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ShareAcademy 2012, Shanti Freundlich

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Share academy prioritygroupsslides

  1. 1. Vivienne Piroli Deputy Library Director Simmons College Shanti Freundlich Research Services LibrarianAugust Simmons College2012
  2. 2. 1. Identify + articulate the purpose, scope, goals, and resources of a priority in order to transform it into an actionable project.2. Generate project documentation in order to structure a high volume of library initiatives.3. Prepare to implement an effective cross-functional project management approach in order to encourage non-hierarchical leadership throughout the library.
  3. 3. A bit of context.DIY Activities.Lessons Learned.Wrap up.
  4. 4. Simmons College• Small, liberal arts college in Boston, MA.• Over 1,900 undergraduate women.• Over 3,000 graduate women and men.Beatley Library• During the Priority Groups projects, we had 24.6 FTE in the library.• 21 professional librarians and paraprofessional library assistants served on Priority Groups.• Professional librarians were each on three groups.• Library assistants were each on two groups.
  5. 5. Planning Write Project Definitions 2nd iteration Brainstorming ImplementationInitial Plan Go Live! Evaluation Recommendations Future Directions
  6. 6. Streaming Media.Support Online Learning.Library Services Needs Assessment.Policies and Information Audit.Patron Driven Acquisitions.LibGuides.Internal Information Architecture.Journal Article Acquisition.Collection Development Policy.Discovery Systems.Access to Archival + DIR Collections.
  7. 7. Accomplishment Highlights:• Analyzed current PDA practices and strategies in order to define and describe the options, and to recommend next steps to pilot.• Based on PDA practices, created a Purchase Inclusion Checklist to streamline request approvals, to assist the Collection Development group, and to set up profiles in pilot e-Book PDA system and GIST.• Successful chose a PDA pilot program.
  8. 8. Accomplishment Highlights:• Created a three-tiered Collection Development Policy model.• A draft of tier one was approved and shared with all Library staff.• A draft of the tier-two outline was developed and approved.• Several segments of tier two were drafted, including some that were influenced by the work of other priority groups.• Created a timeline for completing the second tier and developing the third tier.
  9. 9. Accomplishment Highlights:• Based on literature review, background data, and product trials, recommended Swank’s Digital Campus product for feature films, VAST: Academic Video Online for documentary films, and Classical Music Library for music.• Created a library how-to guide to finding and using streaming media.• Marketed collaboratively with Academic Technology; and providing outreach and training to faculty.• Followed best practices for streaming media in academic libraries; including recommending collection- and title-level access to the videos in the VAST collection.
  10. 10. The Simmons College Mission:To provide transformative learningthat links passion with lifelongpurpose. The Simmons Library Mission: Beatley Library connects the Simmons College community to information, discovery, and learning.
  11. 11. Information LiteracyResourceManagement Discovery Engagement + Outreach
  12. 12. Information Literacy Patron Driven AcquisitionsDiscovery Resource Streaming Media Management Collection Engagement Development Policy + Outreach
  13. 13. • Write down 3 potential drivers:"big picture" ideas, constant to-do items, concepts from ShareAcademy, etc.• Give each potential priority a driver.
  14. 14. • How does [this idea] support my librarys driving principles?• How does my functional area support [this idea]?
  16. 16. “The priority has been successfully met when thisgroup presents a recommendation for pilots and/orsystems to implement in the next fiscal year.”“The priority will be successfully met with the completion of athree-tiered collection development policy model, the draftand approval of tier one, the design and completion of at leastthree segments of tier two, and the proposal of timelines forcompleting tiers two and three.”“The Streaming Media group will makerecommendations for the acquisition andimplementation of appropriate media collectionsand platforms for media delivery.”
  17. 17. Write down your favorite DIY Priority, and your name.Pass it to the left.Write down 1 thing the group will accomplish.Pass it to the left.Write down 1 reason why this project will benefit a library.Pass it to the left.Write down 1 thing that must be done to complete thisproject.Pass it to the left.
  18. 18. Take the "pie" out of the skyand turn it into a recipe.Articulate what you aredefinitely doing AND not doing.
  19. 19. Project Definition Task Sheet Final SummaryYoure welcome to use andadapt these templates; let usknow how youre using them!
  20. 20. PurposeGoals + ObjectivesScopeTentative TimelineSummary Statement
  21. 21. Task DefinitionScheduleResponsibleAccountableSupportInformedConsulted
  22. 22. Summary Assessment of ObjectivesRecommendations
  23. 23. • Provides an organizational structure.• Offers consistency across groups.• Intent, action, and results are evident at a glance.• Library administration can easily view the progress and status of any project.• Helps to manage resources and time.
  24. 24. Working in groups of 3-4, look at the projectdefinition document and think about a priority foryour library:• What resources would help you complete the definition document? Are some headings challenging? Why?• Are there headings you would omit or others that you would add?
  25. 25. • Structure groups for variety of perspectives and experience, not for comprehensive representation.• Maximize all available resources.• Generate a culture of collaboration.• Provide connections between priorities.• Link individual functional work to big-picture ideas.
  26. 26. • Appoint coordinators with project administrative responsibilities.• Develop a steering group of project coordinators.• Communicate progress to library administration and across the library staff.• Refer to the RASIC outline in the Task Responsibility Matrix.
  27. 27. In groups of 3-4, discuss strategies youwould use to:• Create cross-functional teams• Facilitate non-hierarchical decision making
  28. 28. Defining goals clearly.Creating cross-functional groups.Developing collaborative work opportunities.Accomplishing a large volume of work in oneyear.Using all available resources.Linking big ideas to individual functional work.Sharing diverse points of view.Encouraging information transfer throughlibrarians being on multiple priority groups.Standardizing the documentation for all groups.
  29. 29. Ensuring we don’t emphasize process overdeliverables.Balancing the work of the priority groupswith other projects and functionalresponsibilities.Understanding clearly how a priority differsfrom a project and from regular workflows.Offering and sharing more regular updateson the status of priority projects across thestaff.
  30. 30. Priority group structure?Priority project work?Other lessons learned?
  31. 31. Vivienne PiroliDeputy Library Directorvivienne.piroli@simmons.eduShanti FreundlichResearch Services Liaison Librarianshanti.freundlich@simmons.eduSimmons
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