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Midas Presentation   February 2nd, 2009 Final
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Midas Presentation February 2nd, 2009 Final


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Published in: Travel, Business

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  • 1. … Partnership For 21 st Century Marketing
  • 2. “ Barak Obama becomes first President in history to win an election by leveraging the power of the internet through online social networking.” One Touch eMarketing MySpace Friends? 1,323,746 One Touch eMarketing
  • 3. Loyal customers are just waiting to be found. They have already invested in your products or services and are just waiting to be noticed. Before you begin planning your budget for new acquisitions, understand the investors who have purchased stock in your future." One Touch eMarketing
  • 4. 20 th Century Marketing Market to 5000 to reach 500 21 st Century Marketing Personally Market to 500 to Influence 5,000 Who influence 50,000 Who Influence 5,000,000 It’s Time
  • 5. 21 st Century Marketing 5,000 People That Want to Hear Your Message More Valuable Than 5,000,000 Who Don’t The New Math
  • 6. ► Loyal customers are invested in your history and future success ► Pricing. You negotiate prices with satisfied customers. You negotiate costs with loyal customers ► Payment. Satisfied customer pay at their discretion. Loyal customers pay on time What is a Loyal Customer? 1
  • 7. ► Contract. You will need a contract to keep many satisfied customers in place. You have a virtual lifetime contract with your loyal customers ► Competitive data. Your satisfied customers are seeking competitive data. Your loyal customers are sharing competitive data ► Perception. Satisfied customers perceive you as a commodity provider. Loyal customers perceive you as a partner What is a Loyal Customer? 2
  • 8. ► Turnover. You will experience turnover rates of 15% or higher with satisfied customers. The turnover rate of loyal customers will be less than 5% and will be for reasons out of your control ► Difficult times. Satisfied customers will leave you. Loyal customers will stay by your side ► Referrals. Satisfied customers become referrals of your competitors. Loyal customers willingly provide referrals to you What is a Loyal Customer? 3
  • 9. ► Repeat customers spend 60% more than new customers ► Referrals among repeat customers are 107% greater than non-customers ► It costs 6 times more to sell something to a prospect than to sell that same thing to a customer ► Customers who belong to a loyalty program visit twice as often and spend 4 times as much as those that don’t Who is a Loyal Customer?
  • 10. Web Email Marketing Social Networking MySpace WordPress YouTube Twitter Social Networking Search Engine Optimization 21 st Century Marketing
  • 11. “ In the middle of difficultly lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein
  • 12. “ It’s time to give your customers what they want – not the other way around” Albert Einstein Victor Coll x
  • 13. In a recession like this [or no matter when], marketers should focus on the measurability of their online and social applications and think in terms of building long-term assets… … not one-off campaigns to boost quarterly sales. Josh Bernoff – Forrester Research You Should Be Bullish in A Recession
  • 14. Sales & Profits Investment ($ and time) Keep current relationships strong while looking for new business Most new and growing businesses focus on acquisition Most profits are generated by repeat customers The Power of Relationships
  • 15. Full Service eMarketing Solutions Provider Web Design Email Marketing Social Networking Design MySpace WordPress YouTube Twitter Social Networking Design SEO Services Who We Are 1
  • 16. Fully Integrated Solutions Web Design Email Marketing Social Networking Design SEO Services Web Design Web Design Who We Are 2
  • 17. … to Help You Get the Most Return from your Investment eMarketing Consulting Who We Are 3
  • 18. So, Where Do We Begin? The Beginning
  • 19. ► Email delivers one of the lowest costs per order ► Email's ROI index is 70 percent higher than any other direct-response marketing vehicle DMA, 2006 ► 83% of marketers surveyed said that they thought 2007 ROI for Email will increase over last year Datran Media Research Email Marketing 1
  • 20. ► B2C marketers will spend 11% of total marketing budget on email marketing in 2007 DMA, Nov 2006 ► B2B marketers will allocate 6.5% of their marketing budget to email marketing in 2007 DMA, Nov 2006 ► 45% say best performing online advertising tactic is emailing your in-house list CMO Council, 2006 Email Marketing 3
  • 21. For every dollar spent on Email marketing in 2007, marketers can expect an estimated Return on Investment. Direct Marketing Association, 2007 $48.29 ??? Return on Investment
  • 22. ► Email has reached almost universal penetration, with 97% of consumers & 94% of marketers using the channel Forrester, 2007 ► 87% of Consumers online time is spent reading their emails Jupiter Research ► 82% of marketers choose email marketing as the most important advertising media they planned to use in 2008 Datran Media, 2008 Whose Using Email For Marketing? 1
  • 23. ► 81% of marketers planned to increase spending on email marketing in 2007 Alterian, 2007 ► US spending on email advertising will grow to $2.1 billion by 2012 from $1.2 billion in 2007 JupiterResearch, 2007 Whose Using Email for Marketing? 2
  • 24. Email Services and Usage Growth Cycle
  • 25.
    • Everyone is doing it!
    • 75% of businesses have email lists
    • 13% of total marketing budget is
    • spent on email
    • When asked what consumers would
    • like email to replace:
      • 40% direct mail
      • 54% replace telemarketing
      • 45% replace in-person sales calls
    • Source: Association for
    • Interactive Marketing, DoubleClick Study
    E-MAIL ME THAT When asked e-mail usage in daily Business activities, 85% said they use e-mail to communicate with customers, 80% said they communicate with partners and business associates via e-mail, and 67% e-mail potential buyers Source: Interland Not Convinced? Hammer Required!
  • 26. ► Full Service Email Solutions Provider ► Our Solutions are designed to recruit, develop, and motivate relationships with our clients most valuable customers ► Our solution's strengthen customer relationships through value and trust, in turn, increasing profits . How We Do It 1
  • 27. ► Permission-based communication on monthly basis and reward loyal customers
      • ► Recruitment of new customers at store level and thru online website subscribe capability
    ► Personalized and permission-based custom designed HTML Emails How We Do It 2
  • 28.
      • ► Post program campaign analysis
    ► Custom design, execute, and manage campaigns ► Full training & marketing support How We Do It 3
  • 29.
      • ► Customer eSurveys (database driven)
      • ► Personalized monthly ePostcards, eNewsletters coupled with eCoupons
    ► Full training & marketing support Features
  • 30.
      • ► Dedicated Account Manager/eMarketing Consultant
      • ► Trigger Point eCampaign Viewer
      • ► Custom customer focused web design
      • 1. Auto Education
      • 2. Safety Education
  • 31. ► Educate your customers
      • ► Develop TRUE Customer Loyalty
    ► Provide web-based m onthly communication channel
      • ► Seamless integrate and maximize ALL marketing venues
  • 32. ► Generate repeat sales
      • ► Increase sales conversion
      • ► Gain valuable feedback from your customers
  • 33. ► Build true value and trust
      • ► Increase unique visitors to your website
      • ► Cost effective
      • ► We do all the work for you
  • 34.
      • ► Midas Of Maryland
      • ► Hogan & Sons
    Integrated with OTM Website Design Integrated with Customer Website Design * Please click on custom “Tell a Friend”, “Subscribe”, & “Privacy Policy” Links in eNewsletters eNewsletters
  • 35.
      • ► Midas Of Maryland
      • ► Manassas Midas
    Email Customer Receives after Subscribing Email Customer Receives after Subscribing Welcome Email
  • 36.
      • ► Midas of Maryland
      • ► WestGate Shell
    Web Design
  • 37.
      • ► Trigger Point Features and Benefits (PDF) Click Here for Client Module
    Trigger Point eCampaign Viewer
  • 38. … Partnership For 21 st Century Marketing Partnership
  • 40. ePostCards
  • 41. ePostCards
  • 42. ePostCards
  • 43. ePostCards
  • 44. ePostCards
  • 45. ePostCards
  • 46.
    • Who We Are
    • What We Do
    • How We Do It
    • One Touch eMarketing Features
    • One Touch eMarketing Benefits
    Custom eNewsletter Custom Website Topics of Discussion
  • 47. The Only Source for 21 st Century Marketing The Only Source for 21 st Century Marketing One Touch eMarketing
  • 48. The Only Source for 21 st Century Marketing The Only Source for 21 st Century Marketing One Touch eMarketing