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A Social Media Primer 2010
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A Social Media Primer 2010


Published on

Toronto Real Estate Board

Toronto Real Estate Board

Published in: Real Estate, Technology

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  • 1. A Social Media Primer
    Richard Silver
  • 2. Technology: 1980’s Style!
  • 3. 1970’s Marketing
    Madge: “You are soaking in it”
    Palmolive: Jan Miner
    2010 Marketing
    Word-of-Mouth Trumps Traditional Advertising
  • 4. Who is the Authority in 2010?
  • 5. Who am I and Where am I NOW?
    Richard Silver is a top-ranked Salesperson, an early adopter of Technology, Web 2.0 and presently sits as a Director-at-Large with the Toronto Real Estate Board. He is a member of the MLS and Technology Council at the Canadian Real Estate Association.  A 30 year veteran, he feels “you are never too old to re-invent yourself”.
    Breaking News:
    Follow on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • 6. Where are you now?
  • 7. A 10,000 Foot View
  • 8. Facebook Stories
  • 9. Who is Gary Vaynerchuk (AKA Gary Vee) and why is he important to our discussion?
    “Gary has leveraged his family wine business through Social Media and now his online Brand ( is more valuable than the business (wine distribution and sales) that he started the online program to promote.”
    “Get off the “Bus Benches” and establish your Internet Brand.”
  • 10. Gary Vaynerchuk Strikes Again!
  • 11. A Great Read
    The Digital Handshake
    By Paul Chaney
    Lays out the Social Media
    Landscape for Marketing!
  • 12. What’s new about Social Media?
    What is Social Media? Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0?
    What is the Demographic using Social Media?
    Will I be Successful?
  • 13. What is Your BRAND?
    What differentiates you from the crowd?
    Location, Demographic, Personality, Buyer Agent, Seller Agent, PTA, Baseball Coach
    Is your offline Persona related to your online Persona?
    If you “suck” at networking offline, can you be successful online??
    What is the strongest BRAND for a REALTOR®?
  • 14. Who is your Consumer?
    Work related
    Common Interests
  • 15. What is the ROI?
    Return on Investment?
  • 16. Google Analytics for
  • 17. Google Analytics for
  • 18. Why should you commit to Social Media and Blogging?
    Is there a ROI (Return on Investment)? Can you Monetize it?
    How can I judge it? Google Analytics... Visits vs. Bounce Rate
    The concept of the long tail…The tail becomes bigger and longer in new markets (depicted in red). In other words, whereas traditional retailers have focused on the area to the left of the chart, online bookstores derive more sales from the area to the right. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)
    Non Traditional
  • 19. How do you contact your clients?
    Have you asked them how they connect or want to be connected with?
    Do you provide options? Your email signatures and your Business Cards...
    Upload your Database to Facebook and LinkedIn and see who is already on.
  • 20. What is the Consumer Saying.... about You?
    Have you GOOGLED yourself?
    Step Reps, Google Alerts and
    Houston Area Realtors and their ratings
    Are you ready to be rated?
  • 21. Today’s Options
  • 22. Your Avatar...not the movie!
  • 23.
  • 24. Are you ready to reinvent yourself using Social Media?
    Committing to the time?
    Being Transparent: What do you share?
    What are the restrictions?
    Do Not Call/Contact, Privacy, Competition, RECO Advertising Guidelines
    The right media 4 U: Writing? Audio? Video?
    Be Ubiquitous!
  • 25. Transparency is key!
  • 26. What are the Tools?
    LinkedIn: Business to Business
    Facebook: Facebook/Marketplace, Fan Pages
    Twitter:, The Little Birdie
    YouTube: Video and Video Channels
    Flickr: Photos: The Community Photographer
    Xobni: Add on to Microsoft Outlook Syndication
    SlideShare: Share pdfs and Presentations
  • 27. Your Web Site: First and Foremost
  • 28. Answering the Questions:
    What is available for Sale?
    What is your home worth?
    What is the Real Estate Market doing?
    What is happening in your community?
  • 29. What is Search Engine Optimization?
  • 30.
  • 31. LinkedIn Groups: Join the Discussion!
  • 32.
  • 33.
  • 34. Facebook Fan Pages
  • 35. Facebook Fan Pages
  • 36. Facebook Community Groups
  • 37.
  • 38.
  • 39.
  • 40. What’s a Blog?
    When do you have time?
    Do you write it yourself?
    How long should a Blog be?
    How do I get started?
    What do I write about?
    How often do you post a Blog?
    Photos? Video? Audio?
  • 41. The Real Estate Tomato
  • 42. Video Cameras
    Kodak Zi8
    Flip Mino HD
    Creative Labs VadoHD
  • 43. Adding Video
  • 44. Real Estate Blog
  • 45.
  • 46.
  • 47. Adding Content: Content is King!
  • 48. Breaking News Sites
  • 49. Real Estate Shows and OBEO
  • 50. RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication)
    Does your web site and Blog encourage RSS Feeds? (
  • 51. My Social Media World
  • 52. What’s to Come?
    Go MOBILE:
    Get Mobilized
  • 53. Next Steps:
    Read lots of Blogs
    Read Active Rain and Start Blogging
    Spend ½ hour a day on one Tool,
    then next month add a second tool..., The Real Estate Tomato, Blogger,
    Follow Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Stefan Swanepoel and others....
  • 54. Learn and Share
    Inman News and Inman Real Estate Connect
    NAR National Association of REALTORS®
    Meetups and Tweetups!
  • 55. Stefan Swanepoel’s Rules of Engagement in Social Media
    1. Give More Than You Take 2. Respect Your Online Friends3. Listen to What They Say4. Respond Frequently and where Appropriate5. Build Relationships 6. Be Authentic and Transparent7. Do Not Become a Nuisance8. Collaborate with Your Online Friends9. Add Value as Frequently as you Can10. Consider Opportunities in the Long Tail
  • 56. NAR Social Media Guidelines
    Available at
  • 57. QUESTIONS?
    For a copy of today’s presentation visit
    Richard Silver is a top-ranked Salesperson, an early adopter of Technology, Web 2.0 and presently sits as a Director-at-Large with the Toronto Real Estate Board. He is a member of the MLS and Technology Council at the Canadian Real Estate Association.  A 30 year veteran, he feels “you are never too old to re-invent yourself”. 
    His website is, Blog is, and you can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.