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Flying Innovations Inc.

  1. 1. “ Give me wings and I shall fly”<br /> -Anon<br />
  2. 2. Introduction To Aviation<br />While the WWW, stakes claim to have shrunk the globe, there is yet another equally strong contender: The aviation industry or simply put- the magnificent men and women with their flying machines.<br /> For a quick reality check, it’s best to ‘rewind’ time. A decade back, air travel was clearly for the rich and famous and railways, the travel -horse of the common man. Today, the scenario is completely different. Low cost airlines, apex fares have brought in a higher degree of consumerism. They have been able to bridge the aspiration of the burgeoning middle class by making it accessible and affordable and thus offering a terrific value proposition to the traveler. The numbers of overseas travelers are testimony to this age of flying high!<br />While on one hand the passenger has benefited, on the other hand, the travel revolution has spurred a lot of opportunity both for airlines to mushroom and also the need for qualified aviation staff. <br />
  3. 3. The Aviation Industry: On the runway of growth<br />India's strong economic growth has boosted the market for air travel. Flying has become more affordable in India, where the number of people traveling by air in a year is nearly equal to the number of people traveling by train on a day. India recorded a 29% growth in air passenger traffic in last year alone. There are six to seven million air passengers in the country, and industry watchers say their numbers could easily rise nearly tenfold in next five years. <br /> This has meant a revival in the entire tourism and aviation industries, with increasing job opportunities for trained flying professionals not only with domestic airlines, but also international ones. <br />
  4. 4. While the Civil Aviation sector has witnessed rapid expansion, there is a considerable shortage of trained pilots. Of all jobs in aviation, that of the pilot is possibly the most admired, and therefore, the most sought after. This isn't only because of the handsome salaries pilots earn, but also due to the sheer excitement of controlling a machine that soars like a bird in the sky.<br />Over the years, Aviation has become a career option for women too! Besides the traditional air hostess' role, it is as pilots that a large number of women have already made their presence felt. Truly they have taken off and are determined to touch the sky!<br />Hindustan (Business) Times 4th Aug’10<br />
  5. 5. About Us:<br />Today, a host of Aviation courses are available in India and also abroad which feature specialized training in a wide range of subjects such as flying operation, aircraft maintenance, air traffic management, aviation safety, regulatory policies and technical aspects of flying. The courses related to the aviation industry, if done from a recognized and prestigious institute, is highly beneficial to all those who wish to work in government or regulatory bodies of aviation, or be a part of the aviation sector in diverse job profiles. With the liberalization and privatization of airports, there is an unprecedented demand for manpower professional trained in aviation.<br />At Flying Innovations Inc, <br />we believe that if you have the inclination, we have the expertise. The expertise to guide for the perfect coaching and help you through every step of becoming a successful pilot. After all, <br />“The engine is the heart of the airplane but pilot is its soul.”<br />
  6. 6. Flying Innovations Inc is a company that aims to change the face of Indian Aerospace Industry in the years to come. The global technological scenario is changing faster than ever and there is great demand for technical professionals like pilots and ground engineers who can keep pace with the change. The need of the hour is to make these professionals pass through a common platform so that they understand the country’s need in a better way and understand their responsibilities to provide healthy and professional aviation environment.Moreover, significant measures to propel growth in civil aviation sector are on the anvil. Flying Innovations Inc understands this and provides you with aviation solutions, tailor - made to suit your needs. Trust us to realize your dreams and become part of developing aviation sector.<br />
  7. 7. What We Offer:<br />Have you made a career decision? You want to be a Pilot?Great decision! <br />The next thing that you must do is contact<br />Flying Innovations Inc(FII).  FII will guide you through every step of your new career path - till you hold the coveted Commercial Pilots License proudly.FII's systematic approach offers you 360 degree solutions,  marked by the following milestones…<br />
  8. 8. <ul><li>Selection Program</li></ul>- Identifies right flight school<br /><ul><li>Admission Guidance Program</li></ul>- Guides aspiring pilots in Applying to the appropriate Flight School <br /><ul><li>Visa Guidance Program</li></ul>-Gives guidance in acquiring Visa <br /><ul><li>License Conversion Program</li></ul>-Assistance for conversion of Commercial Pilots License<br />
  9. 9. Courses Offered:<br /><ul><li>Commercial Pilot Course
  10. 10. Multi Engine Rating
  11. 11. Flight Instructor Course
  12. 12. Flight Dispatcher Course
  13. 13. Type Rating (Boeing/Airbus/CRJ)
  14. 14. Recency Training
  15. 15. BBA/MBA Aviation
  16. 16. Air Hostess/Flying Steward Training.</li></li></ul><li>DGCA: Director General Of Civil Aviation<br />Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the licensing authority for issuing Indian Commercial Pilots License.<br />From scratch, in total it takes <br />1 year only for you to dream big and fulfill it ! <br />
  17. 17. Is medical compulsory to do this pilot training?<br />Yes, FII will give enrollment only with your DGCA Class II medical report.You can get the nearest DGCA approved doctors phone number and address from our website.<br />When you do the Class II medical, it is better to do Class I screening test also. However to confirm to Class I medical standards, you need to undergo Class I screening/mock test.<br />USA and Canada approved doctors are already available in India.FII strongly recommends the students to do country specific medicals beforedeparture.<br />
  18. 18. Is FII an agent? Shall we have to pay any service charge or commission to FII ?<br />FII is the representative of all these flight schools. So, FII has been taken care of by the flight schools. After, you have got the VISA, the entire course fees has to be wired transferred through bank directly to flight schools account and it is specifically clarified that FII does not have any roll or liabilities in relation to the said monetary transactions.<br />
  19. 19. What are the value added services given by FII ?<br />FII gives value added services in the following areas:<br />1. Guidance to retrieve Class II medical assessment from DGCA. 2. Applying for Class I medical.3. Applying for 'File forwarding' to DGCA for ClassI medical appointment.4. Applying for Computer Number.5. Applying for Radio Telephony exam/ Radio Telephony License Conversion.6. Applying for DGCA Examination.<br />
  20. 20. THE COUNTRIES WE SEND STUDENTS TO:<br /><ul><li>UNTIED STATES OF AMERICA</li></ul>-FLORIDA<br />-TEXAS<br />-ARIZONA<br /><ul><li>CANADA</li></ul>-ONTARIO<br /><ul><li>SWEDEN
  21. 21. GERMANY
  22. 22. DUBAI</li></li></ul><li>Contact Us:<br />Address:<br /> 419A Fourth Floor, Galleria Towers, DLF Phase-4, Gurgaon, Haryana, India-122002 <br />Telephone No:<br />(Mob)- 0091-9910840010 Capt. Raghav Bhatia(Mob)- 0091-9990000758 Mr. N.Bhatia(Office)- 0091-124-4477775, 0091-124-4477776E-Mail :<br /><br />
  24. 24. Last but not the least<br />Our Training is about results. <br />We ensure that a student learns standardized airline procedures necessary to become a World Class Pilot in today's rapidlychanging Airline Industry.<br />Better & Easier way of learning is with us. <br />