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Cars dal-set thestageforwinningthesale

  1. 1. On the LinePhone Skills Set the Stage for Winning the Deal Kathy Kimmel, Jason Cohen, Paramus Honda Bill Phillips, AIM Nancy PointduJour, Brunswick Toyota
  2. 2. Welcome Phone lines are on mute Have a question? • Enter your question by clicking on the question mark in the lower right corner of the WebEx browser Include your: • Name, organization name, state
  3. 3. Your Host Kathy Kimmel • manager of automotive consulting and dealer training • 15+ years automotive experience • Featured speaker at 2008 NADA and NIADA national conventions • Featured in leading trade publications as an industry expert and contributing author
  4. 4. Today’s Presenters Jason Cohen • Internet & BDC Sales Director, Paramus Honda • Paramus, NJ • 8 years experience in automotive retail
  5. 5. Today’s Presenters Bill Phillips • President/founder, Automotive Internet Management Inc. • Irvine, CAL • 20 years experience in automotive retail and consulting
  6. 6. Today’s Presenters Nancy PointduJour • Business Development Manager / Internet Manager, Brunswick Toyota • North Brunswick, NJ • 5 years experience in automotive retail
  7. 7. Objectives for Today’s Call In today’s call, we will discuss how to: • Identify and groom salespeople with excellent telephone communication skills • Use the phone to effectively follow-up with email lead senders • Engage callers in meaningful dialogue • Create phone scripts that put you in control of the conversation • Use the phone to set appointments and move closer to a sale • Monitor and evaluate the quality of your calls to ensure ongoing sales success
  8. 8. Phone Skills Drive Sales  With internet shoppers, the phone is your primary sales tool • Inbound calls • Outbound calls • Email follow-up  shoppers are three times more likely to contact you by phone than email* * Internal Reporting, July 2008
  9. 9. Staff for the Sale  Where do you recommend finding top-notch people? • Do you search outside of automotive retail?  How do you qualify sales and BDC professionals? • What requirements do you list in the job posting? • What interview processes do you recommend? Do you screen candidates prior to a formal interview?  What initial and ongoing training do you provide?
  10. 10. Prepare Your Team for the Phone  Scripts can lay the foundation for success: • How do you use phone scripts or word tracks with your sales staff / BDC agents for inbound and outbound calls? • How did you develop the scripts and word tracks you’re currently using?  How have the scripts / word tracks improved business?
  11. 11. Use the Phone to Connect With Buyers  Six secrets to winning on the phone: • Preload your online listings • Listen, talk carefully • Open your inventory • Sell your store’s value • Use the strategic hold • Ask for the appointment
  12. 12. Secret 1: Preload Your Online Listings Preload your online listings How do you ensure you can quickly access up-to-date information about your inventory? • Ensures you see what the customer sees in “Are you still online? real time • Creates an online demo of the vehicle’s Great! Let’s take benefits and features a look at the car you’re • Opens the customer to other options interested in…” Working Words
  13. 13. Secret 2: Listen, Talk Carefully Listen, talk carefully  How do you demonstrate to the car buyer that you’re listening to them?  How do you encourage car buyers to provide the information you need?  What tools do you use to keep track of the information car buyers provide?  How do you strategically use words? • “Sure” versus “I’d be happy to help” • “OK” or “uh-huh” versus “My pleasure”
  14. 14. Secret 3: Open Your Inventory Open your inventory How do you use car buyers’ information (e.g., wants, needs and budget) to match them with appropriate vehicles? • Allows you to better understand how the “Is it that particular consumer arrived at their vehicle choice • Provides opportunity to introduce other vehicle or the nicest vehicles available one like it?” Working Words
  15. 15. Secret 4: Sell Your Store’s Value Sell your store’s value  What information do you provide to encourage the car buyer to purchase from you and your dealership? • Industry recognition • Community reputation • Location • Inventory/selection  How do you give the car buyer a reason not to call your competitors?
  16. 16. Secret 5: Use the Strategic Hold Use the strategic hold How do you create a natural pause in the conversation to give the car buyer time to process the information you’ve provided and to get the information they’ve requested? “Thanks so much for that information. I’d like • Gives you an opportunity to review the to take a minute to look information they’ve provided through some other • Ask for their phone number in case you’re options that may fit your disconnected needs. May I place you on hold for a minute?” Working Words
  17. 17. Secret 6: Ask for the Appointment Ask for the appointment  What reasons do you give the car buyer to schedule an appointment? • How do you ask for the appointment to encourage the car buyer to agree to a specific time versus simply answering yes or no? • How do you ensure the appointment is worth car buyers’ time?  What information should you provide and request from car buyers to ensure they keep their appointments?  How do you confirm appointments?  What will you do to follow-up with the car buyer after the appointment? How do you respond if the appointment is missed?
  18. 18. Monitor Calls for Ongoing Sales Success  What tools do you use to monitor calls?  Who monitors the calls?  How often are calls monitored?  How do you share feedback to drive improved performance?
  19. 19. Review With internet advertising, the phone remains one of your most important sales tools. Ongoing training, monitoring ensures your sales staff and BDC agents effectively use the telephone. Leverage phone scripts / word tracks to ensure your sales process is consistently followed. Remember the six secrets to sales success: • Preload your online listings • Listen, talk carefully • Open your inventory • Sell your store’s value • Use the strategic hold • Ask for the appointment
  20. 20. Resources for Online Success gives you the confidence that comes with knowledge and personal attention. Gain access to tools and resources to drive online success and merchandise your inventory more effectively at no additional cost. ( • Your local sales representative – Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you as well as answer any questions you might have • Local training – Attend one of’s local training workshops for a hands-on educational experience • DealerADvantage monthly enewsletter – Subscribe and get tips and techniques to maximize your online investment ( • DealerADvantage LIVE – Tune in to our free monthly webinars, packed with advice from expert trainers and the best dealers in the industry (
  21. 21. Register Now for Our Next Event When First in Doesn’t Win Driving Sales With a Quality Lead Response • Noon ET, Friday, Sept. 14, 2008 • Register at • Host: Ralph Ebersole, • In this free webinar, we’ll discuss how to:  Meet consumers’ expectations with quality email and phone responses  Effectively use your response to start a dialogue with the shopper  Get the most out of your response by selling the value of buying at your store  Develop email templates and phone scripts that help you consistently deliver quick, quality responses  Monitor lead response times and quality to make ongoing refinements
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  23. 23. Thank You & Good Luck