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Music video inspiration


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Music video inspiration

  1. 1. Music Video
  2. 2. The following slides show a range of different music videos, all by different bands, which have been an inspiration for the music video that we are going to create. There are certain aspects, some which are very similar, which we have been inspired by and will try to re-create a similar effect in our music video; but with a different twist. All the music videos I have included are of a similar genre to each other and more importantly, to The Notice. I have included a few screen shots of each video to give a clear indication as to what we want to achieve and the reason why it has been an inspiration.
  3. 3. Bombay Bicycle Club- Shuffle The reason we are taking inspiration from this music video is because of the emphasis on performance which appears in this video, but it isn’t solely focused on performance, there is still something which runs alongside it. This is the idea we have for our music video, however we will have the performance alongside a storyline, but there will still be an emphasis on an actual performance.
  4. 4. The Drums- Forever and Ever Amen The reason why I have included this video for inspiration is because of the whole styling of the video and the effect that had been added in post production. It gives an effect almost like they are blurred and it is old footage and this is a similar style to what we want to include in our music video; not in the performance side but the storyline.
  5. 5. Ellie Goulding- Guns and Horses The styling of this music video and the overall atmosphere is something that has inspired us for our own music video. The whole eerie, spooky, almost lonely atmosphere is an element that we want to achieve in the music video for the storyline side. The idea that there is not much light and often the light is shining in one direction. We will use this aspect in our video by filming in dark, dusky light and using one bright light which will highlight the most important parts in certain shots; in most cases this being the girl.
  6. 6. The White Stripes- Blue Orchid The main inspiration from this video comes from the creative ideas that have been used throughout. The key aspect being the girl in the white dress, which is often and element which appears in many horror films. This is similar to the idea we have for our music video, to add to the creepy atmosphere, we will have as the main focus of the video a girl in a white dress. This will bring a sense of familiarity to the viewer because there will automatically be that sense of spookiness.
  7. 7. Mumford and Sons- Little Lion Man The inspiration I believe we will take from this music video is the very strong emphasis on the performance side of the video and the fact that not only do they focus on the band as a whole, but there are a wide variety of shots on each individual member. In the performance side of or video, we are planning to put an emphasis on the overall performance of the video, particularly when the lyrics and rhythm are strong, but also each member individually.
  8. 8. Foo Fighters- Wheels This is another video where there is a clear focus on the performance; where we will be taking inspiration. This is an aspect that appears in many music videos for the indie/rock genre because they want to put more emphasis on the raw talent, the lyrics and music, not the superficial aspects which appear in many pop music videos for example.
  9. 9. The Verve- The Drugs Don’t Work This is an important music video in terms of the inspiration we will be taking from it. The use of the monotone, black and white style of this music video is a style that we will be incorporating into our music video, for thee storyline. We will be keeping every shot of the storyline in a monotone style and this will then contrast with the colour that will appear in the performance side of the video.