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Introduction to tempest
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Introduction to tempest


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Introduction to TempestOpenStack Users January 2013 Meetup – India Presenters: Nithya, Sarad & Suresh
  • 2. Agenda• Introduction To Tempest• Explore Tempest• Getting Started with Tempest in Openstack• Role of Tempest in Openstack CI• Pro’s & Con’s• Q&A
  • 3. What is tempest?• Tempest – It’s an Openstack Integration test suite• Based on unittest2 framework & currently uses Nosetest runner• Used by community as gating on commits to trunk• In a nutshell, all it does is run tests against OpenStack service endpoints by exercising API calls & validate the response
  • 4. Tempest explored • Test Types Nova – Smoke Tests – Positive Tests Cinder Glance – Negative Tests – Stress Tests Tempest – White box Tests • Tempest base Quantum Swift – httplib2 – Rest based framework keystone – Nose test runner (testr)
  • 5. Tempest Directory Structure • Common - Rest client & ssh client • Services - services modules (nova, identity, image and network) • Nova implements the OS Nova API • Identity implements the OS Keystone API • Image implements the OS Glance API • Network implements the OS Quantum API • Tests - Contains actual tests. – Rely on the above services (via the Manager) to connect to the system. – Test classes and methods have also access to the tempest configuration. – Test classes must subclass unittest, and they may use nose and unittest specific decorators • etc – tempest.conf
  • 6. Sample Test workflow Test case call base class setup Openstack_ Create server call Servers_client (json/xml) REST request Rest_client
  • 7. Supported Clients•REST – Httplib•BOTO – ec2•Novaclient•glance client•swift client•keystone client•SSH – Paramiko•Cloudfile•Quantum client
  • 8. How to Contribute• Prerequisites – Signup CLA – Launchpad account • Upload your SSH keys to Launchpad • Gerrit imports your SSH keys from Launchpad • Subscribe to main openstack mailing list – devstack installed locally • Follow the steps given in machine.html• Code submission – Clone tempest code – Create a new tempest branch for the bug id – Make required changes – Commit the changes – Submit for review – For resubmitting the changes use commit amend
  • 9. Continuous IntegrationMonitor version control system for changes. Whenever a change isdetected, automatically compile and test the application. Notifydevelopers when things go wrong to get a fix immediately. Watch • CI Tool - Jenkins code • Openstack CI - Publish Build • Gate tests – Tempest results Product Run Tests
  • 10. Openstack CI & TempestChange proposed to OS component • approved by core reviewers /17770/ • Tempest gated withJenkins prepares a Virtual Machine – Gate-tempest-merge – Gate-tempest-pep8 Checks out latest code and setup – Gate-tempest-devstack-vm devstack • Run tempest tests ew/Gate/job/gate-tempest- devstack-vm/ Report success / failure at
  • 11. Tempest Pros and Cons Pro’s Con’s• Modular • Currently tests are not• One unified suite to test all running in parallel openstack components. • Only smoke tests are being• Easily Maintainable run as part of gating• Less complex to create tests process.• Supports most of the client • Stress tests development at interfaces nascent state • Tests for service workflows at the minimal
  • 12. Q&A
  • 13. References• Tempest Presentation by Jay Pipes - HHrkQBzEs5gt43ZvhOc/edit?pli=1#slide=id.p• Openstack CI –• Devstack-gate - gate/blob/master/• Tempest source -