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PMIEF Presentation for Professional Development Scholarship Judges
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PMIEF Presentation for Professional Development Scholarship Judges


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  • I’m here to provide you with a brief overview and update PMI Educational Foundation and demonstrate how you can use the power of project management in your community to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Founded in 1990, the PMI Educational Foundation is the philanthropic arm of PMI and a separately incorporated 501 C 3 nonprofit charitable organization under US tax code. The PMI President and CEO serves also as the Chief Operating Officer of the foundation. Separate but connected, in essence PMI is the Foundation’s parent The foundation is focused on being a grant giving organization, but in some situations will facilitate the creation of programs with external partners and/or volunteers, and then shift back toward its grant giving focus. The extent of grant giving is dependent upon its ability to raise funds for its programs and its operations. The PMI Educational Foundation is focused on bringing the power of project, program, and portfolio management to the rest of society – it is focused on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of various elements of society through the leveraging of project, program, and portfolio management principles, processes, and practices.
  • While PMI views project management as a professional competency and is focused primarily on its members , their employers and the 20 million project management practitioners around the world. PMIEF views project management as a life skill, learning skill and professional skill for everyone in society and is focused on the 7 billion people around the world who are unfamiliar with project management.
  • The PMI Educational foundation is working everyday in these three areas: -We are building a better prepared workforce for the future and helping college students realize their dream through academic scholarships, doctoral research grants and student paper awards. We are building a better prepared society for future success, and giving youth and communities a better chance of success through training programs for teachers, youth and in schools. and We are building a better prepared response in future times and improving responses to tragedies by training nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations to be more effective and efficient through the use of project management. During the past 3 years, the Foundation has grown significantly greatly expanding the number an value of its scholarships and educational resources and use of project management to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • The work of the PMIEF isn’t isolated in its own sphere. The PMIEF actively works to build bridges into the project management profession. In addition to providing resources for non-profits and nongovernmental organizations, PMIEF has programs and resources available for youth ages 7 through high school/college. PMIEF curriculum engages young learners in primary and secondary school in learning project management and other subjects through project-centered learning in fun, energetic ways – through parties, theatre, or robotics, for example - as a way to develop critical 21 st century skills that equip a future workforce ready for immediate employment or for employment after graduating from college and ready to join the project management profession -- or other professions -- with project management capabilities. During the past 3 years, the Foundation has grown significantly, greatly expanding the number an value of its scholarships and educational resources and use of project management to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • As you can see, the total value of our scholarships awards and grants has increased dramatically since 2005 and is just shy of $400,000 this past year.
  • Transcript

    • 1. PMIEF IntroductionFor professional development scholarshipjudges
    • 2. The PMI Educational Foundation• Public charity under US tax law• Philanthropic arm of PMI
    • 3. PMIEF Focus: Project Management fora World of 7 Billion People PMI Focus: 20 Million Practitioner s and Their Employers 3
    • 4. Leading the Way: Improving Society ThroughProject Management Helping college students realize their dreams through education Giving youth and communities a better chance of success Improving responses to tragedies
    • 5. PMIEF Builds Bridges to PMProfession College Teachers Students Disaster Relief PMI Young Learners Non- Profits / NGOs
    • 6. Growth of All Types of PMIEF Grants(Scholarships, Awards and Other Grants)
    • 7. Types of Scholarships• Academic – for college and university students studying project management and related fields• Project management training – for primary and secondary school teachers as well as nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations• Professional development – for project management practitioners
    • 8. Professional Development Scholarships• Donated by PMI Chapters, PMI Registered Education Providers, and individuals• Scholarship money to go towards a project management-related course administered by a PMI Registered Education Provider• Many scholarships are for unemployed and underemployed project management practitioners to augment their skillset and increase their marketability and chances of finding employment
    • 9. Biannual Professional Development Scholarships• Application deadlines are April 1 and October 1• Evaluations take place during April and October• A completed evaluation sheet is due two weeks after it is sent to you; the timeline can be extended if there’s an unusually large amount of applicants• The scoring for each applicant is done using a scoring scale and criteria categories
    • 10. Scholarships You Will Be Evaluating• Jerry King Memorial Scholarship for Project Management Excellence – donated by the Friends of Jerry King (April and October)• George Patton Memorial Scholarship – donated by the PMI Washington, DC Chapter (April and October)• PMI San Diego Chapter Professional Development Scholarship – donated by the PMI San Diego Chapter (April only)
    • 11. About the Volunteer Team Manager• Hi, my name is Andy Stitt, and I am an Associate here at the PMIEF• I hold PMI’s Certified Associate in Project Management certification• I am a first-year graduate student at the Florida Institute of Technology pursuing a Master of Business Administration with a Marketing concentration
    • 12. Thank You for Serving as a Volunteer!• Volunteers are critical to PMIEF’s success• You will help deserving project management practitioners get access to learning opportunities• You will give back to the project management community and the profession• We could not run our scholarships and awards program without you!
    • 13. Questions, Comments, Concerns Call me: +1-610-356-4600 ext. 7004 Email me: