Use your PDF forms in the Office 365


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  • Hello. My name is DegiKarayevToday I’ll introduce to you an easy and powerful method of integrating PDF forms with your Office365 and SharePoint Online.
  • PDF Share Forms OnDemandis an online tool that enables business collaborating with PDF forms. It is the shortest and the most convenient way to get and aggregate information from your clients and customers. As you already noticed it works with Office 365 and SharePoint Online. Also you may setup receiving of filled-in forms to the mailbox.
  • So, let’s start with a small but very practical case study.Imagine your HR department wants to make job application form available online on your public web site. In such case you may choose Word, PDF or self-made web based forms.
  • Let’s pick MS Word for instance. Of course, we all know that it is easy and natural to design form there. However, if your HR department distributes the Word form, you limit your audience to those people who are using Microsoft Word already. And there is a risk that user will accidentally erase part of the form itself.Same concept applies to the web forms. It’s not a problem to create one, but it’s a headache to change and support it.Also, to put information to you SharePoint you’ll have to make a custom solution. And we don’t even mention the paper.
  • PDF document is the most essential replacement for the paper-based forms. To protect your investment and to preserve the same look and feel of your existing forms but still remove extra paperwork, PDF is the most wanted file format. And it’s really printer friendly. It can be used on different platforms.And you may even delegate the form design process to the users, so they would drive the whole process.While, we are confident, that you see benefits of PDF forms, the biggest advantage of PDF Share Forms is collaboration. PDF format allows external users to submit data without authorization, and our service allows to map this data to SharePoint Online columns.
  • PDF Share Forms OnDemandis a tool which is ready to serve without programming. SharePoint power users are able to start working with their PDF forms in few minutes. What does it mean? It means that companies may include forms in their business-processes and users are able to do it by themselves without any special knowledge or support from IT department.So, all you need is- To prepare your new or existing form – convert it form word, paper or create from the scratch- Prepare SharePoint Online columns or just use your e-mail- Upload form- Distribute it- Enable workflow if you need to- And that’s it - you are ready to go
  • So, let me show you, how it works
  • Good news – you may start using PDF Share Forms OnDemandright after signing-in
  • Create new template in few easy stepsPlease remember,if you’re using SharePoint Onlineyou should create corresponding columnsbefore uploading a template
  • Get the distribution linkand publish or send it to your clients and customers
  • Submitted data will be accessible in your SharePoint right away
  • Now I’ll show you it live
  • Let’s see what questions you have…
  • Thank you for your time today. We will make this video available on our YouTube channel shortly. Also, if you want to try PDF Share Forms OnDemand, please visit our website www.pdfshareforms.comand click Sign Up button.
  • Use your PDF forms in the Office 365

    1. 1. PDF forms and Office365 will start shortly…Webinar
    2. 2. PDF forms and Office365 the best tool forExplorePDF forms and SharePoint Online collaboration
    3. 3. PDF Share Easy and straightforward tool, which enables PDF formForms collaboration in SharePointOnDemand Online 3
    4. 4. Case study 1/3HR departments or procurement agenciesdistribute their forms• Paper• Word• PDF• Online (self-made, .asp, etc) 4
    5. 5. Case study 2/3Different typesof formsis a challenge• Data path• Design changes• Form accessibilty 5
    6. 6. Case study 3/3Reuse your existingforms, create newPDF forms• Same design as paper form• Flattened fields for safety storage• Printer friendly• Cross platform• No authorization required 6
    7. 7. Born to be readyIt takes 5 minto enableyour form• Prepare your new or existing form• Prepare SharePoint Online columns• Upload form• Distribute form• Start your workflow right away 7
    8. 8. PDF Share DemonstrationFormsOnDemand 8
    9. 9. Demonstration 1/4You may startworking justafter signing in 9
    10. 10. Demonstration 2/4Complete fewsimple stepswhile creatingnew template 10
    11. 11. Demonstration 3/4Get distributionlink and startreceiving datato yourSharePoint 11
    12. 12. Demonstration 4/4Datasubmissionwill startworkingright away 12
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