Courtesy Chevrolet                       eFinance Sales Specialist (FSM)                         Job Description & Pay Pla...
Courtesy Chevrolet                    eFinance Sales Specialist (FSM)                      Job Description & Pay Plan•    ...
Courtesy Chevrolet                      eFinance Sales Specialist (FSM)                        Job Description & Pay PlanC...
Courtesy Chevrolet                      eFinance Sales Specialist (FSM)                        Job Description & Pay PlanI...
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Auto Dealer eFinance Manager Job Description


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Auto Dealer eFinance Manager Job Description

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Auto Dealer eFinance Manager Job Description

  1. 1. Courtesy Chevrolet eFinance Sales Specialist (FSM) Job Description & Pay PlanNarrative Description:The eFinance Sales Manager (FSM) is responsible for receiving, responding andmanaging web based electronic credit applications (leads) and phone calls that resultfrom prospects and customers visiting various Courtesy Chevrolet and affiliated creditrelated web sites, as well as responding to online credit applications that are from toll freephone numbers displayed on television and print advertising. The FSM will be evaluatedbased on performance standards that measure how many credit applications wereconverted to showroom visits, then how many of those showroom visits resulted in a sale,but most importantly, how much Gross Profit is generated from the vehicle sales andfinancial products sold. The FSM should be fully capable of both traditional and SpecialFinance automotive sales processes. The FSM is required to execute customercommunications via email, telephone and face-to-face that conforms with the standardsand processes put into effect by the CRM/eBusiness Director and Courtesy Chevroletmanagement. An FSM must show up for work on time, per that eFinance SalesManager’s published schedule and conduct himself/herself in a manner compatible withthe existing corporate culture, and general policies and procedures of Courtesy Chevrolet.Qualifications and Duties include the following:Execute Sales Process in Accordance with Courtesy Chevrolet Sales Strategies• Be able to sell cars and trucks using email, phone and face-to-face skill sets• Show up for work on time and as scheduled by manager• Attend sales meetings for both the dealership and the eSales department• Use a personal computer for email, Lead Management Tool (LMT), web sites and MS office applications such as Word, Excel and Internet Explorer• Respond to Special Finance Leads within 30 minutes of receiving them in LMT• Call prospects within 45 minutes of receiving a new credit application (lead)• Set appointments dealership visit with at least 35% of prospects received• Achieve Lead-to-Dealership conversion rate of 25%+ on new credit apps received• Bill at least 20% of people who visit Courtesy after submitting a credit application• Achieve an overall Lead-to-Credit App. closing ratio of 10% or higher• Understand the buying profile and patterns of the Secondary Finance customer• Use Courtesy Chevrolet’s Lead Management systems to ensure response time to all customer inquires – email, fax or telephone – is virtually instantaneous• Utilize personalized Courtesy Chevrolet email templates for communications• Utilize Courtesy Chevrolet telephone word tracks as guidelines for process and flow of customer phone contacts• Execute Courtesy Chevrolet’s eFinance Sales strategy when responding to leads in a way that profitably competes for customers both on-line and off-line• Execute the Courtesy Chevrolet eFinance Sales process in a consistent manner that results in a customer experience designed to achieve the highest sales ratios• When assigned; register, schedule and attend training and information seminars designed to learn the latest processes and techniques for eFinance Sales
  2. 2. Courtesy Chevrolet eFinance Sales Specialist (FSM) Job Description & Pay Plan• Attend weekly General Sale Meeting on Fridays at 8:00AM• Attend weekly eBusiness Sales Team meeting on Thursdays at 1:00PMMeasurement and tracking systems• Each day, the FSM must complete and submit their paper based appointment show tracking log to the eBusiness Director• Enter all prospect communications notes, records and customer appointment data into Courtesy Chevrolet’s Lead Management Tool• Track and comply with programs that measure FSM process success: ⇒ Leads Received ⇒ Outbound Telephone Calls ⇒ Appointments Set ⇒ Appointment Shows ⇒ Sales ⇒ Finance Stipulations Collected ⇒ Deals Billed ⇒ Total Gross Profits generated• Each FSM must ensure that appointment information is printed out and provided to the showroom receptionist, as well as the Courtesy Chevrolet sales desk• Ensure that customer’s name is on appointment logs in the showrooms• Comply with procedures to ensure all customers are tracked and follow-up is maintained using the dealership’s lead management tools• Cooperate with procedures to quality control email and telephone contacts• Maintain tracking logs showing eFinance sales updated each day of the month• Prepare daily, weekly and monthly sales by lead source reports, then turn in to eBusiness Director so that lead generation costs per vehicle sold can be reviewed• Prepare reports showing appointments scheduled, which customers showed up and which customers were sold from eFinance leads received
  3. 3. Courtesy Chevrolet eFinance Sales Specialist (FSM) Job Description & Pay PlanCourtesy Chevrolet Web Sites• Be thoroughly familiar with the characteristics of all Courtesy Chevrolet eFinance and Special Credit affiliated web sites… These• Know how to use Lead Management Tool utilities to make changes in FSM profile, email templates, reports and customer profile up-dates• Learn to look up inventory data, track vehicle shipments and locate prospect desired vehicles using GM technologies ( )• Be able to use photos of vehicles in emails when working with prospects• Keep current on all incentives & promos to ensure price quotes are current• Be able to use links to third party web sites in emails sent to customers• Know how to use Lead Management Tool metrics and reports to improve process performance and sales closing ratios
  4. 4. Courtesy Chevrolet eFinance Sales Specialist (FSM) Job Description & Pay PlanInformation Technology Account Management Requirements• Establish and maintain GM Salesperson account at: and become proficient with Ordering, Production Tracking, Inventory and Vehicle Locate applications• Establish and maintain NetTrack/BuzzTrak account at: and complete Phone based online training as provided by NetTrack Support• Establish and maintain GM Certified Internet salesperson account at: and become GM Internet Certified Sales Professional• Establish a Courtesy Chevrolet UCS Dealership Management System user account using PowerWorkstation PC based application, complete all Computer Assisted Training (CA) courses to ensure system application competency• Establish and maintain a email account using MS Outlook application and check and respond to Courtesy Chevrolet email messages on a daily basis• Establish and use a email account for use in “Mystery Shopping” competing dealerships in Arizona.• Install Kelley Blue Book “KarPower” used vehicle valuation software on your assigned Courtesy Chevrolet PC workstation, learn to use it for Trade-In valuesOther Duties & Responsibilities• Be technically proficient in selling cars using Special Finance techniques• Conduct online visits to credit related sites to monitor their strategies and tactics• Build rapport with senior managers to ensure support for eFinance SalesPerformance Requirements and Benchmarks• Unit Sales: 10 Units/Month Minimum Requirement (3 month rolling average)• Unit Sales: 15 Units/Month or more is the Benchmark for FSM’s• Outbound Calls: 40 Calls/Day Minimum Requirement (5 day average)• Outbound Calls: 200% of Working Leads/Day is Benchmark for FSM’s• Lead to Showroom Conversion: 15% Minimum Requirement (monthly average)• Lead to Showroom Conversion: 30% or more is the Benchmark for FSM’s• Closing Ratio on Shows: 30% is the Minimum Requirement (monthly average)• Closing Ratio on Shows: 50% or more is the Benchmark for FSM’sThe above Minimum Requirements must be met in order to stay on the Internet SalesTeam… Benchmark levels are what is expected and required for promotions or bonuses.
  5. 5. Courtesy Chevrolet eFinance Sales Specialist (FSM) Job Description & Pay PlanCompensation Plan – Effective September 1, 2006Mid-Month Draw Against Earnings: $2,000.00 payable on 16th of monthCompensation Plans are based on the “Total Gross Profit” generated for allvehicles sold by the eFinance Sales Team, including profit on sale (frontend), profit on Financing and Insurance (back end), profits on aftermarketand accessories (ProShop). The percentage of total Gross Profits generatedby the eFinance Sales Team that is paid out are based on the following:Total Payout “Cap” to eFinance Sales Management Team: 24% 1. Scott Daly……………….. 8% 2. Ron Daly………………… 8% 3. Barbara Mason…………. 8%3 Month Income Guarantee is provided by Courtesy Chevrolet to protectthe eFinance Managers income while developing and refining this new salesteam at Courtesy Chevrolet. Each FSM has a minimum total incomeearnings guarantee of $9,000 per month for the first 3 months.This pay plan is subject to change with prior notice by the CourtesyChevrolet senior management team.Accepted:______________________________________________Date:____________FSM Name (printed)________________________________________eBusiness Director:_______________________________________Date:____________Director Name (printed)_____________________________________