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Construction of front page

  1. 1. To start of with I picked one of my photographs and resized it the correct size, I then replaced the colour, therefore making it black and white. Previous to this, I had adjusted the lighting and shadows meaning that the model was lifted of the page more because of the effect of the lighting, as she is the main focus.
  2. 2. Throughout my research, I noticed that a lot of the music magazines had 2 separate sections at the top and the bottom to give more of an insight as to what’s in the issue. Here, I have created 2 sections at the top and bottom using the shape tool and filled them both black with pink and white lines, this will be the house style I will carry through the magazine, aiming it at my target audience of girls aged between 16 and 25.
  3. 3. I had already thought of my name ‘STEREO’ and by using I created a font that would fit in with the house style of the magazine and stand out against the background. I made the font big enough so it would stand out against the photo and made it pink to fit in with the house style as well.
  4. 4. Here, I have added the text into the two sections at the top and the bottom. I found a font that would work well throughout the magazine, easy to read and would stand out on the cover.
  5. 5. Here, I have added the content indicators on to the page by using the text tool on Photoshop elements. I have made the text a variety of different sizes to draw attention to the important areas, for example the word ‘EXCLUSIVE’.
  6. 6. Finally, I added a barcode with the date, the issue number and the price in pounds and euros. This then means that it can be sold in a number of different countries. This is my completed version of my first draft, I will then receive feedback and areas which I could possibly improve.