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Workflow in SharePoint 2013


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Workflow allow you to automate your business processes
SharePoint Workflow
A Real Example of Workflow
SP Designer VS Visual Studio
SharePoint Designer 2013
Develop Workflow using SharePoint Designer
Demo: Developing SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow
Create Workflow using Visual Studio 2012

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  • Very tight and clear presentation - good work! On the 5th slide I can disagree with the state that SP Designer 2013 does not allow reuse of workflows. You can save your workflow as a Visio diagram (which includes all configurations) and then import it to a new workflow in a totally different site or farm - it just has to have the same structure to work properly.

    I found this as well:
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Workflow in SharePoint 2013

  1. 1. Workflow in SharePoint2013Workflow allow you to automate your business processesMJ FerdousSharePoint Architect | Trainer | Speaker Organized by:SharePoint Experts CommunitySponsored by: Microsoft
  2. 2. Agenda• SharePoint Workflow• A Real Example of Workflow• SP Designer VS Visual Studio• SharePoint Designer 2013• Develop Workflow using SharePoint Designer• Demo: Developing SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow• Create Workflow using Visual Studio 2012
  3. 3. SharePoint Workflow• Workflows in SharePoint 2013 allow you to model and automateyour business processes.• These business processes can be as simple as a document approvalprocess with a single approver• as complex as customer-facing product catalog using web service callsand database support• as formidable as virtually any structured business process, full ofconditions, loops, user inputs, tasks, and custom actions.
  4. 4. A Real Example of WorkflowThese business processes can be as simple as a document approvalprocess with a single approver. Let’s consider this scenario:For Example: A bank account opening process requires one person(Manager) review and approval on Application document. If ItAccept by Manager then document are ready for opening adocument and notify team otherwise it will go to initiator to updatedocument.The process will continue until the document is approved.
  5. 5. SP Designer VS Visual StudioFeature / Requirement SharePoint Designer Visual StudioAllows rapid workflowdevelopmentYes YesEnables reuse of workflowsA workflow can be used only bythe list or library on which it wasdeveloped. However, SharePointDesigner provides reusableworkflows that can be usedmultiple times within the samesite.A workflow can be written as atemplate so that after it isdeployed, it can be reused andassociated with any list or library.Allows you to include a workflowas part of a SharePoint solution orapp for SharePointNo YesAllows you to create customactionsNo. However, SharePoint Designercan consume and implementcustom actions that are createdand deployed by using VisualStudio.Yes. However, be aware that inVisual Studio, the underlyingactivities, not their correspondingactions, are used.
  6. 6. SharePoint Designer 2013• Improved Visual Designer• Visio Designer Integration into SharePoint• Allow switch between design mode and sentence-style mode• Editable properties helper• Stage and Loops• Designer supports cut/ copy / paste / undo / redo / select-all• Calling REST Web Service• Improved email editor (rich formatting)
  7. 7. SharePoint Designer 2013
  8. 8. Demo
  9. 9. Create Workflow using Visual Studio2012• Open Visual Studio 2012 and create a new project.• In the New Project dialog box, choose Templates, Visual C#, OfficeSharePoint, SharePoint Solutions, and SharePoint 2013 Project, asshown below• Select deploy as a sandbox solution
  10. 10. Create Workflow using Visual Studio2012• With the project created, choose Add New Item on the Projectmenu, and then choose Workflow under the Office SharePoint item
  11. 11. Create Workflow using Visual Studio2012• In this sample I choose to use a List Workflow:• In the next step I selected the Document list, this is the list, where theWorkflow will be available• In the next step I choose to create a new task and history lists:
  12. 12. Create Workflow using Visual Studio2012• After this step you can start creating your Workflow.• In the Toolbox, you can see the activities that you can use in your Workflow, you just need to dragthem to your WF design.
  13. 13. Create Workflow using Visual Studio2012• For Example: writes to history list the message “WFSample End Author:” + username
  14. 14. References• SharePoint 2013 Books - A comprehensive list –•• Best Example of SharePoint 2013 public-facing sites•• Training Videos•
  15. 15. Contact meemail: ferdouscs@gmail.comCell: +880 1715015093Thank You