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Escola SecundáRia De Castro Daire
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Escola SecundáRia De Castro Daire



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  • 1. Escola Secundária/3 de Castro Daire 2008/2009 Portuguese Christmas Traditions Project Socrates Comenius
  • 2.
    • Christmas is one of the most important festivities in Portugal, that has a great religious character, although the importation of other typical celebrations of countries like England and Germany has contributed to modify the Christmas in Portugal.
    • In Portugal Christmas is the feast of the family. On Christmas Portuguese people put the problems away and stay with their parents, grandparents and other relatives.
  • 3. Christmas Ornaments and Symbols
    • The crib
    • Presents
  • 4.
    • Colourful balls
    • Christmas Tree
  • 5.
    • Holly
    • Star on the top of the Christmas Tree
  • 6. “ Consoada”-Christmas supper
    • On Christmas Eve, 24 th December a special Christmas supper is served. It is called the “Consoada”. It is:
    • Codfish (“bacalhau”), generally cooked with vegetables and potatoes. No meat is eaten on this day.
    • The dessert: “Rabanadas” (bread fritter), “Filhóses” (pumpkin fritters) and “Aletria” (vermicelli).
    • Green or red wine with dry fruits (dry nuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, dry figs…)
  • 7. Midnight Mass
    • It’s a religious Christmas celebration at midnight of 24 th December.
    • The aim is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
    • All religious people go to the Church and attend the ceremony. After that they return to their homes where they open the presents.
    • This mass is also called the mass of the rooster because there is a legend which says that a rooster sang to announce the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • 8. Christmas Day
    • The family gather and have a special meal:
    • - A Christmas lunch or supper varies according to the region of the country.
    • - The foreign customs have imposed stuffed or baked turkey.
    • -Once again the traditional desserts like the ones mentioned before have an important role.
  • 9. “ Bolo Rei”
    • “ Bolo Rei” is a circular cake with dry fruits which was eaten on the 6 th of January. But nowadays it is eaten on Christmas eve and Christmas day.
    • Inside of the cake you could find a small gift and a broad bean but nowadays they are forbidden. If someone found the first, it was seen as a sign of good luck. The person who found the broad bean had to buy the next “bolo rei”.
  • 10.
    • Work done by:
    • Diogo Carvalhas 10ºA
    • Joana Louro 10ºA
    • Rafael Carvalho 10ºA