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SCN Twitter Checklist


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These are the lessons that SCN learned as a result of working with us.

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SCN Twitter Checklist

  1. 1. 8 to Great! Simple Steps to Better B2B Engagement on Twitter The SAP Community Network Marketing team has come a loooong way since launching our social media channels in late 2009. Over time, we’ve developed eight simple practices that enable us to run a more effective Twitter account –one that our followers seem to like: We’d like to share our eight simple tips with you in this blog. Lots of common sense here, but not approaches that many B2B account teams seem to practice. Let us give credit to *Laura Fitton (@Pistachio),who has been in conversation with our team for the past few months, helping us discover our mojo and get to the core of authentic Twitter engagement.1. Follow Everyone. We have had some of our best interactions and quotes from members who initiated a conversation through DM. I think we all know by now not to be overly concerned about the follower/following ratio. We have found it invaluable to follow back the human accounts that follow @SAPCommNet. This gives followers a chance to know they are valued, that we are listening to them and that
  2. 2. we are allowing them to DM us if they ever want to give private feedback. Hint: We use a tool called ‘Tweepi’ to manage our Twitter follower. You can flush the accounts that you are following but not following you or reciprocate your followers that you are not following. If your account is on Sprinklr, the bulk follow feature under Audience will work too.2. Collect Followers’ feedback. We created our own Google survey thatwe privately send out to our followers when they publicly or privatelyexpress how they feel about our content. We also send this survey tofollowers who honor us with #FollowFriday.
  3. 3. Here is some of the feedback that we received from the survey. “Its (@SAPCommNet) may be the best resource of knowledge for SAP products. Every week pops up at least a great blog or wiki and every month there is some mind-blowing stuff, what can be possible with SAP, I never thought about it before.” “I use @SAPCommNet for a lot of reasons: to learn something new every day, to introduce myself to new SAP products, to collaborate w SCN members…”3. Set aside time to review conversations each week, you busy bee!We make a big effort to ensure that we are initiating and taking part inconversations that our audience actually cares about. We are all busy, butif we can’t take the time to slow down and review conversations that arehappening and our own effectiveness, then, why even make the effort? Wehave been taking time to focus on points such as tweets that receive themost retweets, sentiment of tweets, and clickthrough rate.4. Honor Thy Followers on Fridays. Take time to know your followers,and I mean the living beings that that follow your account. Know what theirbig accomplishments for the week were and what they are good at. Don’tjust talk about your company’s accounts on Follow Friday. #FF is anopportunity to let your followers know you were listening. Don’t try to cram10 names into a 140 character space but instead give individual followerscredit on their recent blog, their recent promotion, their greatquestions/comments, and for being a great source on Twitter. This is agreat way to encourage a new member to be more engaging and active inyour community.@tbedro is a first time blogger in our community and we highlighted hercontribution.
  4. 4. This group of individuals won SAP InnoJam in Netherlands. They wrote ablog to talk about their winning entry and we decided to honor the wholeteam.@johnkleeman is a passionate contributor in our community and wehighlighted him for achieving Gold Contributor status, which is based onpoints.5. Get better engagement by ENGAGING. Remember to ENGAGE withyour followers. Think beyond “+1” and “Gr8!”. They want to know that thereis a human behind the account so reply to them, directly. Dedicate a wholepost to them and interact! They really appreciate the gesture.(@Britopian responded via DM)
  5. 5. 6. Watch your timing! Watch your frequency!We aim to post 8-10 tweets a day and aim for critical messaging to go outbetween 9 am - 1pm EST.In the beginning we tried to please many internal teams by honoring everypromotion request. We were sending out tweets every free slot we couldfind, and at one point sending out 20 tweets a day! Our weekly reviewshelped us catch this big mistake. Also we benchmarked @SAPCommNetwith @CiscoSystems (Cisco brand account, similar to @SAP) which is anaccount that tweets less but receives more retweets and replies. Thishelped us realize that we should focus more on the context rather than thequantity.7. New Week, New Hashtag. Add some spice to your social media mix byfollowing a new hashtag or keyword each week to your watch list. Thishelps you to step outside of routine and discover new followers. The@SAPCommnet account has an average of 5-6 % monthly follower’sgrowth. It is critical that you constantly search for new potential communitymembers to keep the number growing. Most likely, you will see the samefaces on your decks if you always follow the same hashtags.8. Be a Cocktail Party Host. Your followers follow you not only becausethey are interested in your topic but they are also looking for othercommunity members who think alike or can help them solve problems. You
  6. 6. can strengthen your community by strengthening the relationships of themembers. For example, ● If your channel is hosting an event, keep attendees in touch with each other by creating an attendee list ● Help expand their networks, introduce follows to one another ● Help those who are new to Twitter to jump in by providing hints like the key hashtags to follow for the industry---Laura “@Pistachio” Fitton is the founder of and co-author of Twitter for Dummies. She iscredited with explaining Twitters business value at top business schools and to thousands of others tech leaders,shes been speaking professionally about the business use of Twitter since October 2007.
  7. 7. @SAPcommnet’s Recommended Twitter Tools Follower Management Tool ○ Social Too - Auto follow back and followers synchronization ○ Nutshell Mail - Notify who quit following you and receive updates via email ○ Tweepi - Unfollow people who do not follow you back in bulk and reciprocate your followers Influencers Seeking & Monitoring tool ○ WeFollow - Finding the leading Twitter accounts in the topic area and industry ○ Viral Analytics - Find the key positive and negative influencers that mention the brand ○ Tweetstats - Find the people that we engage with and influence us on Twitter every month Content Analysis Tool ○ Tweeteffect - Find which tweets made people follow or unfollow ○ Sprinklr - Find the theme and messages that have the highest engagement (clicks, retweets, Facebook feedbacks) Archiving Tool ○ Sprinklr - Archive mentions and replies and sent messages Tweetchat Tool ○ Twebevent - Find public tweetchats to participate