content marketing.

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Planning what and when to tweet

  1. 1. Planning what and when to tweet Creating an editorial schedule
  2. 2. Twitter can be a great time waster but with some planning and preparation you can make sure you are using your time effectively.
  3. 3. When to tweet The busiest time for Twitter is mid afternoon during the week. This may not be true of your community though, so you need to find out when most of your target audience is active.
  4. 4. Scheduling your tweets Use sites like and to determine the best time to tweet to your followers. Make allowances for an international audience if needed. Tweet at least 3 times a day and use software with the ability to queue or schedule tweets like Twuffer, Futuretweets, Hootsuite or Sproutsocial to organise and spread your tweets. Schedule promotional messages and regular content but allow time for live interaction and to deal with tweeters’ responses tour your scheduled messages.
  5. 5. But what should you be tweeting?
  6. 6. Aim to be ... 1. Authentic 2. Generous 3. Useful
  7. 7. AUTHENTIC GENEROUS USEFUL Be true to yourself or brand. It is hard to engage with people or come up with content if you are not genuinely interested in your topic or your community. It is very difficult to keep up the act and follow through if your Twitter persona is a complete pretence. Support tweeters in your community with mentions, retweets and comments. Thank new followers and retweeters. Join in with fellow tweeters’ campaigns and marketing efforts. Reward fellow tweeters by recommending them with a #ff. Answer questions from tweeters. Curate an online newsletter of relevant news and content for your sector with or to share regularly. Create useful Twitter lists and hashtags. Share links to blog posts, tutorials, reviews and tips .
  8. 8. Get the balance rightPromotional message or advert News, tips, useful links and images Retweets and replies You get back what you put in. If all you do is promote yourself, no one will follow you or want to spread your message. 3 replies, to 2 useful links, to 1 advert is a good balance
  9. 9. Photos of informal staff activities, successes, charity events, workplace traditions of staff involvement in formal business activities like conferences and trade shows Links to related to sector specific news and content to suppliers’ and partners’ websites and campaigns Posts that reflect your brands geographical location, age, personality or support and reinforce its ethos or mission statement that mention and address the needs and interest of your community that are written in a tone and mode of address appropriate to your community members, workforce, customers and suppliers Ideas for authentic content
  10. 10. Don’t be afraid to show your brand’s personality. If your brand is cool and trendy, tweet cool and trendy but maintain a more formal style if your business is more serious.
  11. 11. Ideas for generous content Retweets and positivity for your brand advocates Engagement in relevant campaigns and charitable activity Personalised thanks to new followers and retweeters Reciprocity Special offers, giveaways and early warnings of new stock, competitions etc. Mentions and recommendations for fellow tweeters.
  12. 12. Adding your voice to a charitable campaign or social action makes Twitter worthwhile If you reward your followers with special offers, discounts and news of sales they will thank you and become your brand advocates.
  13. 13. Ideas for useful content Sector specific news Links to interesting blog posts for your sector Attractive and timely infographics for your subject Curated or aggregated content like daily newsletters or pages Regular hosted hashtag discussions Customer service Demonstrations, tips and tutorials A regular, daily dose of entertaining, interesting or fascinating content so that people will wait for the latest
  14. 14. Demonstrations and tutorials are so much more shareable than traditional adverts as well as providing the opportunity to upsell and enhance your customer’s experience and enjoyment of the product. They also help establish you as an expert in your field.
  15. 15. A regular tweeting routine, tweeting on a specific subject at an expected time is a very effective way of creating a loyal following. Create your own Twitter traditions, eg. Tutorial Tuesday, the Monday Brainteaser, Wednesday’s Offer of the Week, Funny Friday etc.
  16. 16. Twitter is an extremely powerful addition to your customer service tool box but be prepared to respond promptly and remember your service is under scrutiny.
  17. 17. Sources for content : Online Social networks Instagram tags, Youtube channels, Google+, Pinterest boards. Identify useful sources and keep going back for more. Your staff and customers Use collaborative Pinterest boards, Facebook groups, company internet and hashtags to collate content provided by your own staff and customers. Provide incentives like competitions and offers. Blogs and news sites Use an RSS reader like Feedly to keep you informed of new articles from your favourite sites.
  18. 18. Finding enough content to satisfy your Twitter followers might seem difficult but there are ways to simplify the process
  19. 19. If you use services like Feedly,, Reddit and Stumbleupon, you can get a steady stream of interesting and shareable content delivered straight to your phone or tablet, making it easy to find the best of the latest content to share on Twitter.
  20. 20. Out and about : Take a smart phone with you to industry events, trade shows, conferences, business meetings to let you capture and share comments, photos and short videos. Your company media : catalogues, images, adverts, instruction leaflets, whitepapers, research, big data Traditional media : TV, newspapers, magazines, manuals, books Interviews : with staff, subject experts in your field, customers Sources for content : Offline
  21. 21. If all you do is retweet and post links your posts will look like everyone else’s. To keep your Twitter feed lively and vibrant you need to tweet original content and that means looking offline. Get out and about talking to customers, clients and experts in your sector. Use a smartphone camera to record life around you and share it with your online community. Look at traditional media like books and newspapers for inspiration.
  22. 22. Check your calendar and let events, holidays and anniversaries inspire your tweets. Twitter is live and of the moment. Tweet what is relevant now. Schedule in some seasonal tweets.
  23. 23. Check out our Pinterest board of Great Content Ideas for more ideas of what to tweet and suggested templates and schedules.