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PMI-SAC November Luncheon
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PMI-SAC November Luncheon






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  • Making matters worse if the face that in many organization the project management functions and the portfolio management functions do not report through to the same part of the organization.

PMI-SAC November Luncheon PMI-SAC November Luncheon Presentation Transcript

  • Utilizing Software Solutions to Support Project and Portfolio Processes
    2009 PMI-SAC
    Professional Development Conference
  • Agenda
    Why Project Portfolio Management is important
    Why use PPM software solutions?
    Where to use PPM software solutions?
    Benefits of using PPM software solutions
  • Why PPM is important
    The only way organizations
    Offer new products and services
    Change is happening faster and faster
  • How do we use technology today?
    Why use PPM Software Solutions?
  • Necessary elements for successful PPM
    Organizations need: The right people
    Supported by the right technology
    Following the right processes
  • Each area has their own goal
    Complete project on-time, within budget and with the highest quality
    Optimize outcomes from a related group of projects
    To optimize the use of organizational resources
  • But They Cannot Be Separated
    There is a high degree of interaction between these three areas.
    Resource and financial assets are used at the project level but managed at the portfolio level.
    • Difficulty selecting the right investments
    • Inability to manage increasing demand
    • Deciding how to manage costs
  • Addressing These Challenges
    WHAT IS ENGAGEMENT?Do the Right Things
    WHAT IS EFFICIENCY?Do Things Right
    IT’s ability to make the best use of its people, budgets and assets
    IT’s ability to partner with the business to maintain alignment and maximizereturn from IT investments
    WHAT IS ENABLEMENT?Ease of Deployment and End User Empowerment
    Ability to cost effectively map PPM automation tool to specific business and end user needs with minimum risk and maximum value
  • Where to use PPM tools
    What PPM processes should be
    part of a PPM tool initiative?
  • Idea Management
    Portfolio Management
    Idea Management
    Good Ideas
    Not so good Ideas
    Approved Projects
  • Idea Management
    How does your organization ensure that:
    A single list of possible future projects exists?
    Collected in a easy manner?
    With a common way to evaluate each one?
    So that the “good” ideas can move forward in the process?
  • Portfolio Management
    Portfolio Management
    Idea Management
    Good Ideas
    Not so good Ideas
    Approved Projects
  • Portfolio Management
    How does your organization ensure that Decisions about project selection:
    Lead to projects that align with organizational objectives?
    Lead to projects that optimize human resources?
    Lead to projects that optimize financial resource?
    Decisions about what-if scenarios?
  • Project Management
    Project Cost Management
    How do you ensure that:
    Various cost plans can be created easily and accurately from the schedule?
  • Project Management
    Project Human Resource Management
    How do you ensure that:
    Resource requests are tracked properly?
    The correct resources are working on each project?
    Understand the impact of changes to resource assignments?
  • Project Management
    Project Time Management
    How do you ensure that:
    There is one schedule that all team members can view and update?
    Impacts on late deliverables from other project’s are understood?
    That actual time spent is captured?
  • Project Management
    Project Communication Management
    How do you ensure that:
    Those who should see project information have access to it?
  • Project Management
    Project Document Management
    How do you ensure that:
    All new project use the correct templates?
    Documents are properly versioned?
    All team members have access to the latest document versions?
    All document deliverables have proper approval?
  • Project Management
    Project Process Management
    How do you ensure that:
    All process are properly governed so that;
    Proper authority is provided for
    Project approvals?
    Phase Gate review & approvals?
    Change Request approvals?
    Document review & approvals?
  • The Ideal Scenario
  • Demand
    • Lower demand on IT
    • Align projects with company goals 87%* of the time
    • Increase the quality of IT services delivered
    • Drop project failures by 59%*
    • Lower the TCO of each investment
    • Reduce costs per project by 37%*
    • Improve investment decision-making
    • Increase the number of projects delivered by 35%*
    • Improve resource utilization
    • Reduce IT staff costs by $18,600 per 100 employees*
    Benefits of Using Software Solutions
  • 557%
    Average Return on Investment
  • Summary
    We know PPM is important…
    So we need to do it right…
    But it is complex…
    Means support from a PPM Software Solution
  • Questions?