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Mindovermatter 100616063510-phpapp021

  1. 1. Comenius Program Partnership 2009-2011
  2. 2. Mind Over Matter - Comenius Project- 2009-2011 Waste Paper Healthy food Energy Biodiversity Schoolyards
  3. 3. AGENDA 1 3 2 4 About us Next steps Project status Local community participation
  4. 4. About us 1 Our country Our department Our school Our Comenius delegates
  5. 5. Rebricea Ballynure 3237 km LLandegfan 2925 km Palaio Faliro 2100 km Our country
  6. 6. Source: National Institute of Statistics, National Bank of Romania, International Monetary Fund, Eurostat,2009 Our country Population:22.2 mil Currency : RON Capital: Bucharest (2 mil) Urban population:53% Member of NATO since May 2004 Member of European Union since January 2007
  7. 7. When in Romania, you must visit The Danube Delta The Transfagarasan The Moldavian Monasteries The Sfinx from Bucegi Mountains The Merry Cemetery from Maramures The Old Women from Bucegi Mountains The nuclear plant from Cernavoda The People Palace in Bucharest Our country
  8. 8. Our department Rebricea 400 km Vaslui 32 km
  9. 9. Welcome to Vaslui county! Our department
  10. 10. This is our town hall This is where we are fighting crime… This is our train station Our department
  11. 11. Our school
  12. 12. Hobbies: driving, traveling, gardening, working with children, dancing, working with the P.C. Hobbies: traveling, reading , solving puzzles, cooking. Hobbies: reading, drawing, painting, singing, planting flowers ,dogs and cats. Our Comenius delegates Aurelia Murariu School teacher-1-4 th grade Mariana Morariu School teacher-1-4 th grade Claudia Russu School teacher-5-8 th grade
  13. 13. 2 Project status Our Green Activities Project dissemination
  14. 14. Tomorrow here will be a garden… Development area: SCHOOLYARDS Our Green activities
  15. 15. Keep working and never lose hope… Development area: SCHOOLYARDS Our Green activities
  16. 16. Children and gardens… Development area: SCHOOLYARDS Our Green activities
  17. 17. Development area: SCHOOLYARDS Planting campaigns Our Green activities
  18. 18. Development area: BIODIVERSITY We observe and we take action… Our Green activities
  19. 19. Our friends, the birds… Development area: BIODIVERSITY Our Green activities
  20. 20. The plants around us… Development area: BIODIVERSITY Our Green activities
  21. 21. Development area: WASTE Our Green activities
  22. 22. From trash to …gifts Development area: WASTE Our Green activities
  23. 23. Development area: HEALTHY FOOD Eat healthy and you`ll be healthy! Our Green activities
  24. 24. Development area: HEALTHY FOOD A salad a day , keeps the doctor away! Our Green activities
  25. 25. Hands up! Energy Patrol! Development area: ENERGY Our Green activities
  26. 26. WE CREATED PROJECT AWARENESS THROUGH INSIDE THE SCHOOL OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL Flyers distribution-announcing the details of the campaigns Flyers distribution-announcing the details of the campaigns Posters displaying around the school-announcing the details of the campaigns School magazine interview-November edition – interview with Claudia about the project Green News Bulleting-ECO magazine produced twice/year PTA meetings Discussions with the Mayer and the local council Discussions with the members of the department`s body of teachers Activities Tree Board-project board created on the school hallway Program dissemination
  27. 27. 3 General cleaning week - April Let`s build our own savage garden - April Waste collecting month - May Water saving week - May International day of biodiversity preservation - May Walking day - May Next steps
  28. 28. 4 <ul><li>provided appropriate transportation for the dirt needed for arranging the school garden </li></ul><ul><li>Provided workers to help us carry the fertilized dirt </li></ul><ul><li>Provided the funds to purchase plastic bags and gloves needed for the cleaning campaign </li></ul><ul><li>Volunteered to be part of the ECO Committee </li></ul><ul><li>Got actively involved in the activities </li></ul>The Mayor The local community parents Local community participation
  29. 29. Thank you! Q&A