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Arise#dreams industry institute partnshp m.i.e.t. arise roby head t & p#robert maria vincent 11


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Industry Institute partnership will enhance any student to mould according to corporate expectations.Life seems fullfilled only when achieve our dream career for that merging Industry Institute for Technical Education is a prominent one.arise#roby

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Arise#dreams industry institute partnshp m.i.e.t. arise roby head t & p#robert maria vincent 11

  1. 1. INDUSTRY & INSTITUTE PARTNERSHIP A.ROBERT MARIA VINCENT Head – Training & Placement M.I.E.T. Group Of Institutions M.I.E.T. Engineering College
  3. 3.  Greater need for industries to depend on technical institutions for R&D and for supply of highly qualified and skilled manpower.  Training and retraining of the work force has become major activity for all industries as technology is changing fast.  Opportune time for both institute and industry to interact for mutual benefits
  4. 4. LOW & SLOW process in INTERACTION  Lack of interest from both sides  Curriculum not planned as per job profile  Education imparted is not job oriented.  Insufficient time schedule available.  Lack of confidence and professional approach  Obsolete lab facilities.  Goals of both do not match fully.  Research not matching the Industrial needs  Rules governing different organizations differently  Lack of interest and seriousness among students related to summer and winter projects, industrial visits and using opportunity to learn in industry.  Hence, more than 70% projects do not lead to industrial jobs
  5. 5. MUTUAL BENEFITS  To the Institution  Greater resource generation.  Better understanding of industry needs and operations  Improved quality of faculty.  More relevant curriculum.  Better placement of students.  To The Industry.  Can get opportunity to express skills and qualities required as per their needs  Get involved in the curriculum development so that it meets their requirement  Get access the latest technological and management developments.  Keep the workforce skill updated  Get fresh and work ready manpower and not spend time in
  6. 6. Both industry and institution will have to gear needs of each other:  The Institution will need to:  Win the confidence of industries so that industries involve voluntarily with the Institute  Align R & D activities to the industry needs, cost effectiveness, time bound programs, technology upgradation etc.  Programs of Institute must be strongly oriented to Industry.  Communicate the benefits of a new generation of innovative thinkers.  Develop pool of academics with deep understanding of industry and business experience.  Industry will need to:  Understand and accept the capabilities and limitations of the institute  Must spell out in clear terms its needs and aspirations  Both Industry and Institution need to:  Develop Win-Win Partnerships strategies – sign an MOU to bring the two sides strategically closer
  7. 7. Suggested Activities:  Organize Workshops, conferences and symposia with joint participation of the faculty and the industries.  Invite experts from industry to participate in curriculum development.  Arrange visits of faculty to various industry and vice-a- versa  Obtain consultancy, research projects from industries and ensure timely completion to the satisfaction of the industry.  Offer testing and calibration services on site or in laboratory.  Develop joint research programs and field studies.  Visits of faculty to industry and industry to institute delivering expert lectures on subjects of mutual interest.Organize continuing education programs for working
  8. 8. Obtain short-term assignment for faculty members to work in industries. Invite visiting faculty/professors from industries. Establish professorial Chairs sponsored by industries at the Institute. R&D Laboratories sponsored by industries at the Institute. Scholarships/fellowships/internship for students by Industries Organize Industrial exposure and training of students in industries. Adoption of institution by industry
  9. 9. THANK YOU