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Supernova Media presents Pinterest 101. Includes do's and don'ts for business! Pinterest is a social photo sharing website and app where users can create and manage theme-based image collections in the format of a virtual pinboard. Pinterest drove more referral traffic to retailers than Linked In, You Tube and Google+ combined in January 2012.

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Pinterest Guide

  1. 1. Supernova Media Presents:
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  4. 4. PinterestYou know when you go online and find something you love anddon’t want to forget but you don’t know where to keep it soyou’ll remember? Maybe you email it to yourself? Or bookmarkit? Well you will be excited to hear that there’s a website madefor all those ‘things’ you want to keep track of, and it’s calledPinterest.Pinterest is a social photo sharing website and app where userscan create and manage theme-based image collections in theformat of a virtual pinboard. The sites mission statement is to"connect everyone in the world through the things they findinteresting."
  5. 5. Pinterest Facts On August 16, 2011, Time magazine published Pinterest in its "50 Best Websites of 2011" column. In December 2011, the site entered the top 10 social networks according to Hitwise data with 11 million total visits per week. In January 2012, the company was named the best New Start up of 2011, by Tech Crunch. Traffic grew by 40% in the second half of 2011.
  6. 6. Referral TrafficPinterest drove more referral traffic toretailers than Linked In, You Tube andGoogle+ combined in January 2012. Theanalysis was done based on theconsumers who went to Pinterestbefore visiting the retailer websites.Pinterest grew from 2.5% of referraltraffic in December to 3.6% of thereferrals in January. That’s impressivegrowth from just owning .17% of thetraffic back in July.
  7. 7. Getting StartedThe first thing youll need to do is get a Pinterest account. You can go to the Pinterest websiteand request an invite (yes, theres currently a waiting list) or ask a friend who is already onPinterest to send you an invite. The registration process currently requires users to link theirPinterest account to their Facebook or Twitter account, and those who log in via Facebookmust currently have (or opt in to) Facebooks new controversial "timeline" format.
  8. 8. Who to Follow?The next step afterregistration is deciding whattopics/people to follow. Youmay only want to follow onecategory or you may wantthem all! Pinterest will pickpeople from each categoryyou choose and add them toyour following list or‘pinners’.
  9. 9. Creating Pinboards Think of Pinboards as folders. You can make a folder for each interest you have. Pinterest will suggest pinboards if your not sure where to start. You can add/edit/delete these later if you change your mind.
  10. 10. Pin ItThe Pin It buttonmakes it so easy totake a photo fromanywhere on the weband bring it to yourPinterest account as a‘Pin’. Just follow theinstructions on howto get the Pin Itbutton and you’reready to start pinning!
  11. 11. Home Page The photos on your homepage are all of the most recent pins from those you follow. It will also show all of the pins that you have pinned or “repinned,” mixed in chronologically. The left-hand sidebar features a constantly-updating list of people who are “repinning” and “liking” the pins on your Pinterest boards, also know as your “Recent activity.” You’ll also see a little tab when a new pin is recently added. Now if you are thinking to yourself “What the heck does it mean to ‘repin’ something?” don’t worry…This is probably the simplest concept to grasp on Pinterest. If you decide to do nothing else, repinning is the easiest tool you could use.
  12. 12. PinningHere’s how it works- When you click onsomething you like on the homepage itbrings the photo up in a bigger size, lists whopinned it, when, etc. You can see at the topof the photo you have the option to Like orRepin. A box will come up prompting you toselect a board to put the pin into and a namefor the pin.
  13. 13. Boards If you didn’t customize your boards during registration or maybe you decided you don’t want one of the boards you made you can change those at any time. In the top right hand corner is your Account page. If you click your name it will bring up your profile and boards. (This is just a short-cut to the boards option in the drop-down menu) You can have as many boards as you like and you can rearrange how they appear on your profile. You can click on each board to reveal the entire collection of pins within. To change a name or delete, click edit at the bottom of that particular board and there you will see several customizable options for the board.
  14. 14. FriendsFinding friends on Pinterest is so easy. When you firstsigned up, Pinterest probably already tried to find youfriends based on your Facebook or Twitter friends(depending on which site you used to sign-up). You cansee who your following/who’s following you on yourprofile page above your photo. If you want to find morefriends to follow you can invite friends through emailusing the Invite tab or you can find friends on facebookto invite by using the Find Friends tab.
  15. 15. Pins The Pins tab is pretty self explanatory. Pins will show all of your pins and the details of each pin. These details included: Where you repinned from/where you found the image to pin What board to pinned to The description/caption for the pin
  16. 16. LikesLikes will show you the pins you’ve Liked. There has been a bit of a debate on what the pointof the Like button is when you can just as easily repin things but here are a few thoughts: Maybe you want to express your appreciation for a pin without having a dedicated pinboard where you could repin it. “Like" could be used as a way to quickly collect pins before later repinning them to an appropriate pinboard. Likes also won’t show up in the feed of those who follow you, but it is still viewable from your profile.
  17. 17. Settings Your have lots of customizable options in the settings tab. Lets start with email settings. Here you can choose whether or not you want to receive email notifications, how frequently you would like to receive notifications or what type of action you would like to be notified for. Make sure to click save settings at the bottom of the page after you have changed these settings.
  18. 18. Settings Back on the main settings page is where you would update your name, ‘about’ information, location and possibly a personal/business website. You can also add or change your profile photo here. When you registered, Pinterest probably grabbed your photo from Facebook/Twitter if you had one. You can change it or you can click the ‘Refresh from Facebook’ button to have it update with your latest Facebook profile picture.
  19. 19. SettingsDon’t want your Pintrest accountassociated with your Facebook orTwitter account anymore? You canchoose to unlink/link. Also you havethe option to hide your Pinterestprofile from search engines. Lastly, youcan delete your account form this pageif you think you’ve had enough.
  20. 20. Using Pinterest to Grow YourBusiness Do’s Do follow other people within your industry. Do follow other people who have similar interests as you. Do follow people from within your target audience. Do have a mix of personal and professional pin boards on your profile. Do install the ‘Pin It’ button to your tool bar and integrate ‘pinning’ into your everyday life. Do post relevant YouTube Videos to related pin boards. Do re-pin other users pins, especially when they’re related to your industry.
  21. 21. Using Pinterest to Grow YourBusiness Don’ts  Dont leave your boards empty. Spend some time populating them.  Dont forget to give credit where credit is due. Pinterest makes this easy when you are pinning but if you have a photo that requires a credit, be sure you take care of that.  Don’t tag all your Pins to repost on Facebook and Twitter – you’ll annoy your other online communities. Only use this feature with purpose for really good posts or information you want to get out there.  Don’t only create boards, pins and re-pin business information – throw your personality in there and like & pin personal things you like.  Dont ignore the potential power of this site. Its not going away anytime soon.
  22. 22. Using PinterestPinterest can be used in so many ways! Promote your Business Plan a wedding Inspiration for your DIY home projects Virtual recipe bookThese are just a few ideas to help you get started butthere are SO many other ways you can use Pinterest.So what are you waiting for? Get Pinning!
  23. 23. Our ServicesBeing Passionate comes easy when yougenuinely enjoy what you do. We offer an arrayof services at Supernova Media but here’s whatwe do best:• Web Design & Hosting• Consulting• Branding• Virtual ToursWe know that your success is our success.Contact Us
  24. 24. About Nancy Bain Nancy is a business owner, educator, and business strategist with more than 20 years experience. When she is not advising and teaching people about social media, Nancy spends a lot of her own time using social media. Find Nancy online: Google+ : Nancy Bain Like Supernova Media on Follow Nancy on Twitter Facebook Visit her Website Find her on LinkedIn Follow her Blog And visit her YouTube Channel