DevOps Swim Lanes - Silo Org Change Challenges

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DevOps Swim Lanes (vs. Waterfall's Silos) …

DevOps Swim Lanes (vs. Waterfall's Silos)
Leading exploratory discussions on IT Transformation.

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  • 1. Waterfall’s Silosvs.DevOps’Swimming LanesPaul PeissnerDevOps EnthusiastRethinking IT – IT Transformation
  • 2. MasteringComplex ComponentsWhy embrace Waterfall and Silos?IT’s (post-mainframe) chaotic period needed to invent, setstandards and experiment with both “(internal) processes and(external) products”- Too many moving parts to manage well… (component process mastery)- Little hope for consistent quality assurance… (component QA)- Rewarding and fixing components in isolation… (the rise of specialists!)DevOps Swim Lanes - Paul Peissner, DevOps Enthusiast - 2013
  • 3. Managing too many components…Isolated & Silo-centric teams- Silo best practices, processes, decisionsQuality, Speed, Risks, Limits ( & $ )- And then…component level competitionLegacy layers & locks (vendors & tech)Ready or not…here it comes!Just tossit over!Silo 1 Silo 2Blind Mega-Handoffs& Quality ConcernsIT became a Cost-Center to BusinessMega-projects…quality issues & time-delays!DevOps Swim Lanes - Paul Peissner, DevOps Enthusiast - 2013
  • 4. The Legacy IT Pool…Multi-generational ChaosIT – A Community Resource For EveryoneIT Silo Cultures and Career paths Way too much…- Politics, tech-debt, routine, careers,technologies, incumbents, history…- FEAR of Speed, Change, Doing it different…- Loyalty & comfort with established andknown layers & vendor lock issuesLittle or no tolerance for new innovationYou out of the pool……NOW!Too many restraints…to do new stuff…fast!DevOps Swim Lanes - Paul Peissner, DevOps Enthusiast - 2013
  • 5. An adaptable lane of varying project resourcesCoordinated flows and feedback returnsIt’s OK…get back in the pool……try it again!The DevOps Pool…Optimized for Project/Service/Business(Assumes Agile-Dev interest or adoption)Collaborative culture, systems, careersWay too much…- Agility, collaboration, simplification…- New Technologies, Vendors, Open Source…- Career advancement, fast growth, profits…- New baked-in quality and security practices- Opportunity to leverage new code types,re-use practices, automation, Cloud, self-service, self-healing, improve continuously……and FUN!DevService-MgtProject FlowsService FlowsDevOps Swim Lanes - Paul Peissner, DevOps Enthusiast - 2013
  • 6. Mastering System Flows(More Generalists!)Why DevOps Swimming Lanes?Leveraging collaboration, simplification, standardization, automationhigh-velocity system flows to invent high-quality (external) products!- Fewer moving parts and high-value re-use, self-service and self-healing designs- More quality & security more often, with more transparency and accountability- Rewards for system and business success with optimal swarm response teams…and did I mention, it’s way more FUN!DevOps Swim Lanes - Paul Peissner, DevOps Enthusiast - 2013
  • 7. Get Your DevOps Cross-Discipline Swim Lanesset-up…to help your business win!And havefun as aDevOpsTeam!
  • 8. Questions?@PaulPeissner- Enthusiast for DevOps and the IT Transformation of Culture, Process and System flows- PeissnerOther PaulPeissner Slideshares:- Selling DevOps Style- Solving the DevOps Rubick’s CubeIn the SF Bay Area, and interested in talking about DevOps themes?@Meetup@coffee