Youtube video promotion presentation


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Ways to Promote Youtube Videos

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Youtube video promotion presentation

  1. 1. Video Promotion Ways to promote your youtube video
  2. 2. Add an Seo-Optimized Title Video Title is essential in Helping your video be found by users.
  3. 3. Add an Seo Description Include a description that isn't keywords stuffed, but does include your main keywords and add your website link to the description.
  4. 4. Maximize your keyword tags Keywords are critically important for your video so try to include relevant keyword tags.
  5. 5. Share it... 1. Share your created video with social networking websites such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and more. 2. Write a blog post and embed the video. 3. You can also Embedded Created Video to your site and tag them with good keywords.
  6. 6. 4. You can do the Bookmarking submission for your created video. 5. You can also add it to your squidoo lense. 6. Share it with Tubemogul and automatically submit your videos to many other video websites @ free of cost. 7. Add your video in different video search engines.
  7. 7. Reach Just the Right Audience With the help of Trueview you can pick the audience you want your video to reach and target your ideal viewers. This way you only need to pay only at that time when someone choose to watch your video.
  8. 8. GETTING STARTED IS EASY Creating an account with Trueview/Google Adwords only takes a few minutes. You only need to follow these steps. - Create an account - Set the budget - Create video campaign - Define Ad Attributes - Select Targeting audience by country or place. - Add Keywords - Billing Profile - Link your youtube account.
  9. 9. THERE ARE FOUR WAYS TO TRUEVIEW 1. Trueview in-stream :- Ads play like a TV style during another video from a youtube partner. 2. Trueview in-slate :- Ads show before youtube partner video that are 10 minutes or longer. 3. Tureview in-search :- Ads appear above or to the right of regular result on the search result page. 4. Trueview display :- Ads appear alongside other youtube videos or on websites on the Google display network that match your target audience.
  10. 10. HOW TO ANALYZE YOUR YOUTUBE AUDIENCE By the help of Youtube Insight tool you can measure the traffic of your youtube channel. Youtube Insight allows you to breakdown your youtube audience by regions, views per video and more. Youtube Insight tool work same as Google Analytics Tool.
  11. 11. Hope this video will be informative for you. Thanks for Watching By Anuradha Vats