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2012 PMIEF Scholarships and Awards Recipients


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2012 PMIEF Scholarships and Awards Recipients

Published in: Education
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2012 PMIEF Scholarships and Awards Recipients

  1. 1. 2012 ScholarshipsPMI Alaska Chapter Scholarship The Dwaraka R. Iyengar PMI Dallas Chapter PMI Information Systems Community ofSponsored by: PMI Alaska Chapter Area Scholarship Practice Global Scholarship FundRecipient: Natalia Gavrish Sponsored by: PMI Dallas Chapter Sponsored by: PMI Information Systems Recipient: Salinda Nowell Community of PracticePMI Arabian Gulf Chapter Scholarship Manuel DayenianSponsored by: PMI Arabian Gulf Chapter James Rankin Memorial ScholarshipRecipient: Dr. Mohammed Farid Abdulghany Sponsored by: PMI Dallas Chapter PMI KC Mid-America Chapter ScholarshipAhmed Fathalbab, pending confirmation Recipient: Michael Brown Sponsored by: PMI KC Mid-America Chapter Recipient: Jacob TaylorBishop/Kloch Memorial Scholarship Wayne Latham Project ManagementSponsored by: PMI Baltimore Chapter Scholarship PMI Mass Bay Chapter ScholarshipsRecipient: Alyssa Kozlowski Sponsored by: PMI Dallas Chapter Sponsored by: PMI Mass Bay Chapter Recipient: Erick Nyatenya Recipient: Eleanor HowePMI Central Florida Chapter ScholarshipSponsored by: PMI Central Florida Chapter PMI Delaware Valley Chapter Scholarship Robert J. Yourzak ScholarshipRecipient: Anthony Gaglio Sponsored by: PMI Delaware Valley Chapter Sponsored by: PMI Minnesota Chapter Recipient: Seyed Hossein Hosseini Nourzad Recipient: Lucas MohrPMI Central Iowa Chapter ScholarshipSponsored by: PMI Central Iowa Chapter PMI Eastern Iowa Chapter Scholarship PMI New York City Chapter ScholarshipRecipient: Alexandre Andrade, Brittney Sponsored by: PMI Eastern Iowa Chapter Sponsored by: PMI New York City ChapterMikus Recipient: Dakota Prymek Recipient: Karyn CrosbyRay Piper Memorial Scholarship The Ranzy Gammal Memorial Scholarship PMI North Carolina Chapter ScholarshipSponsored by: PMI Clear Lake/Galveston Sponsored by: PMI Hampton Roads Chapter Sponsored by: PMI North Carolina ChapterChapter Recipient: Jaye Buelow Recipient: Madison TamblynRecipient: Andrew Ryle
  2. 2. 2012 ScholarshipsPMI Nova Scotia Chapter Scholarship Dr. Harold Kerzner Scholarships University of Management and TechnologySponsored by: PMI Nova Scotia Chapter Sponsored by: International Institute for Scholarships:Recipient: Brian Dugie Learning Full Tuition Masters Program Recipients: Simon Cleveland, Kurt Harris, Recipient: Jason FogartyCharles Lopinsky Memorial Scholarship Muhammad Ehsan Khan, Dawie Steenkamp Partial Tuition ScholarshipsSponsored by: PMI Orange County Chapter Recipient: Justin StuitRecipient: Winnie MacGregor Matthew H. Parry Memorial Scholarship Sponsored by: Project Management Institute Capella University Scholarships in ProjectPMI Phoenix Chapter Scholarship Recipient: Steven Shapiro ManagementSponsored by: PMI Phoenix Chapter Recipient: Gregory DallariRecipient: Megan Duty PMI Eric Jenett Founders Scholarship Sponsored by: Project Management Institute James R. Snyder International StudentPMI Silver Spring Chapter Scholarships Recipient: Michael Mattern paper of the Year AwardSponsored by: PMI Silver Spring Chapter Recipients: Muhammad Ehsan Khan,Recipients: Timothy Williamson, Emmanuel PMI Eric Jenett Memorial Fellows Pedro SerradorMarable Scholarship Sponsored by: Project Management Institute The Kerzner AwardPMI Southwest Ohio Chapter Scholarship Recipient: Gregory Maltby, pending Sponsored by: International Institute forSponsored by: PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter confirmation LearningRecipient: Michael Deimen Recipient: Jennifer Quaglietta Ray Piper Global Project ManagementPMI Tulsa Chapter Scholarships Education Scholarship The Barrie AwardSponsored by: PMI Tulsa Chapter Sponsored by: Friends of Ray Piper Sponsored by: Former PMI Design-Recipients: Christopher Mansker, Andrew Recipient: Margaret Feldman Procurement-Construction SIGWalter Recipient: Christopher Smallwood Gaylord E. Christle ScholarshipPMI Washington, DC Chapter Scholarship Created by: The former PMI College ofSponsored by: PMI Washington, DC Chapter Performance ManagementRecipient: Chintan Mody Recipient: Susanne Galanek
  3. 3. 2012 ScholarshipsGeorge Patton Memorial Scholarship Project Auditors LLC Professional Training Training Scholarships for Non-ProfitsSponsored by: PMI Washington DC Chapter Scholarships Sponsored by: Cheetah LearningRecipient: Kristal Farmer Sponsored by: Project Auditors LLC PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center Clement Kitetu Scottdale Child Development and FamilyThe Eric Jenett Professional Development Chimwemwe Msosa Resource CenterScholarship Fund Martin Mwakitwange United Nations Development ProgrammeSponsored by: PMI Houston Chapter Ricardo PetersRecipient: Michael Effanga, Carolyn Toomer Asmara Rahat Training Scholarships for Teachers Igbeye Togun Sponsored by: Cheetah LearningJerry King Memorial Scholarship for PM Jennifer BarnesExcellence Training Scholarships for Non-Profits Tasha Burke-PeartSponsored by: Friends of Jerry King Sponsored by: Cheetah Learning Amanda ChampanyGeeta Kavathekar, Melissa Lin, Nathan 211 British Services Society Bridget ColeWedwick American Baptist International Ministries Felicia Collins Asociacion Mexicana para las Naciones Debrah DavidsonPMI San Diego Chapter Professional Unidas A.C. Ammar Elhassan ElMerhbiDevelopment Scholarship Canadian Red Cross Michael EroSponsored by: PMI San Diego Chapter Discovery Science Center Stephanie GrayIrene Chen Education Research Services Anthea Lavergne Harambee Institute of Science and Sergio RengifoProject Auditors LLC Professional Training Technology Portia WorthyScholarships Maisha Bora Self Help Group/KeepingSponsored by: Project Auditors LLC Societies Alive (KASH) Training Scholarships for TeachersYisa Caleb Akongnda National Parkinson Foundation Sponsored by: Cadence ManagementIjaz Ali Nationwide Development International CorporationEbraim Andrade NeighborWorks America S. Lori BogenKimron Corion Organization for Gender, Civic Engagement Cozette ShackelfordOjog Gabriela and Youth Development Kitti WheelerClement Kayitare