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Task 3 PPM - Group 8 - Focusing Attention
Task 3 PPM - Group 8 - Focusing Attention
Task 3 PPM - Group 8 - Focusing Attention
Task 3 PPM - Group 8 - Focusing Attention
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Task 3 PPM - Group 8 - Focusing Attention


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  • 1. Mathematics teaching planning Group 8 : 1. Kartika Candra (A1C010019) 2. Eki Rahmad (A1C010042) 3. Miftahul Jannah (A1C010020) 4. Rika Febrianti (A1C010021) 5. Mariza Elianora (A1C010038) Teacher : Dewi Rahimah, S.Pd.,M. Ed Mathematics Education Faculty of Teacher and Education University of Bengkulu
  • 2. Number 1 a. convergent: a) What is the formula volume of a rectangular prism? b) What is the formula volume of a triangular prism? c) What is the formula of volume of cylinder? b. divergent: a) How many rectangles to form a rectangular prism? Mention! b) Identify any areas that could set up a cylinder? Mention how much! c) Identify any areas that could set up a triangular prism? Mention how much!Number 2:Give one example question for each level of Blooms Taxonomy based onthis video a. Knowledge We ask to student to give their opinion about parallelogram. Example question “ what is parallelogram?”. And after that we make some quiz to student about thing that connected with parallelogram in today life. To make comprehension of student about parallelogram is good. b. Comprehension Example question “please, explain in your today life about parallelogram and give one example”. After student know about parallelogram and character parallelogram. After that, student will be connect it’s in their today life base on knowledge that students’ have. c. Application student try to using formula and theorm that have connected with parallelogram. Example question. “specify the two opposite angle”. In this question we ask to student to practice in classroom using mathematics’ props. For example : using rule, arc, pencil, etc. to measure angle of interior parallelogram (β) D A C β B
  • 3. If d. Analysis Example question “ Compare the characteristic diagonal of parallelogram and diagonal of square”. At this process, student try to compare characteristic and form of parallelogram to other plane in mathematics’ learn. e. Synthesis Example question “make a parallelogram based coordinate (5,4),(-2,-6),(6,4),(14,6) and calculate the length each side” f. Evaluating Example question what is the picture bellow include parallelogram??Number 3: a. Give another example of a common form two variable linear equations. b. Solve the following equations using the elimination method 2x-y = 2 and x + y = 1 c. Write the general form of two-variable linear equations. d. Solve the following equations by substitution and elimination method 2x-y = 9 and 3x +4 y = -14? e. What is the value of x from the equation 2x-y = 9 and 3x +4 y = -14? f. Which method do you think the most effective and efficient in solving the two-variable linear equations? g. Mention how many kinds of methods that can be used to solve
  • 4. linear equations of two variables?h. Is there any other method to solve linear equations twovariables?