YouTube Bootcamp: Get Your Channel in Shape in 50 Minutes - Room 214 - FitSocial Conference 2013


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As the internet's largest video platform and #2 search engine (only behind Google) YouTube can be an integral part of every brand's marketing strategy. In this YouTube Bootcamp presentation, you'll learn the basics of optimizing YouTube and how to get your channel in shape in 50 minutes.

This presentation was given by Matt LeBeau, Room 214 Account Director (@MattAt214) as part of the Fitness & Health Social Media Conference (FitSocial) on September 27, 2013 in Boulder, CO.

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YouTube Bootcamp: Get Your Channel in Shape in 50 Minutes - Room 214 - FitSocial Conference 2013

  1. 1. YouTube Bootcamp: Get Your Channel in Shape in 50 Minutes
  2. 2. Who Are We?
  3. 3. Introductions Matt LeBeau Account Director @MattAt214 Joshua Hill Director of Strategy @Hillhaus About Room 214 Room 214 is a team of people dedicated to being remarkable. Focused on digital marketing since 2004, companies hire us to take their social and digital to the next level: from awareness and leads, to sales and advocacy.
  4. 4. Why YouTube?
  5. 5. Video is King
  6. 6. YouTube is Zeus ● Largest video platform with 154 million monthly viewers in U.S. ● World's second largest search engine behind Google ● Offers hyper-targeted video advertising ● Only video platform currently available on all devices ● Sizable and engaged audiences in health and fitness industries ● Significant impact on search engine optimization (SEO) In fact, next to improving SEO for your on-site content, optimizing your YouTube channel and videos is the #1 thing you can do to increase the discoverability of your brand.
  7. 7. WTF is Video Metadata?
  8. 8. WTF is metadata? The more you tell people about your video, the more likely they are to find it.
  9. 9. Video Metadata on YouTube For every video, there are hundreds of small actions that you can take to make your content more discoverable. Video Metadata: ● Title, description and tags ● Closed caption transcripts ● Translations ● Annotations ● Inclusion in Playlists, which can also be optimized Channel Metadata: ● Title, description and tags ● About Page & Social Links ● Featured Channels ● InVideo links ● Associated Website ● Google+ Page ● One Channel Design ● Content Sections
  10. 10. Where Do I Start?
  11. 11. First Chance Workout Effective marketing on YouTube takes time and practice to master, but there are several things you can do in as little as 50 minutes that can have a dramatic impact. Optimize Your Channel ● Write a keyword-rich channel description ● Add other social media links ● Add channels you like or partner with ● Link Google Analytics and Google+ ● Confirm associated website ● Link Facebook and Twitter ● Add InVideo Programming ● Enable “Browse” view ● Create content sections ● Create channel artwork* ● Create channel trailer* ● Optimize your trailer If you haven’t broken a sweat, you can move on to creating Playlists or optimizing individual videos, including metadata, captions and annotations.
  12. 12. Practice Makes Perfect Since it’s always easy to show rather than tell, how about we ask a volunteer to show us their YouTube channel and go through our optimization workout? During the conference, tweet us @Room_214 with the hashtag below and we’ll select one attendee for a free YouTube consultation: #214YouTubeBootcamp
  13. 13. What Else Can I Do?
  14. 14. All the Workout Gear You Need 1. Creator Hub: Your launch pad for everything YouTube 2. Creator Playbook: Optimization and engagement tips 3. Creator Academy: Video classes and tutorials 4. YouTube & Google Analytics: Measure what content works 5. Keyword Tool: What people are searching for 6. One Channel Design & Trailer: Branding and first impressions 7. YouTube Social Media: YouTube’s YouTube Channel 8. Trends & Blog: Research and video insights from YouTube 9. Advertising: AdWords for video and hyper-targeting
  15. 15. YouTube Creator Hub
  16. 16. YouTube Creator Playbook
  17. 17. YouTube Creator Academy
  18. 18. YouTube Analytics
  19. 19. YouTube Keyword Tool
  20. 20. One Channel Design
  21. 21. YouTube Social Media
  22. 22. YouTube Trends & Blog
  23. 23. YouTube Advertising
  24. 24. How is YouTube Changing?
  25. 25. Engagement Rather Than Views Growing your subscribers and increasing “watch time” are now the most important metrics in YouTube’s algorithm. This means that providing viewers with high-quality content that hold their attention is crucial for search ranking, discoverability, and success of your videos and your channel.
  26. 26. Just Another Social Network In addition to being the #2 search engine, YouTube is increasing its social media muscle by adding new community management features, improving comments, and adding integrations with with Google+
  27. 27. Questions? Remember to tweet us @Room_214 with the hashtag below and you could receive a free YouTube consultation: #YouTubeWorkout
  28. 28. Links ● Creator Hub: Tools, Blog & Latest News ● Creator Playbook: Optimization & Best Practices ● Creator Academy: Self-Guided Courses ● YouTube Analytics: Measure What Works ● YouTube Keyword Tool: Determine What People are Searching For ● One Channel Design & Trailer: Content on Every Device ● YouTube Trends: Research & Video Insights ● YouTube Advertising: TrueView & Google Adwords for Video ● Reel SEO: Terrific Blog & YouTube Channel about All Things Video