Program & project management (pmo)


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Program & project management (pmo)

  1. 1. Flexible Resources Project management OfficePeople, Process, Business, Technology Systems
  2. 2. Program Management office
  3. 3. Programme Management Template3
  4. 4. We know what we are looking for, and it isn’t far away4
  5. 5. Flexible Resources Associates PMOFlexible Resources is a specialist in Program & Project Management Practicesand Resource competencies.Irrelevant of the change topic, our Resources are second to none.Each of them is chosen because they: Possess the level competencies to exceed PPM standards Have an incredible work ethic Have many years of solid experience in a wide range of areas Take a great deal of pride in whatever they do Are self-sufficient Are responsible Are excellent communicators Are team players
  6. 6. Our Practices:Risk based approach to evaluating and sizing resource requirements forbusiness proposals:Professional and informative review of resource recommendations with ClientResource selection criteria and process is foundational to providing the “right-fit”Internal training, testing, and achievement level of PPM Resources is a prerequisite before assignmentProgram, and Project Management Resources always have backup personnelOur resources assigned to a Client, are connected and have access to all our Management and Network of Subject Matter Experts to support our Clients
  7. 7. Program Office solution As its highest level, we believe a PMO’s mission is to support and facilitate the three components of an organization’s mission: strategic, tactical, and operational project management. Whether we augment your current PMO, build, or host remotely for you, our right-size solution is built with Risk Management as the primary PMO implementation outcome.
  8. 8. Program Office solutionProject Management Office Model- Operational Services• Manage scope across projects, assist managers within projects.• Provide a common conduit for recording and monitoring inter-project issue, tools, etc.• Set the lead in risk management and mitigation among and within the projects.Program Management Office Model-Tactical Services• Coach and Mentor project managers by providing a common tools set and knowledge source for project management techniques. Assist in project planning. • Set the standards and assist projects in budgeting, tracking, forecasting, etc. • Increase project visibility and successes through Marketing Communications Portfolio Management Office Model- Strategic Services • Liaison between executives and operations • Decision support
  9. 9. Our PMO Office solution addresses the key issues surrounding risk management and how the PMO directly affects theMitigate your mission criticalYour Bottom Line By Using FRA PMO solution outcome of the Risk to programs. Emerging growth companies without a PMO office strongly benefit from this controlled cost solution that impact the bottom line, such as: • Denied new revenue on the basis that potential Client lack confidence in Program and Project Management services for your solution • Failure to retain current Client’s from less than effective communication and management of services • Missing opportunities for additional revenue from current Client’s due to the lack of Account & Partnership Management to explore and participate in cross-referencing Client vision and your services • Business and revenue growth objectives missed from personnel
  10. 10. Outsourced Service In support of emerging growth companies where outsourcing administrative support services is a financial strategy, ask us about our pay per use services. For right-sizing solutions of larger organizations, allow us to support your analysis, procurement, service-level agreement, and ongoing contract management needs for outsourced support services. Administration Communications – Internal & External Compliance Office Customer Services Facilities Management Information Technology
  11. 11. Flexible Resources Provides
  12. 12. Program Of fice, Program Management Of fice.....?No matter what you call it, a central office to manage projectsacross an organisation, or part of an organisation, is becoming amore common occurrence. I have seen they called ProgramOffice, Program Management Office, Project Office, ProjectManagement Office, Project Control Centre, Project andseveral other variations. People have their own interpretationfor each but in the end, their role is to make projects moreefficient
  13. 13. Project Of fice RoleIt is essential for the success of a new Project Office that there is clearunderstanding before establishment, as to the role of the office, and the interactionbetween the office and the individual projects. The key to successfully establish aProject Office or Programme Office is to gain agreement at the start of theprocess, as to the responsibilities.A useful and speedy technique is to workshop the possible activities with the keyplayers, and gain consensus as to what the office is intended to do.The starting point is to create a list of possible activities, then hold a workshop toevaluate the responsibility of the office, for each activity. It is likely in some casesthere will be no activity, and in other cases, the activities will need to be split downfurther.It is also useful if the office is not to have responsibility, to identify who does havethe responsibility
  14. 14. Program office matrix This matrix allows four conditions for each activity.• · Uninvolved. The Project Office has no responsibility for the activity• · Monitor. Essentially they are aware of the activity and pass on information.• · Influence. Whilst the Project Office is not responsible for the activity, there is a responsibility for the project team and the Project Office to work together on the particular activity.• · Control. The Project Office is fully responsible for the activity.On completion of this matrix, questions such as resourcing, inputs and outputscan be determined.
  15. 15. The Project Per fect Checklist for Project Of ficesRate each of these as one of the four categories above. Also try to identify activities that maybe important in your organisation.IT Strategic Plan• Creation of a plan (3yr to 5 yr) for the whole organisationIT Annual Operational Plan• Define the next level of detail focusing on the projects to be undertaken in the next yearProject Establishment• All projects need to be logged into some central sourceProject Sizing• Create a first cut size estimateProject Charter• The plan for the project covering all aspects objective, scope, constraints, organisation and staffing etc.Budget• Setting the initial budget• Performance against budget• Budget changes
  16. 16. The Project Per fect Checklist for ProjectOf ficesScopeSetting the initial scope (including exclusions)Scope variations (Process for managing and management of)StaffingProject organisational structureAssigning staff (who?)Staff movementsStaff personnel managementSkills matrix and identification of gapsResourcing contract maintenance & negotiationStaff trainingProject roles and responsibilitiesProject team terms and conditions (allowances, rates etc.)Timesheet and paymentExit management
  17. 17. The Project Per fect Checklist for Project Of ficesMethodology & ProcessesSelection of a methodologyMaintenance of a methodologyTrainingMaintenance and customisation of proceduresMaintenance of templatesCompliance with methodologyCreation of processes and proceduresApproval of processes and proceduresStandardisation and rationalisation of processes and proceduresTraining of processes and proceduresReview of new methodologiesFundingApproval of expenditure (levels?)Gating approvals
  18. 18. The Project Per fect Checklist for ProjectOf ficesStandardsUse of external standards (ISO 9000, CMM, SPI)Creation of internal standardsQA services to project teamsQA approvalsAdmin SupportAssist teams with logistics (rooms, travel, photocopy etc.)Produce regular reportingProvide facilitators to workshopsHR issues (employee leave, payment, queries)Materials (Stationary, PCs etc.)PlanningCompile plans (Project, phase, specific activity)Approve plans
  19. 19. The Project Per fect Checklist for ProjectOf fices Tools Selection of tools Purchase of tools Exemptions from using tools Availability to teams (IT support, upgrades etc.) Training Review of new tools
  20. 20. The Project Per fect Checklist for Project Of ficesRisk ManagementRisk assessment and loggingRisk monitoringProvide risk logging facilitiesIssue MgmtCreation of issue logManagement of issue logDependenciesIdentification of dependencies (other projects etc.)Monitoring of dependenciesIdentification of new dependenciesLiaison with other teams
  21. 21. The Per fect Checklist for Program Of ficesCommunicationExternal to project team (where?)Inter project teamChange MgmtCreation of a strategy and planImplementation of planMonitoring expectationsProblem EscalationCreate a mechanism to escalate project issuesFacilitate problem escalation
  22. 22. The Project Per fect Checklist forProject Of ficesLibraryMaintain standard documentsMaintain example documentsSet project documentation standardsMaintain project libraryMaintain checklists for project activities (Implementation, testing, initiation)Create and maintain a glossaryBenefitsIdentify benefits from the projectQuantify the benefitsTrack benefit delivery after the projectPrepare cost benefit analysisProduce business caseConstraintsIdentify project constraints (resource limitations, system limitations etc.)
  23. 23. The Project Per fect Checklist forProject Of ficesReportingProject status (what?)Budget v ExpenditureScope changesProject overviewStaffingProjectionsGantt chartsEarned valueIntegrationCompliance with IT architecture (applications and technical)Integration with other systemsCompliance with IT Policy (package preferred, particular vendors, etc.)AuditCompliance with organisational standardsAd hoc audits of projects to ensure company policy is being adhered to
  24. 24. The Project Per fect Checklist forProject Of ficesPIRCarry out post implementation reviewGenerate action items from PIRCarry out recommendations of PIRAcceptance & ConformanceSet conditions for acceptance of deliverablesAccept deliverablesAuthorise exemptions to acceptance standardsConfiguration ManagementSetting up Configuration ManagementManaging software migrationVersion control
  25. 25. The Project Per fect Checklist forProject Of ficesMentoring• Formal mentoring programs• Support roles in projects (e.g. supplying an experienced resource on a part time basis• Special interest groupsBusiness Interaction:• Carry out Business Process Re‑engineering• User documentation• User training
  26. 26. Approach Strategy Organisation Implementation Plan Legacy Estate Process Future Estate Migration Applications Data Infrastructure Complete Programme Management26
  27. 27. Questions? Dr Jason Carter – Flexible Resources Associates Tel: 0207 – 1177 -594. Mobile: 0709-230-1140 Email: