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Shocking but true u.s & india not in list


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  • 2. Internet has turned into a basic need of the humankind in this technology driven world. Your social quotient is measured based on how active you are in social media. The news happenings around the world are just a click of a button away. And there is a lot of communication over internet is taking place— VoIP, IM, and video calling. Given the multitude of the uses that internet offers to us, a good internet speed becomes inevitable. There are countries in the world which enjoys the blazing fast internet speeds offering the users the best online experience. Akmai Technologies, the internet content delivery network has come with a latest report on the countries with fastest internet in the world. If you think U.S. the country with most technological advancement enjoys the fastest internet speed, you will be proven wrong by the end of this list of 8 countries with fastest internet speed compiledCENTEREFY Times. by ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH
  • 3. 8 Israel Top Internet Speed: 40.1. Mbps Despite the country not being in the top 10 list last quarter, Israel has secured eighth spot this quarter. This is a 53 percent growth over last year and 6.4 percent compared to the preceding quarter. Internet in Israel has been available since the 1990‟s but came into use for commoners since 2001. The recent developments of broadband capabilities have helped the country to get figured in this list. The internet is provided through phone and cable infrastructure and has an average speed of 40.1 megabits per second ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  • 4. 7 Switzerland Top Internet Speed: 41.4Mbps Known to be the major hub of finance industry, Switzerland has a top internet speed at 41.4 megabits per second. This translates into a rise of 3.9 percent in past quarter and 38 per cent over the past year. The country has one of the highest Internet and broadband penetration rates in Europe. Broadband has replaced telephone communications and DSL networks have overtaken cable as the prime technology for broadband access. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  • 5. 6 Latvia Top Internet Speed: 44.6Mbps Rolling down one place Latvia stands on sixth spot on this list with its peak internet speed of 44.6Mbps. This is an increase of 5.4 per cent since the last quarter and 33 per cent from last year. The Internet in Latvia began to experience significant growth in 1999, as the consolidation of regional Internet providers began to drive down prices for dial-up access. By 2000, there were 75,000 Internet users and about a dozen ecommerce shops in Latvia. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  • 6. 5 Singapore Top Internet Speed: 45.6Mbps The country, known to be the „tech hub‟ has cracked to take the fifth spot with top speed of 45.6 megabits per second. This is a brilliant growth of 61 percent over last year and 4.1 per cent over last quarter. The country includes four major Internet service providers, namely, SingNet, Star Hub, Pacnet and M1. As part of the country‟s initiative of Intelligent Nation 2015, the Singapore Government has been promoting the usage of broadband Internet access and it is readily available throughout the country with connectivity rate of over 99 percent. The Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network service plan is Singapore‟s nationwide ultra-high speed fiber network. It is on track to achieve its target 95 percent coverage. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  • 7. 4 Romania Top Internet Speed: 47.5Mbps Romania is on the fourth spot in this list with 47.5Mbps highest speed. This is a 0.6 percent growth over the previous quarter and a 23 per cent growth over 2012.Based on the Akamia report of 2011, Romanian cities like Constanta, Ia?i and Timi?oara are in the top 100 cities at the world level with the highest average Internet speeds. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  • 8. 3 Japan 48.8Mbps Japan after slipping one place is now on third position with highest speed of 48.8Mbps. This is an increase of 3.1 per cent compared to the previous quarter and 21 percent compared to last year. Even though Japan lost its game in electronics industry, it still tops in telecommunications technology. The Japanese government has given priority to Internet development as a national goal, said Belson. Besides, from the reports of Akamai, it states that highspeed optic fiber runs through many parts of the country and the country‟s connections have reached 48.8 megabits per second on average. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  • 9. 2 South Korea 53.5Mbps South Korea gains two spots to secure the No. 2 spot in the list with its peak internet speed of 53.3Mbps. The speed shows a growth of 19 per cent over the past quarter and 14 per cent over last year. The country is known to be a lover of games is a home to several gaming competitions, such as World Cyber Games, and has entire television channels devoted to “electronic sports”. The online gaming absorbs a lot of bandwidth. The South Korea is known to be one of the leaders in Internet connectivity and speed. The government has established policies and programs that facilitate a rapid expansion and the use of broadband. It offers wireless services to all the major cities. Wibro and HSDPA is the most common used technology used in the country‟s wireless broadband and most of the public restaurants offer free Wi-Fi connection during business hours. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  • 10. Top Internet Speed: 65.1Mbps HONGKONG Maintaining its position as the country with the fastest internet, Hong Kong is still the no. 1 on the list with peak speed of 65.1Mbps. Although this is 0.9 per cent fall as compared to past quarter, but it is a 32 per cent growth as compared to last year. The country is the leader in Internet connectivity amd is blazing fast with its high population density and strong governmental support. Belson says, unlike the Internet lines across the border, content censorship is nonexistent. According to Akamai, the average peak speed in the country was 54.1 megabits per second, making it the top on the list. As per 2010, the 69.4 percent of the population are Internet users and because of very little censorship in the country, the Internet is used for the distribution of certain materials particularly child pornography and pirated materials. The government provides freedom of speech and none of the websites are blocked and governmental licenses are not required to operate a website. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER