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Christmas around the world


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Extra work done by Marta Bueno

Published in: Education
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Christmas around the world

  1. 1. Christmas around the world
  2. 2. Structure  Definition of Christmas  How are celebrating other countries?  Conclusion
  3. 3. Definition of Christmas  = the annual festival of the Christian church commemorating the birth of Jesus  = celebrated on December 25 and now generally observed as a legal holiday and an occasion for exchanging gifts
  4. 4. Italy 'Bon Natali' Traditions/Costums:  using cribes to help to tell the Christmas story (a lot of Italian families have a Nativity crib in their homes)  to eat different fish dishes (Feast of the Seven Fishes)  to celebrate 8 days before Christmas with special 'Novenas' / series of prayers & church services Epiphany night:  children believe that an old lady called 'Befana' brings presents for them  main day for present giving is on Epiphany
  5. 5. Italy
  6. 6. Hungary 'Kellemes Karácsonyt' Traditions/Costums:  the main Christmas meat: fish and cabbage + a special kind of poppy bread/cake called “Beigli”  the Midnight Mass service after their Christmas meal  on the 6th of december the kids are leaving her shoes or boots on a windowsill to filled in with sweets/goodies
  7. 7. Hungary
  8. 8. Belgium 'Vrolijk Kerstfeest' Traditions/Costums:  special meal ('apéritif & 'nibbles', sea-food, stuffed turkey, dessert- 'Kerststronk' (Flemish) or 'la bûche de Noël' (Walloon)  children have 2 Christmas visitors -on December 6th 'Sinterklaas or 'Saint Nicholas' (Walloon) is believed to bring presents to children  Children put their shoes in front of a fireplace  Different regions of Belgium have different customs and traditions about St. Nicholas (wreaths with 4 candles, paper advent calendars with chocolate, Christmas Markets, Hot wine, Ice skating..)
  9. 9. Belgium
  10. 10. Denmark 'Glædelig Jul' Traditions/Costums:  people go to a Church Service on Christmas Eve about 4.00pm  giving animals a treat on Christmas Eve  Christmas dinner is eaten between 6.00pm and 8.00pm (roast duck, goose or pork. They are served with boiled and sweet potatoes, red cabbage, beetroot and cranberry jam/sauce,'ris á la mande' (a special kind of rice pudding)  After the meal- people might dance, sing carols and at least open their presents( brought by 'Julemanden')
  11. 11. Denmark
  12. 12. Turkey  Most people are probably aware of that fact that the majority of the Turkish population are Muslims and that the religion is Islam. Likewise most people know that Muslims do not have the same holidays, celebrations and traditions as we have.  But a lot of Muslims, who are living in Europe, are adoppting the lifestyle and traditons of the country where there are living. Even if they aren't celebrating Christmas.  Nevertheless christmas feeling is coming with the decoration they put into the streets!
  13. 13. Turkey
  14. 14. Spain 'Feliz Navidad' / 'Bon Nadal' Traditions/Costums:  Midnight Mass or 'La Misa Del Gallo' (The Mass of the Rooster)  Traditional Spanish Christmas dinner: 'Pavo Trufado de Navidad'- Turkey stuffed with truffles  Epiphany is the most important day! The children are writing letters to the Kings, who are bringing presents for them Attention: If the children have been bad, the Kings might leave pieces of coal made out of sugar in the presents!
  15. 15. Spain
  16. 16. England 'Happy/Merry Christmas' Traditions/Costums:  Families are decorating the Christmas tree- also the streets are decorated with a lot of beautiful lights  People are visiting 'Nativity Plays' and 'Carol Services'  Presents are brought by Santa Claus and leaved in stockings or pillow-cases  The main Christmas dinner: roast turkey, roast vegetables (vegetables like carrots & peas, stuffing and sometimes bacon and sausages Dessert: Christmas Pudding  26th of December is St. Stephen's Day (“Boxing Day”) football matches and horse racing meetings are traditionally held on this day!
  17. 17. England
  18. 18. Ireland 'Nollaig Shona Dhuit' Traditions/Costums:  Almost similar to the USA & England  Christmas dinner: turkey or spiced beef  Dessert: Christmas Pudding  Epiphany: was celebrated in some towns in Ireland as 'Nollaig na mBean' or Women's Christmas (roles were changing- men are doing the the domestic work, women are going out. some women still like to get together on the Sunday nearest Epiphany, to have tea and cakes, to gossip  St. Stephens Day is also celebrated like in the UK  Today Epiphany isn't widely celebrated in Ireland
  19. 19. Ireland
  20. 20. Poland 'Wesołych Świąt' Traditions/Costums:  The people are spending the advent season at christmas markets  The 24th of December is the most important day - People are believing that the complete routine of the day is crucial for the next year  In hope that the families are protected against poverty, they put a coin under their plate  Christmas dinner: meatless! - It consists often of 12- course (fish dishes)
  21. 21. Poland
  22. 22. Germany 'Frohe Weihnachten' Traditions/Costums:  Begin the advent season with a wreath, lighting up every sunday one candle more- a least they have 4  People visit the christmas markets- eating choclate desserts, sweets and hot wine (similar to Belgium)  The 24th of December is the most important day- Children get their presents from Santa Claus after the dinner  Christmas Meal: goose/fondue  25th + 26th are official holiday in Germany  Epiphany is important, but not as much like in Spain
  23. 23. Germany
  24. 24. Norway 'God Jul' Traditions/Costums:  Decoration of the tree, constructing houses of cookies  Christmas dinner: pork or mutton ribs served with 'surkal' (white or red cabbage, finely chopped and cooked with caraway seeds and vinegar) and potatoes  Gifts are brought by Santa Claus  Many different types of cakes are eaten over the christmas period in Norway – One of the most popular is a special bread called 'Julekake' that has raisins, candied peel and cardamom in it
  25. 25. Norway
  26. 26. Slovakia 'Vesele Vianoce' Traditions/Costums:  Slovak Christmas Trees -decorated with coloured lights, fruits, hand-made decorations made of wood..  Presents are brought by the baby Jesus – during this time the children have to leave the room until the parents are ringing the bell  Christmas dinner: On Christmas Eve morning the carp is killed and gutted- It used to be the custom to fast all through Christmas Eve. This was a direction given by the Catholic Church -It was said that if you manage to get by without food for the whole day, you will see a little golden pig in the evening (after the Midnight Mass service)
  27. 27. Slovakia
  28. 28. Conclusion Christmas is celebrated all over the world! The interesting thing is that the people are celebrating with their own traditions, costums and that everyone can celebrate free. I showed you a lot of differences but also there are countries, which have a lot in common. Aside from Turkey every country is celebrating Christmas in a beautiful art and with the main background: To spent this special religious time with the family!
  29. 29. Thank you for your attention!