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Digi pack inspiration


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Digi pack inspiration

  1. 1. DIGI PACK
  2. 2. This is the album artwork for The Strokes album, entitled this is it. This backs up the point that a lot of indie/rock bands don’t use pictures of themselves on the album cover, instead opting for one image. Like this one by The Strokes, it is a very clear album cover, utilising the space and not making it look cluttered. The colour scheme is also something that is often important for this genre of music, often using only a small palette of colours. This is the inspiration we will take from this album, the small use of colour that appears on the cover.
  3. 3. This album artwork is very different to the previous, even though they have a very similar musical style. The aspect that remains the same is that there is not too much on the cover and although this image takes up the whole cover, there is only one colour used which keeps the cover look quite tranquil. This also shows the point that even if the band appear on the front of the album, they do so in a distorted way; where in this case you can only really see their silhouettes. The inspiration that we will take from this album cover is the style and positioning of the text.
  4. 4. With this being their first album, they have made the name of the band clear; which is something that we also need to take into consideration when creating ours for The Notice. This uses the idea of creating cartoon/drawn like characters. This is to show their unique style and to introduce themselves as something different. This is an important aspect when you are designing the artwork for an unknown band.
  5. 5. This is the album cover for hats off to the buskers, an album by The View. This is where we are taking most of our inspiration from for our album cover. They have designed this cover to look like the writing inside of the heart has been drawn on, almost like graffiti, this is a similar style to what we want to create. At first when I drew the design for the album cover, it was only supposed to represent the photograph, but after carrying out research and taking inspiration from this cover, we have decided to keep it as a drawn image.
  6. 6. After looking at a wide variety of album covers from bands with an indie rock genre, similar to The Notice, it is clear that we won’t be taking a photograph of the band to appear on the cover, unlike an album cover for a female pop artist, for example. We will be keeping with the style of a drawn image, similar to that of The View’s album cover. We will be using a unique, large sized font which will be in clear view for the consumer as it is an important factor when designing an album cover for an unknown, unsigned band. The design will be a unique, drawn image and will fit in with the style of the band and also link in with the music video and the songs that will be on the album.