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  • Library Collection Management, Development, and Acquisitions Source: Collection Development and Management for 21st Century Library Collections by Vicki L. Gregory
  • Have strong decision making skills, work well independently and as a team, have good organization and time management skills, critical reading and thinking skillsgood interpersonal skills and a strong customer service orientationan interest in information technologygood oral and written communication skillsgood organizational and time management skillsstrong decision-making skillsinitiativecreativity, imagination and flexibilitythe ability to work independently or as part of a team.
  • · Establishing new ways to communicate and work with public services · Collection and Community Analysis· Updating the Collection Plan· Evaluating and streamlining department workflow· Working with the library service plan goals· Collection HQ· Sharing department knowledge with staff· Exploring issues that will impact the library collection today and in the future· Opening Day Collections for Dumbarton & Varina· Realigning the materials budget · Exploring opportunities for increased efficiencyand developing & expanding Readers Advisory services in partnership with Public Services
  • It is a proven product based on our methodology developed by public librarians in the UK over the past 20 years.Uniquely, collectionHQprovides guidance on what action to take to improve the performance of your collection.Key benefits:-Save TimeEliminate WasteIncrease TurnoverWith over 6000 public libraries now using collectionHQ worldwide, collectionHQ is truly a proven solution when it comes to supporting public libraries with their collection management and development challenges
  • Embracethe chaos
  • Jane: Adult FictionAdult PaperbacksAdult Audio & EaudioReference & ContinuationsLarge Type Adult Graphic NovelsReplacementsODC selectionSallieAdult NonfictionDVDS – AdultRecommend to Order: AdultAdult LeasebooksMagazinesReplacementsAdult Weeding ListsODC selectionPamJuvenile EasyJuvenile FictionJuvenile NonfictionJuvenile AVJuvenile Ebooks & EaudioYA FictionYA LeasebooksYA NonfictionYA AVYA Ebooks & EaudioODC selection
  • CarolynLease Plans SpreadsheetsReceive & invoice purchase ordersMaintains professional collectionDistributes NYT list to staffDistributes Bookpage & Teen InkReceives, organizes & prioritizes materialsOrganizes and distributes Gift materialPrograms RFID tags
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  • Hcpl collection development department lb presentation

    1. 1. “A library in the middle of a community is a cross between anemergency exit, a life raft and a festival. They are cathedrals of the mind; hospitals of the soul; theme parks of the imagination.”Caitlin Moran from THE LIBRARY BOOK – a collection of essays about people and their passion for public libraries (edited by Seth Godin)
    2. 2.  Mission: We promote reading and lifelong learning, connect people with the information they need, and enrich community life. Vision: We believe public libraries are vital to the community. We strive to deliver excellent library service through equitable access to a variety of materials, innovative technologies, and attractive facilities. We anticipate and respond to the needs of a diverse community. We improve the quality of individual and community life. We Believe in: Equitable access to information Continuous learning Exploring new ideas and fostering creativity Outstanding customer service Balanced, relevant, and responsive collections Planning for the future A dynamic staff that incorporates these values to accomplish our mission Henrico County Public Library
    3. 3. LSP Goal 1 – Collections Materials, Digital Resources, eBooks, DVD’s, Books Our customers will be offered a responsive and relevant collection that is available in a timely manner. We will… Expand our eBook collection Monitor trends and developments in the market place Screen collections for relevance and quantity Explore options to offer popular video content Re-examine borrowing policies and procedures Library Services Plan
    4. 4. COLLECTION MANAGEMENT IS BOTH AN ART AND A SCIENCE Combines professional elements of knowledge, experience, and intuitionThe choices of the collection coordinator and staff must reflect the needs and interests of the community of users
    5. 5. Collection Management may be best defined as the process of information gathering , communication,coordination, policy formulation, evaluation, and planning that results in decisionsabout the acquisition, retention, and provision of access to information sources in support of the diverse needs of a given library community
    6. 6. Collection Developmentis the subpart of collection management that has primarily to do with decisions that will result in the acquisition of materials
    7. 7. Acquisitionis the process of actually securing materials for the library’s collection
    8. 8. Formats collected may changebut the overall process used to select and evaluate them tends to remain the same
    9. 9. Managing Collections that are Both physical and virtual, used in house and remotely, and are constantly changing
    11. 11. The Collection DevelopmentDepartment Is Looking Forward To:
    12. 12.  Exploring issues that will impact the library collection today and inthe future Collection and Community Analysis Updating the Collection Plan Evaluating and streamlining department workflow Working with the library service plan goals Opening Day Collections for Dumbarton & Varina Realigning the materials budget Exploring opportunities for increased efficiency And developing & expanding Readers Advisory services in partnership with Public Services
    13. 13. collection HQ .collectionHQ is the world leading collection performance improvement solution which is revolutionizing the way public libraries select, manage and promote their collections.
    14. 14. Old dogs will continue to learn new tricks… Collection Management staff are experienced: Combining a collective total of over 126 years of library experience and an average of 18 years library experience.
    15. 15. Challenges IncludeFinding the balance between print and non-print collections, Navigating technology and digital options, owned vs. access items, embracing change and innovation
    16. 16. It is all about the people we serve…
    17. 17. Collections StaffA murder of collection crows: Ann Theis, Jane Sumpter, Sallie Morris, Pam Moneghan, Sue Driscoll, Vicki Marple, and Carolyn Neal
    18. 18. Collection Development Organization Chart Jerry Christine Ann Jane Sallie Pam Sue Vicki Carolyn
    19. 19.  Materials Budget & Fiscal Management Policy Updates & Interpretation  Ann is the primary contact for the CD Dept. Please contact Ann about customer & Coordinate Opening Day staff concerns and issues related to the Collections selection and acquisitions. Planning & Evaluation Department Procedures/Best  atheis@henrico.library.va.us Practices Statistics & Evaluation  804.290.9026 Vendor Relations Coordinate: Gifts,  Ann works closely with Christine Campbell (Assistant Director), Joanne Reconsideration Process Bowman (Materials Management) & Licensing & Access Barbara Weedman (Public Services) to coordinate the Collection Development Collection & Community Analysis Department’s activities with Public Electronic Resources Services and Administration. OverDrive EBook Selection
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    21. 21. Acquisitions Manager: SueOrdering & receiving materials for the collectionWorking with vendors to obtain materials in the mosteconomical and expeditious mannerSelecting and evaluating vendorsManages materials funds in SIRSIFiscal year responsibilities including rolloverDevelops procedures for the Acquisition processDirects workflow of Acquisition staff
    22. 22. CAROLYNLease Plans Spreadsheets VICKIReceive & invoice purchase orders Receives & invoice purchase ordersMaintains professional collection Receives, organizes & prioritizes materialsDistributes NYT list to staff Contact for delivery driversDistributes Bookpage & Teen Ink Creates & maintains vendor P.O. filesReceives, organizes & prioritizes materials Enters check numbers in SirsiOrganizes and distributes Gift material Manages credits & returnsPrograms RFID tags Serves as contact for MU for return of legal standing orders and management of credits
    23. 23. CD Acquisitions• Select • Catalog• Firm and Standing • Place Orders • Process Orders • Receive, Invoice Materials CD Selection Management Dept