First designs for music magazine


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First designs for music magazine

  1. 1. Only in this magazine. Big, bold to attract readers as to what’s in the issue. Names of bands appearing. Main image to draw consumer's attention. Smaller image as to what else is in the magazine. Grab quote. Headline content indicator Drop shadow makes it stand out
  2. 2. This is my second draft of the draw up’s of my music magazine, I have made the layout clearer and have added colour to show my intentions. The reason I have made my masthead pink is because stereotypically it is a girls colour and I am aiming my magazine at girls, as I think that from my research there is a niche. I have included one main image, with a grab quote and content indicator which will draw the consumer’s attention. Also at the top I have included the word ‘EXCLUSIVE’ this will draw their attention because it means that you will only find it in this magazine. At the bottom, I have included a ‘plus’, this would allow the consumer to see at first glance, without even opening the magazine, what else is included in that edition. Following the conventions, I have clearly spaced everything out, included a masthead, content indicators, a bar code, date and a price.
  3. 3. Message from the editor. Main band appearing. Information on subscriptions. Only in this issue. Grab quote.
  4. 4. From my first draft of my contents page, I have again made things clearer and added colour to give a better effect. I have carried through the same colours, this would be my house style and something that would appear throughout the magazine. I have included an area for subscription, as I found throughout my research that this was an area most magazines had. I have split my contents section up into three sections, I found this to be a generic convention, however sometimes they were split into more or some not so obvious. The ‘features’ section tells you what is in this issue, therefore readers know that it’s exclusive to this issue of the magazine. I have then included every month, so if you were a regular reader, it would be familiar and then news and reviews which shows that the magazine is bringing the readers all the latest news and reviews on the latest music and gigs.