Eco school bubble action plan

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  • 2. What is Eco Schools ?
  • 3.  
  • 4. You
  • 5. Water Biodiversity Waste School Grounds Healthy Living Energy Global Litter Transport
  • 6. Make sure taps are turned off properly. Drinking water helps you learn better. Use a refillable water bottle. Collect rain water for watering plants. Don’t leave water taps running for a long time. Install water hippos to our toilets Water
  • 7. Plant flowers to attract insects like butterflies and bees Put up bird feeders , bird tables, bird boxes and plant hedgerow suitable for sustainable feeding Create habitats for minibeasts Develop small pond to attract wildlife Look after hedgerows for animals such as hedgehogs Biodiversity
  • 8. Re-use waste materials for arts and crafts. Have people monitoring the recycle bins. Compost garden waste waste Recycle all paper that is used in the school. Recycle old clothes Waste
  • 9. Share lifts to school if you travel by car. Organise bike to school days. Ask bus drivers, parents and teachers to take shortest routes possible when driving If possible walk to school. Have a walking bus on a regular basis Transport
  • 10. Try to encourage other schools to become eco schools Create a link with a school Through Commenius project Reduce our carbon footprint by growing our own vegetables Be aware of global issues, such as global warming. Try to become a good citizen in your community and world Global
  • 11. Ensure all litter goes in the right bin. Try to think about the amount of litter you create. Have a litter duty rota throughout the school. Run a litter campaign in your school and local community. Make sure you have enough bins around the school. Litter
  • 12. Have monitors to check light switches and doors. Improve school insulation Make sure computers are shut down properly and not left on stand by. Use low energy bulbs in rooms and corridors. Switch lights off when leaving rooms. Install and monitor energy use with smart meter Check and monitor meter readings for electricity. Switch off radiators rather than open doors to cool down room temperature Energy
  • 13. Exercise for a short time each day both in school and at home. Have healthy options in the school canteen. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Try to have a healthy break. Spend time with friends and family every day. Healthy Living
  • 14. Create a “quiet area” Keep your school grounds litter free. Think about how your school grounds look to visitors and the surrounding community. Plant trees and flowers to add colour. Encourage wildlife to visit your school grounds. School Grounds
  • 15. Getting Started…… Eco Committee School Eco Code Eco Notice board
  • 16. Be proud of your school………. you can make a difference!!!!! Ballynure Primary School