Brand your Business with the Right Technology


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Brand your Business with the Right Technology

  1. 1. Helping Organizations SaveMoney, Make Money, andThrive for Over 10 Years.
  2. 2. • Management Consulting• Merchant Services• Loyalty Programs
  3. 3. Brand Your Business with theRight Technology
  4. 4. “The brand is the single most valuable pieceof the company.”Steven Jobs
  5. 5. The Definition of Branding:The image etched in the collective mind ofthe public through the culmination of allcommunications and experiences with theorganization.
  6. 6. The key to brand loyalty:CONSISTENCY
  7. 7. The ROI of your businessparticipating in social media:YOU WILL STILL BE INBUSINESS IN FIVE YEARS
  8. 8. Can assist with both.
  9. 9. Effortless Loyalty. Smarter Marketing
  10. 10. Deal sites are still a popular way for businessesto acquire new customers, butonly 3% retain them.Business that takemeaningful steps todrive loyalty are88% more profitablethan their competitorsthat do not.Loyalty is importantIt costs5x moreto acquire a newcustomer thanto retain anexisting one.of consumers would increase the amountof business they do with a companyfor a loyalty reward.54%ClickFox, “Brand Loyalty Report,” 2012Loyalogy, “LoyaltyPlus Research Study,” Jan 2013Colloquy, “The Rules of Engagement: Loyalty in the U.S. and Canada,” 2011eMarketer, “Small Businesses Favor Tactics that Balance Customer Attraction-Retention,” 2012
  11. 11. ClickFox, “Brand Loyalty Report,” 2012Loyalogy, “LoyaltyPlus Research Study,” Jan 2013Colloquy, “The Rules of Engagement: Loyalty in the U.S. and Canada,” 20112013 Maritz Loyalty, “Marketing Loyalty Report, “ May 2013Customers want loyalty rewards73%want a rewardsprogram thatworks atmultiplebusinesses91%of smartphone userswoulddownload aloyalty app…and they’re more likelyto carry a phone than apaper punch cardThey want it to be UNIVERSAL They want it to be MOBILE65%wouldrecommend abusiness withan appealingrewardsprogram
  12. 12. SpotOn is the answer
  13. 13. 3. MeasureInteractive charts and graphshelp you see the big picturein real-time, anytime.2. ConnectSend new offers straight tophones, email, Facebook, orTwitter.1. TrackCustomers scan their phoneapp, card or Apple Passbookon the tabletLoyalty & marketing as easy as 1, 2, 3
  14. 14. #1 Digital Loyalty Platform in the U.S.
  15. 15. Scancard or phoneTapthe tabletEarnawesome rewards321Easy For Customers
  16. 16. HotSpotLoyalty is just the beginning•See customer activity•Send new offers•Customize rewards•Measure results
  17. 17. Invite Customers BackSend targeted campaignsto customers via email, mobile, Facebook, or Twitter94%of loyalty programmembers want to receivecommunications85%haven’t heard asingle word since theday they signed upGive birthday rewardsWin back lapsed customersSend a new promotionInvite customers to an event2013 Maritz Loyalty, “Marketing Loyalty Report, “ May 2013
  18. 18. Directly link customersto your Facebook pageEnable customers to sharerewards activity in theNewsfeedIncentivize customers to referyour business with friendsonlineMore to :*Study of more than 2,000 Facebook users by LiveScience 4/26/2013One Facebook Like isworth $174.17 for your business.Let us help you get more.Full Social Media Integration
  19. 19. Support Multiple Business Locations View & comparecustomer activity atall of your locations. Send new offers tocustomers of alllocations, or isolate tospecific locations orcustomers.Scale from one location and employee to hundreds without changing a thing
  20. 20. You May Know Some Of Our Partners
  21. 21. MorePervisitMorevisitsPromoSpendNetRevenueIncreaseDollarsLoyalty rewards are proven to motivate customers to visit more frequently, buy morewhen they are there, and respond to your promotions.RewardcostsProgramfeesMeasuring Return n Loyalty
  22. 22. The case below starts with the conservative assumption that only 15 customers per daysign up for your loyalty program. After 50 days, you’ll have a database of 750 customers.Now, let’s say that you can increase spend by 15% utilizing SpotOn’s marketing platform.We‘re results driven.(you probably are too)SpotOn is proven to achieve dramaticcash on cash return within 2 months.SpotOn $70/MonthWhat if you could enroll…15customers/day60customers/day140customers/dayAvg spend $10 $10 $10Assumed monthly visits 2 2 2Assumes increase in visits & spend 15% 20% 25%Monthly revenue increase $2,250 12,000 35,000Assumes 10% net income margin $225 $1,200 $3,500ROI 321% 1,714% 5,000%
  23. 23. Case Study: sweetFrogIn one month, engaged withOVER 500 customers whoAVERAGED 3 visits each!30 days to build a valuable a customer database
  24. 24. Case Study: Coyote CoffeeIncreased revenue 30% in 4 monthsIncreased off-Peak BusinessDoubled Sunday salesIncreased lunch businessNew found marketing prowessImmediate access to 1,500 customersCustomer email open rates above 30%Customers start to show upwithin an hour of receivingmessages about our specials.-Tunckie LeCroy, Owner1,529 Customers 16,774 Check-ins
  25. 25. TESTIM NIALSBefore, I was spending$1000/month onadvertising. I quit all ofthat and am usingSpotOn. My businessis up 30%.”-LarrySubmarinaRiverside, CAIt’s the future of marketing for businesses. Having everything in one place is great.In the mornings, I login, spend 5 minutescrafting messages to my customers, andboom, my marketing is done.-BrianLandshark’s PizzaDestin, FLBy far the best program on the market for merchants and customers alike.We think its phenomenal, and were more than happy to keep SpotOn in our little cafeindefinitely.-MariahFirst Edition Café & Espresso BarOklahoma City, OK
  26. 26. Three functions of EVERYbusiness:SALESOPERATIONSFINANCE
  27. 27. Sales = Get BusinessOperations = Do BusinessFinance = Get Paid
  28. 28. Technology Questions:1. How does this technologyincrease my business?2. How does this technology makemy business easier to run?3. How does this technologyincrease my bottom line?
  29. 29. Learn more about how BTC can helpyour business save you money,make you more money, and drivemore customers to your door.kbator@btcinc.net714-464-BTC1 (2821)
  30. 30. Helping Organizations SaveMoney, Make Money, andThrive for over 10 Years.